Why Are Slim Jims So Addictive (Reasons+Alternatives)

Once you start eating slim jims, leaving it seems like a hard nut to crack. Slim jims are one of the most popular snack options and they are equally addictive.

But why are slim jims so addictive?

Well, slim jims are really great snacks and different mouthwatering ingredients are there. That’s why it becomes very addictive once you start eating them. Especially, the presence of sodium ingredients makes it more addictive. Other ingredients like MSG and lactic acid also make slim jims addictive.

There’s more left to say about this topic which will reveal other interesting facts. However, you’ll have to go through the whole article for that. 

So, keep reading along to unravel the ugly side of slim jims.

Some Key Ingredients of Slim Jims

Looking at the ingredients of slim jims, you’ll find a lot of similarities with cured sausages. Here’s a list of ingredients used for preparing slim jims.

  • Meat (beef, mechanically separated chicken, pork, etc.)
  • Protein (mostly corn and wheat proteins)
  • Lactic acid and Dextrose
  • Salt and Sodium Nitrite
  • Soy Protein (hydrolyzed)

These are the main ingredients of slim jims. They all together make it a delicious snack that is hard to resist. And often this turns into an addiction.

What Makes Slim Jims Addictive

Having favorite snacks is okay, but slim jims seem to be very addictive. Most people are always looking for a chance on how to eat a slim jim every time. So, is there any specific ingredient that makes slim jims so addictive? Well, yes. Certain materials are responsible for such a craze regarding slim jims.

So, let’s get to know what makes slim jims so addictive.

1. Presence of Sodium Salts

Salts can make any food item more flavorful. Also, it has a great impact on our brain chemistry. Because our body mechanism is designed to crave salt as it’s necessary for our survival.

Salt consumption enables the release of dopamine by the brain. Dopamine release creates a feeling of pleasure in us. It works as a “feel good” tonic in our bodies.

Due to this, you crave more salty foods and it becomes addictive. Most of the time these salts have sodium in them. For example, Sodium Nitrite, MSG (Monosodium glutamate), etc.

These salts are used as taste enhancers in processed foods now and then. They not only make the food taste better but also increase the craving.

Slim Jims contain these kinds of salts in them. As a result, you get easily addicted to slim jims. And as you can find slim jims very easily, it encourages you to eat them more. That’s why this is a significant reason why slim jims are so addictive.

2. Presence of Lactic Acid

Lactic acids are used to preserve food as well as enhance taste. Slim jims are a combination of various meat and spices. Lactic acid is used for their proper fermentation and thus increases the taste.

In the earlier days, slim jims were mostly considered a bar food item. So, the spicy flavor of the slim jims influenced the customers to have more drinks. Lactic acid played an important role in slim jims flavors.

Lactic acid helps to make the perfect blend that makes slim jims so irresistible. That’s why lactic acids are a reason for making slim jims so addictive.

Mainly these two factors are responsible for which slim jims become addictive.

Adversities of Consuming Slim Jims

We all know how addictive slim jims are. But is that good for our health? Definitely not. Eating too many slim jims can have a lot of adverse effects on us. Let’s get to know how bad slim jims are for you.

Slim jims are high in fat and carbs. They also contain high amounts of sodium. The high amount of fat increases the chance of heart attack. And high carbs can make you gain weight.

The human body has a specific requirement for sodium or other salts. But excessive sodium intake such as sodium nitrate can cause colorectal cancer in your body. This will make you extremely sick and make you fall into death risk.

Slim jims also contain mechanically separated chicken. Mechanically separated chickens have poultry scraps like blood vessels, skin, bones, etc. in them. This can be harmful to your health and cause you a lot of diseases.

And the beef used in slim jims beef jerky or other flavors is usually lower-grade. So, they may endanger your health and well-being.

Apart from all these, it can cause some short-term health problems like stomach ache, nausea, etc. Also, it can cause dehydration in your body. A damaged kidney, stroke, etc. can occur in the long run.

You can see that the bad effects of slim jims are many. Having an addiction to them can cost your life as well. So, you should be aware of these adversities and refrain from consuming slim jims frequently.

Alternative to Slim Jim

You’ve already known the bad effects of eating slim jims. However, addiction doesn’t go away so fast. That means you possibly need an alternative that can keep you away from slim jims.

However, you won’t have to look for an alternative anywhere else. We have found two alternatives to slim jims that are healthier than slim jims. We’ve given a small overview of the alternatives below. Please check them out.

1. RealSticks

RealSticks are a great alternative to slim jims. They are organic and have fewer calories and fat. Also, they are processed from good quality meats and don’t contain MSG or nitrate alarmingly.

There are a variety of flavors in RealSticks. And they are a great source of protein. So, there’s not any health risk in them for you. They are healthy and nutritious.

2. Chomps Meat Sticks

Chomp’s meat sticks are another healthy alternative to slim jims. They contain no sugar and provide protein to the body. They are gluten-free and there are no harmful ingredients in them.

No artificial colors, MSGs, or nitrates are used for preparing Chomp’s meat sticks. So, they deliver you amazing taste with harm-free ingredients. If you’re looking to get rid of slim jims addiction, Chomps sticks are definitely worth it.

Apparently, these two can help you to lose your addiction to slim jims. However, if you face difficulties finding them, then we are here to help. Check the product list below and you can find products similar to them.

Hope you’ll get something here that will help you to remove your addiction.

Similar Snacks Like Slim Jims That Are Harmful

Many other snacks are also harmful to your health. They may not be as addictive as slim jims, but they do cause harm. Let’s get to know about some of them below.


Yes, we all know donuts are very delicious and loved by a lot of people. However, they don’t have any nutritional value. Rather, they contain high sugar, fat, carbs, and other harmful ingredients. So, you should be careful about eating donuts.

Soft Drinks

Soft drinks do feel great while drinking. But there is a lot of sugar packed in soft drinks. They also contain high amounts of carbonic acid which can be unhealthy. Considering all of that, you should limit the consumption of soft drinks.

Pizza Rolls

Pizza rolls are very tasty and mouth-watering snacks. However, this small-sized snack packs in large quantities of calories and fat. So, they are not healthy at all. And yes, you should not eat them on a regular basis.

These were some snacks that can be harmful to your health just like slim jims. However, if you aren’t addicted to them, you may not face the adversities. Controlled consumption of them is not harmful enough.


Why are slim jims so tasty?

The epic recipe of slim jims makes them so tasty. There are highly processed meats and other ingredients in slim jims. Also, some salts and spices make slim jims very tasty to eat.

How can slim jims choke you to death?

Approximately 1400 slim jims can choke you to death. There is sodium nitrate in slim jims and 6 grams of it is deadly. This amount of sodium nitrate is equivalent to 1400 slim jims. So, that amount of slim jims can choke you to death.

Are slim jims suitable for dogs?

No, slim jims aren’t suitable for dogs. They contain lots of sodium and fats. These ingredients can be toxic for dogs and cause them diseases. Diseases like intestine blockage can occur in dogs. So, it’s not suitable for them.


We’re at the very end of why are slim jims so addictive discussion. Hope you got all the pros and cons very clearly.

Good health is a blessing, so maintaining it carefully is very necessary. That’s why always eat healthily and stay healthy. Not only slim jims, but abnormal consumption of any food item can also be harmful. 

So, keep a check on that.

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