Ford Fusion Power Seat Problems (Here The Solutions)

Today, almost every new and the advanced car has sufficient and advanced power seats. If you face any issues with it, it feels really disturbing. 

Because the passenger can not be sitting properly with an issue like this.

So, what to do with the Ford Fusion power seat problems?

You fix the power seat issues according to the problems. If your seat does not move at all, it might be the cable. However, if the power seat is loose, you can inspect its locking pins of it. On the other, if it just suddenly moves, there might be gear issues too. So, you fix it accordingly.

This has given you a quick and short answer. However, you get here all the details about it and many useful insights.

So, get started now!

The Ford Fusion Power Seat Problems and Solutions!

We definitely do not want to carry on with a defect. And it is necessary to get something fixed when an issue arises. 

However, you can not get to the solution without knowing the actual problem. Thus, to get an issue fixed, identifying the problem properly is something important.

So, what are the Ford Fusion power seat problems? Well, there can be a few issues of this you can experience. And we got these here in detail.

Along with that, you can follow the solutions we got to the problems. So, you just follow the solution that is needed for your issue. Take a look.

Problem 1: The Power Seat Does Not Move at All

The first problem we discuss is the movement of the power seat. At times, you may see that the power seat does not move at all.

And this would be really problematic for a driver and a passenger. The seat would be just stuck and you can not move it in any way.

This power seat would become so hard that even multiple people can not move it. So, why does the Ford Fusion power seat stops moving

Well, this happens mainly because of a bad or blown fuse of the power seat. Other than that there might be issues with the cables too. 

So, you need to get these checked and fixed. It depends on which one is faulty. And then you according to that.


To get this issue fixed, you first inspect the fuse of the power seat. You can find the fuse on the driver-side door. Over there, look at the left side of the instrument area.

The fuse is right there. To fix the fuse, you can not do anything. But you just require this to get changed. Get a new fuse for your power seat to get it changed.

Now, you must be trying to get one. Because no one is generally keeping any spare fuse for the power seat. So, here you go for the suggestions.

Hope this helps!

If the problem still exists, there might be cable issues. See if the cable is overlapped or something. At times, the cable may be worn out. 

In that case, you need to use a cable-friendly co-stape to get that layered. However, if you see any cable snapped or something worse, you need to replace that.

Remember one thing about the cables. If any cable snapped or something, do not try to inspect it. Because you possibly may not have proper ideas on how to inspect that.

And due to this, you could result in an accident for that. So, you better keep it like that until an expert shows up.

Problem 2: The Power Seat Is Loose

Sometimes, you may feel like the power seat is just too loose. You would not be comfortable sitting on the seat. Because you would feel like you are falling off. 

It would be like falling off at the back. And moreover, the power seat might be actually leaning way too backward.

As a result, the person sitting behind would be disturbed or hurt as well. And this may happen primarily if the locking pins of the seat are not properly set.

However, there could be more issues too.


This problem is not that serious comparatively. So, the solution is simple just like the issue too. So, what to do if the power seat is loose?

Well, you need to check the locking pins of the power seat first. See, if those pins are set or engaged properly. If someone could not set that properly, the seat would not fit.

So, make sure you get it right. At first, you may consider giving a gentle shake to the seat. Just ensure the shake is really firm and not rough. 

But if you think that does not work fine, fix the locking pins accordingly. So, you better adjust the seat in that case.

You may already know that adjusting the power seat is not that hard. However, if you think the locking pins have further issues, look at it. 

That is, you may see that the pins do not seem to work. Or the locking pins might be kind of rusted or broken too. 

In this scenario, you might want to change these without a delay. To get these replaced, you better hire an expert. And that is how you can get your power seat to sit properly.

Problem 3: The Power Seat Moves Suddenly

This problem is similar to the last problem that you have come across. However, this can not be identical or so. Because the power seat does not seem loose.

It would look alright and seem okay when you are sitting on it. However, you may see it suddenly shakes or moves at times. 

You may be overlooking it at first. But you would eventually notice and have to consider this issue. 

Because it would be kind of disturbing when the power seat moves or shakes automatically.


Just like the problem, the solution has similarities to that of the last part too. You first need to check the power seat switches. 

Then you have to look at the locking pins of the powerful seat. If the pins are not set properly, the seat may move at times.

So, once you set it properly, it must be alright. If you still think it moves, look at the power seat gear. Yes, the power seat gear may have issues.

Because gears of the power seat may be wearing out at times. It mainly happens when you are not taking care of your power seat.

In that case, you may need to fix the gear. But unfortunately, you can not do it on your own. So, you need to set a budget and call an expert to look at it.

So, these are the simple solutions that you may follow for your power seat issues. Remember that power seats do not have a variety of issues.

You would see a few common issues all the time if any. As a result, the solutions or fixes are repetitive too. However, you need professional help at times too.

How Do I Know If I Have to Replace The Power Seat?

Well, going straight with that, you replace the power seat when it is completely bad. That means you would actually understand when to get a replacement.

Because when the power seat is completely damaged, you can fix it in no way. You may try this and that to get it fixed. And you may also hire an expert for your power seat.

But eventually, there would be no result. And therefore, you would automatically understand that your existing power seat is no longer useful.

However, you may still recycle it and get a few dollars for that. But you can not just use it as much as it is worthy of.


Can I add a power seat even if there is no fault?

Yes, you can add a power seat even if all the seats are alright. However, you need to have space if you want to add a passenger seat. And you may also have an option to add a relatively smaller power seat. This may be dependent on the space that is available.

Is it costly to add or replace a power seat?

Well, it actually depends on your budget. But the cost of adding or replacing a power seat on a car is moderate. An average cost of a power seat would be around $320. However, you need to consider the labor cost too. And that is around $50. So, you need to spend about $370 in total.

Can I utilize the bad power seat of my car?

Well, apparently, you may not be able to use a bad power seat for a specific purpose. But you may just use the outings of the seat along with the other materials. However, you may consider recycling it by selling it to an automobile shop. Some of the shops prefer buying them to reuse the products.

The Final Words

Now you know about the Ford Fusion power seat problems! You have come up with all their respective solutions too.

However, do not forget one thing. You may need to replace the power seat at times. Because a few issues are not fixable actually. In that case, you better replace it rather than try to fix it.

All the best?

Rob Dahm

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