5 Best 300zx Coilovers (Experts Guide On Proper Handling)

If you’re thinking “Damn, why is my Nissan’s ride height so high and its cornering so badly?” then you’re in the right place. Normally if you’re having height and cornering issues it has something to do with the suspension.

And if you’re a petrol-head that can be quite the problem. So, how exactly do you fix this issue? Through the use of coil-overs.

Then again, investing in any Coilover isn’t feasible. In all honesty, lowering your ride height and preventing tragic body rolls would require the best Coilover.

So, to make sure that doesn’t happen you ought to get the best 300zx coilovers for your Nissan.

Chances are you’re only here because you don’t know where to look. And that’s ok, no need to awaken the road-rage monster within you. We’re here to help with that.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s jump right into it!

1. ZYauto Coilovers 

At A Glance

  • Color: Black And Golden
  • Front Spring Rate: 8 Kg/mm
  • Rear Spring Rate: 6 Kg/mm
  • Weight: 56.2 Pounds
  • Front Pieces: 2
  • Rear Pieces: 2

First up, we have the crowning jewel of our list, ZYauto’s Nissan Fairlady Coilover. Now there’s a reason this Coilover has taken the number one spot on the list. Let’s go over the features that earned it the top spot- 

For starters, it has hands down the best handling and riding experience of the bunch. The ZYauto offers by far the most comfortable ride out of the five, which is why it made its way to the top.

Other than the Zyato’s superior handling and ride, it boasts a lot of other noteworthy features. The Front coil-overs have around 360-440 mm height adjustability and 475-575 mm adjustability for the rear.

Along with its adjustable height, it also comes with an adjustable, pre-loaded spring tension!

It has a decent spring rate of 8 kg/mm for the front Coilover. As for its rear Coilover, it has a spring rate of 6 kg/mm. This makes it ideal for day-to-day driving conditions.

The ZYauto also has extremely durable parts made up of high-quality 6061 aluminum. This quality steel also allows for the Coilover to have enhanced strength and keeps the weight down.

The ZYauto is also one of the easier ones to install as it comes with a complete strut assembly. This means you don’t have to start your installation process from scratch. The ZYauto has rubber boots, which even protect the damper.

Finally, this Coilover is compatible with the Nissan Fairlady Z 300ZX Z32, for the years 1990-1996.

2. MOST PLUS Coilover

At A Glance

  • Color: Blue And Golden
  • Front Spring Rate: 8 Kg/mm
  • Rear Spring Rate: 6 Kg/mm
  • Weight: 48.4 Pounds
  • Front Pieces: 2
  • Rear Pieces: 2

Second up, we have MOSTPLUS’s Nissan Coilovers. Not gonna lie, we had a tough time picking out a spot for this one. But in the end, it was too good to not include it on the list.

You’d think MOST PLUS would be on the bulky side given its name. But ironically it’s the lightest of the coilovers on the list. This puts it in the second position because a lower weight equates to faster acceleration and responsiveness.

This particular Coilover is compatible with the 90-96 Nissan Fairlady Z 300ZX Z32. The MOSTPLUS has a pillow ball top-mount.

The special ability of this mount is that it cancels excess noise, especially when you’re tuning the Coilover. This also increases the steering response and feels drastic.

Like the ZYauto it has a pretty decent spring rate, for both its coil-overs. The front one is rated to have 8 kg/mm and the rear one is the standard 6 kg/mm. 

It also boasts pre-fitted rubber boots which keep the damper clean and functioning smoothly. This also allows for the longevity of the coil-overs struts.

The spring performance of this Coilover is also worth mentioning. It has a high-tensile spring that averages less than 0.04% distortion.

This was continuously tried and tested under harsh conditions but ended up passing with flying colors.

Along with all of these, the MOST PLUS has adjustable height and tension features. This allows for some freedom in the aspects of ultra-fine tuning. However, its damping is fixed at a 45-degree angle.

3. Godspeed MonoRS MRS1650 Coilover 

At A Glance

  • Color: Red And silver
  • Front Spring Rate: 8 Kg/mm
  • Rear Spring Rate: 6 Kg/mm
  • Weight: 60 Pounds
  • Front Pieces: 2
  • Rear Pieces: 2

Swooping in, in third place is the Godspeed MonoRS Coilover. We had a tough time choosing where to put this Coilover on our list. But in the end, we just had to include it in the top 3.

Well, for starters, this is the most durable and corrosion-resistant of the bunch. This is due to its anti-corrosion anodized finish. This is also responsible for giving it a premium metallic finish, making it one of the most aesthetic-looking ones.

This particular product is compatible with the Nissan 300ZX (Z32), 1990-1996 edition models. As for its spring rate, it’s average. The front coil overs have a spring rate of 8 kg/mm and for the back wheel, it’s 6 kg/mm.

This has a mono-tube which means its damper reactivity is excellent along with its heat dissipation performance. In fact, the Godspeed’s 52mm steel-alloy tube has a staggering 32 levels of damping adjustments!

