Best Exhaust for Harley Electra Glide (Bikeaholic’s Choice)

Harley Electra guide is a powerhouse for a touring bike. Not only does it produce 67 horsepower, but it also roars like a beast. 

This 1584cc touring bike makes a nice smooth sound while touring. But the stock sound might get boring after a year of use. 

Then you might feel the need for an aftermarket exhaust for your beast to roar even louder.

Thus, you must give your Harley Electra Glide the right muffler to bring out engine noise even smoother and with more bass. That’s when you look for the best exhaust for harley electra glide.

But, there are so many aftermarket exhausts to pick from. You might be wondering which exhaust might scream better also the look that fits your Harley.

Well, we have tested most of the aftermarket exhausts made for harley electra glide. We found the 5 superior ones that you can buy right now.

You see, going through these top picks will be enough. But if you still can’t choose it by yourself we have some extra info points that might help you decide.

Let’s get started-

1. SHARKROAD Megaphone Slip-On Muffler Exhaust

At A Glance

  • Pipe Length: 29 inch 
  • Sound Level: 7/6 DEM
  • Type: Slip-on mufflers
  • Material: 16g cold stainless rolled steel
  • Baffle: removable

The first place on our list is taken by SHARKROAD Megaphone Slip-On Muffler Exhaust because of its popularity in the bikers community. This one has an eye-catching chrome finish with the remarkable build quality. 

Let’s jump straight to the product specifications. The first question you guys might ask is what type of exhaust is this. Well, this is a slip-on muffler. 

So, no pipe changing is needed. All you have to do is remove your stock muffler and install this beast. 

Coming to its look and form factor. The exhaust pipe is 29 inches in length. And the diameter of the pipe is 4 inches. It comes only in black color. 

The material used in this product is 16g cold-rolled aluminum steel. The exhaust system’s sound level is 7/6 dem. Which is pretty loud than the stock one that comes with your Harley electra glide. 

Loudness is not the main fact here, your bike needs to sound smooth too. And this exhaust maintains the smoothness pretty well.

Besides, the muffler has a baffle installed. And for those of you who love extra loudness. The baffle is also removable. 

The installation program is also easy. You don’t have to reprogram your ECM or reject your carburetor. Overall this exhaust makes the sound and looks of your harley electra glide outstanding. 


At A Glance

  • Color: Chrome
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Tips: Billet aluminum tips
  • Sound Level: 7/6 DEM
  • Type: Slip-on muffler

Secondly,  we have Mototeks TAPERED SLIP-ONS MUFFLERS. This product is pretty renowned for its super smooth sound and crazy outlook it gives to the harley electra glide. But is it gonna be the choice for your Harley?
Let’s go see if it meets your standard or not.

This product is also a slip-on muffler exhaust. You have to use the stock OEM Hardware. It means the bent pipe coming from the engine header remains stock and all you need to do is install the muffler system. 

The pipe is about 29 inches long in length. And the diameter is 4 inches. It is just as about the size of your stock pipes. Thus, it has a chrome finish. So, this exhaust shines when installed in the harley electra glide

The main body has a 16g triple steel chrome structure. And the tips have billet aluminum. So the build quality is super-premium. It will stay rust and corrosion-free for years of use. 

Furthermore, the sound level of this exhaust system is 7/6 DEM. In terms of loudness, it is just like the previous product. But it has its own sound of nature. 

Trust me these pipes sound incredible. In Addition, it also has a removable baffle option in case you need your Harley to sound even louder. 

3. SHARKROAD Chrome Slip-Ons Muffler Exhaust

At A Glance

  • Sound: Deep Bass type
  • Color: Chrome
  • Pipe Size: 31 inches
  • Pipe diameter 4 inch
  • Baffle: Removable

Coming to the third product on our list we have SHARKROAD Chrome Slip Ons Muffler Exhaust. When it comes to buying an aftermarket Sharkroad really takes the lead for its awesome build quality. Added to that is its reliable after-sales service.

Apart from that, this exhaust is also a slip-on system. Just like the others, remove the can and install it and rev your Harley from the heart. 

Coming to its form factor, This exhaust is the longest in this segment. It’s about 31 inches in length. But the pipe size is similar to the rest, 4 inches.

But, don’t worry, it fits perfectly fine in a Harley Electra glide. 

Next, the exhaust is made of  16G Cold Rolled Steel premium Aluminum.  The color of the exhaust is black with powder coating. Looks outstanding in every touring bike. 

The sound level of this exhaust is 8/7. Compared to the rest of the products this exhaust beats out the rest of them in loudness. So those of you want your Harley to sound heavy when revving, and rumble while cruising speed, this one’s for you guys. 

4. SHARKROAD TCMT Megaphone Slip-On Mufflers Exhaust

At A Glance

  • Material: 16G Cold Steel premium Aluminum
  • Finish: Powder coating
  • Length: 28.7 inches
  • Outlet: 3.3 inches
  • Inlet: 1.9 inches

The third place on our list is taken by another Sharkroad product which is TCMT Megaphone Slip-On Mufflers Exhaust. 