We’ve tried and tested a lot of coilovers for this post. The MonoRS has an extremely smooth stroke compared to many coilovers in the market. 

This is due to two factors, the first being Godspeed’s special Koyo Japan 6204s bearings. The MonoRS Godspeed is capable of this wide range of damping effects because of the coilover’s internal makeup. 

The second reason is that it uses extremely high-performance racing-grade oil. The oil is extremely viscous, this allows it to absorb more of an impact than some of the coilovers in the market.

Like most of the coilovers in this list, the Godspeed also has adjustable height and spring tension. This makes it open to your fine-tuning for racing.

The Godspeed also has a pillow-ball top mount in the front camber plates, which allows it to have camber adjustment too.

However, all of these added features come at a price. The Godspeed has a weight to its name ironically, since it seems to be the heaviest of the bunch. Out of the five coilovers, this is the bulkiest, weighing in at 60 pounds!

4. Tuningsworld Adjustable Coilovers 

At A Glance

  • Color: Black And Golden
  • Front Spring Rate: 8 Kg/mm
  • Rear Spring Rate: 7 Kg/mm
  • Weight: 56.2 Pounds
  • Front Pieces: 2
  • Rear Pieces: 2

Next, we have Tuningsworld’s Adjustable Coilover in fourth place. Over the years, Tuningsworld has produced some splendid Coilovers and this is no exception. So, let’s go over those features, shall we?

For starters, this has the tightest fit of the five coilovers. By that, we mean that it’s nearly impossible to detach it after it’s fitted. Thus, you won’t be scratching your head and wasting hours worrying about a replacement.

However, this perfect fit has a slight hiccup. You could try and fix this in your car yourself, but we wouldn’t recommend it.

A proper fit comes with its share of complexity, which means it’s better if you use professional help in its installation.

Another slight difference Tuningworld’s Adjustable Coilover has is its spring rates. More precisely the rear coilover’s spring rate. 

Like most of the coilovers in this list, the front Coilover has a spring rate of 8 kg/mm. However, the rear Coilover has a higher spring rate than the average; 7 kg/mm.

The Tuningsworld boasts 24 levels of damping adjustments! Along with damping adjustments, the Tuningsworld Coilover has adjustable ride height and preload spring tension. The official spring preload is rated as 7-10mm.

As for its adjustable ride height, the official rating for them is as follows. The front Coilover has an adjustable height range of 360-440mm. The rear Coilover has a rating of 475-575mm.

However, the Tuningsworld does not have a camber plate, so no chance for camber plate adjustment.

5. CXRacing Street Sport Coilover 

At A Glance

  • Color: Purple and Black
  • Front Spring Rate: 12kg/mm
  • Rear Spring Rate: 8kg/mm
  • Weight: 50 pounds
  • Front Pieces: 2
  • Rear Pieces: 2

Last but not least, we have CXRacing’s Street Sport Coilover. Yes, sadly we’re concluding our top 5 list with this. So, let’s look at the features that earned it the last coveted spot.

Let’s begin with CXRacing’s most notable aspect. It’s high spring rates for both the front and rear coilovers. Not a single Coilover holds a candle to the CXRacing in this aspect. Its stiff spring allows it to take quite the beating.

The official spring ratings for the coilovers are as follows. The front coilover’s spring rate is 12 kg/mm, that’s 4 kg/mm more than the rest of the coilovers on the list!

The rear coilover’s rating is 8 kg/mm which is also the highest of the rear spring ratings on the list.

It has 32 levels of dampening adjustability. This is due to the CXRacing’s precise-control damping valve. To simplify further this basically means that the CXRacing can handle all sorts of road conditions, head-on.

It has a single-cylinder design. The Monotube design means it’s good at heat dissipation and overall damping performance compared to twin tubes.

Its enlarged piston and cylinder design allow it to have a stable drive and high dexterity.

The CXRacing is also one of the durable ones on the list. It has passed through ARTC durability and Salt Spray Fog tests. This seal of approval means that the CXRacing Coilover can handle any weather condition.

The CXRacing also comes with many installing accessories too!

However, the CXRacing is not compatible with the AWD models. Its compatibility is limited to the 1990-1996 models of Nissan 300ZX Z32.

What Does Spring Rate Mean for the Car?

Spring rate is the amount of force needed to extend or compress a spring by one millimeter or inch. It’s normally measured using kilograms per millimeter or pounds per inch.

For example, having a spring rate of 12 kg/mm means that for one mm extension/compression of a spring, a 12 kg load is needed. So for a 2 mm change in length, you’d need 24 kgs for that same spring, and so on.

Generally speaking, the higher the spring rate, the stiffer the spring. Higher spring rates necessitate a greater amount of force to compress the spring, resulting in less suspension travel.

When the vehicle is loaded, they control the vehicle’s ability to bounce, absorb bumps, and provide a low body roll. When you accelerate, brake, or turn, the body of your car moves. 

Reduced body movement improves handling predictability and effectively distributes cornering load across all four tires, resulting in improved grip. 

When performing intense driving, most aftermarket coilovers use substantially stiffer springs than OEM suspension, which improves handling and provides the driver more feel for the road and their car.

This also means that there will be different spring rates needed for different formats of driving. These include drifting, drag racing, and normal day-to-day car use.

Are the Spring Height Adjustable?

The most common reason why someone gets a Coilover is to adjust the car’s ride height. This is due to physics. A lower center of gravity improves the performance of the vehicle by lowering the extent of body rolls.

Adjustable ride height, spring preload, and damping are all important components of a high-quality Coilover. You can fine-tune how your vehicle handles by adjusting your coilovers. It also provides the ideal riding height for your needs. 

Another essential feature is the option to replace the springs with stiffer ones. This is because, in order to gain grip, improve handling, and reduce body roll, track cars require much higher spring rates than streetcars. 

To avoid a bouncy ride, match your spring rate with your damping if you switch to a stronger or softer spring. This harms handling.

Types Of Tubing: Monotube Or Twin-Tube Damper?

best 300zx coilovers


Two types of dampers can be found inside a Coilover: monotube and twin-tube.

The inner and outer tubes, or twins, are used in the twin-tube. The piston shaft, valve, and oil are held in the inner tube, while damper oil and nitrogen gas are held in the outer tube.

When the suspension is compressed, the piston forces oil out of the inner tube and into the outer tube through its valve. When the piston returns to its original position, the oil is drawn back into the inner tube from the outside tube. 

The twin-tube damper setup is used by most OEM suspensions because it provides for longer suspension strokes and enhances ride quality.

Monotube dampers, on the other hand, combine the gas and the shock in a single tube. A floating piston separates the liquid from the gas in this system. 

The damper piston is pushed through oil by the design, and the oil is pushed through chambers by the piston’s valves. The gas is compressed, allowing it to react more quickly. Unlike most twin-tube dampers, the monotube construction allows it to be utilized in either direction. 

The monotube design stores more fluid has greater heat dissipation and enhances the damper’s reactivity when compared to the twin-tube version. The monotube design is an upgrade to the twin-tube design for optimum performance on the street or track.

What Does the Top Mount Do?

A mount sits on top of the Coilover, holding everything together and bolting the Coilover to the automobile. The “Top Mount” is the name given to this mount. 

There are two types of bushings between the mount and the strut assembly: rubber and pillow ball. Rubber bushings are used by OE manufacturers since they deflect more and are a major cause of suspension accuracy failure.

Most OEM struts are made of soft rubber that allows for a lot of energy deflection. Longevity and energy deflection are both improved with a stiffer rubber mount.

A pillow ball bushing, unlike a traditional rubber bushing, does not deflect from cornering forces and does not move at all.

This results in a far more accurate suspension and steering feel. The road vibrations will be transmitted significantly more by the metal bearings. This may make the vehicle less comfortable to drive daily, but it is necessary for improved racing performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What’s the most common reason why people use coil overs?

Answer: People use coil overs so commonly because they are engineered to give height changes at a physical point that doesn’t restrict suspension travel as much.

This means that racing or driving at a lower ride height is easy without putting a strain on you, your suspension components, and sensitive vehicle electronics.

Question: Should I get cheap coil overs?

Answer: No, you shouldn’t, unless you are on a tight budget. The problem with cheap coil overs is the build quality and the stress endurance. They do not last very long.

Typically, because a lower budget is available to design them and lower quality parts are used. Low-quality parts in cheap coilovers like shocks are prone to leak.

Question: Is it possible for me to put coil overs on any car and how would it benefit me?

Answer: Technically yes, you can.  There are advantages to putting coil overs in your cars. Coilovers have two key benefits: increased handling and adjustability.

A well-designed Coilover, on the other hand, allows you to improve handling without changing much else about your car’s suspension configuration. In addition, a Coilover can be installed in practically any vehicle.

Question: What is the key difference between a Coilover and a shock?

Answer: Coilovers and shocks have a lot of similarities, which is why it’s common to mistake one for the other. Coilovers and shocks are components of a car’s suspension system.

The main difference between coil overs and regular shocks is that coilovers provide drivers far more control over the suspension system of their car.

Question: What’s the average lifespan of a Coilover?

Answer: This is hard to say as a coilover’s general lifespan depends on how much it’s used. A properly installed and maintained Coilover is built to last for on average, around 150,000 miles or above.

Coilovers that last below this amount tend to generally tend to make squeaking or thumping noises. These can easily be fixed without the need of replacing the entire Coilover.

In Short

Well, that’s all from our end, beloved car enthusiasts. We hope our post helped in your quest to find the best 300zx coilovers for yourself. Unfortunately, it’s time for us to part ways.

However, if you’re one of the indecisive ones in our audience then let us give you some parting advice. Go with our top pick, we deemed it the top choice for a reason.

Anyways, that’s it from us. And as always stay safe and drive safe as well! Good luck to you all!

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