We already know how good their products are. But what more does this exhaust have to offer on the table? Let’s see it yourself. 

As it is a slip-on muffler, you have to use the stock OEM Hardware. It means the bent pipe coming from the engine header remains as it is. Just install the muffler can and you are ready to rev. 

The pipe is about 28.7 inches long in length. And the diameter is 3.3 inches. This product has the smallest form factor in this segment. And looks lovely in a Harley Electra glide. 

Furthermore, This exhaust has triple-stage plating in its chrome finish. In addition, the aluminum used is super-premium 16g cold rolled to grade. 

When it comes to fitment. This one fits all the harley touring, bagger, dresser bobber, road king, and obviously electra glide models. 

Besides, this aftermarket exhaust sounds so smooth and the bass it gives in the ideal RPM is too good. Not so loud as the stock pipes but the sound it produces is top-notch. 

5. JFG Racing Street Glide Slip-On Mufflers Exhaust

At A Glance

  • Sound level: 7:10 DEM
  • Length: 31 inches
  • Weight: 11kg 
  • Color: Chrome with black tips

Last but not the least, what we have on our list is the: JFG Racing Street Glide Slip-On Mufflers Exhaust. Although this is the last product on our list. But it doesn’t fall behind in any way. 

Besides, remember this exhaust beat out the rest of the products in the market and took its position. 

This one also has a chrome finish with black end tips. One thing worth mentioning is the tremendous bass it makes while revving the engine. So all you bass lovers out there, guys this is absolutely for you.

The pipe is about 31 inches long in length. And the diameter is 4 inches. 

Talking about the finish of the product, this exhaust comes in a beautiful triple chrome plating. For instance, it catches up everyone’s eye with its shiny chrome finish and black end tip. 

The sound level of this exhaust is 7/10. The OEM level is 4/10. So it’s pretty loud compared to the stock exhaust. The inlets are ¾ inches. In addition, the baffle used in it is the 2.25-inch diameter. Which is also removable.

 In contrast, this exhaust is a solid choice for your Harley Electra glide in terms of sound and look. 

How Do the Aftermarket Mufflers Make the Exhaust Sound Better?

best exhaust for harley electra glide 

Exhaust systems have multiple parts, each of them has its own job. Now, let’s talk about the sound change. The sound change happens in the end portion of the exhaust which is called the muffler. 

Here the air passes while creating a muffling noise. Also, that part is called can. So this part has a baffle installed in it. Which stops the air from passing and creates the sound. 

Every exhaust has a different pipe diameter, different sizes of baffles. Which helps to modify the sound. So, now we know how the sound is modified by various parts in an exhaust system’s end part which is the muffler. 

Types of Exhaust Systems and their Differences 

Basically, there are two types of exhaust systems.

  1. Full system
  2. Slip-on Mufflers 

There are some controversies about aftermarket full system exhausts. Some say they damage your engine and some say no it doesn’t. 

Full System

Let’s break down the myth. Basically, full system aftermarket exhausts are a complete set that has two parts.

One is the bent pipe that directly joints the engine header where the burned fuel gas comes from. And the other is the muffler where the engine gas passes out. 

Aftermarket full system has two remarkable abilities. One is performance boost and the other is extra loudness. 

Company-made stock exhaust pipes have multiple key things. Those make sure that the bike maintains constant backpressure. Also, it suppresses the engine noise. Where aftermarket exhausts come to do the exact opposite thing. 

What a full system exhaust does is it changes the engine backpressure. Let the engine burn more fuel letting in more air. So the bike becomes faster. That’s where some people think it harms the engine.

The answer is no it doesn’t harm the engine. But what it does is, the company left some few horsepowers locked on the table and it unlocks that. That’s why aftermarket exhausts aren’t street legal made for track race purposes only. 

Slip-On Mufflers

On the other hand, Slip-on mufflers are just the Mufflers that are installed in your stock bent pipes. No need to change your stock pipes. 

Even the catalytic converter stays there. So the backpressure remains the same. Because of that, it doesn’t give any performance boost. All it is capable of is a sound modification.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can exhaust cause engine problems?

Answer: The answer is yes. If you have any problem in your exhaust system like it can’t backflow the air like it was supposed to. Then you might face some issues on your bike like slow acceleration. And bumps while speeding. 

Question: Do aftermarket exhaust lower gas mileage?

Answer: Performance exhaust boosts engine efficiency from 2-10 percent. You can use it for better fuel efficiency or for better performance.  So it’s up to your choice. 

To Conclude

Well, we think we summed up everything on the best exhaust for harley electra glide

Hopefully, we have managed to vanish your all confusions and our info points helped you learn everything you need to know about exhaust systems.

Anyway, make sure you choose the best exhaust of your needs. Good luck!

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