Ford f150 Speed Sensor Problems (How You Fix It)

You already know that the Ford f150 is one of the cars worth driving. But you are not certain about an issue. Like, this car may have speed sensor issues at times. And getting to it in time can cost you significantly!

So, what to do with the Ford f150 speed sensor problems?

The first thing you can do is fix the transmission of your car. Do not forget to clean the speed sensor of your car too. However, if you are not fortunate enough, you may need to replace the sensor as well. But remember that you must try to understand the symptoms if any!

This is the beginning that you needed at first. But read along to get everything in detail with many useful insights.

So, get started now!

What Are The Symptoms of Ford f150 Speed Sensor Problems?

You know almost every problem comes with at least a symptom first. If you can reckon the symptom then it would be good for you.

Because the earlier you understand the symptom the better it is. And that means you can fix it more easily and the problem isn’t the worst yet.

As a result, understanding the symptoms at the right time is very important. So, what are the symptoms of Ford f150 speed sensor problems?

Well, take a look at the symptoms we got here. These are discussed below with sufficient details so that it is easier to understand. Here you go.

Symptom 1: Gear Stuck

A very common symptom if this is your gear getting stuck. You change your gear whenever it is needed. And we do not generally notice any resistivity while doing this.

But if you feel like the gear does not shift smoothly, as usual, there might be something. And if it gets kind of stuck, it is alarming.

However, if you see the gear can not be moved, it is something serious. Because the gearbox may have alarming issues that you need to look at.

And that is basically due to a bad or defective speed sensor of your car.

Symptom 2: Irregular Fluctuation in The Speedometer

Another obvious symptom that you may come across is an irregular speedometer. That means the readings on it would not be ideal or normal.

You would see the readings might be fluctuating very often. And even if it does, the readings might not be even close to the speed. You may suppose it as not that simple to reckon.

However, if you are not a beginner or an amateur, you would definitely understand. It is easy to reckon the range of the speed you are driving at.

So, you can understand if something is wrong with the speedometer of your car.

Symptom 3: The engine Light Goes off

At times, you may see that the engine light of your car goes off. It has no assurance of happening all the time. But when it does, there is an issue.

The problem might be depending actually. However, it is a speed sensor issue almost all the time. So, you may be experiencing your engine light going off.

If not, you may also see it is blinking suddenly at times. So, that is when you can understand that your car speed sensor has some issues.

So, these are the common symptoms of your car speed sensor problems! And if you come across any of them, do not be procrastinating.

Because that would just deteriorate the issues even more.

How Do I Fix The Ford f150 Speed Sensor Problems?

You know there would be problems if your car speed sensor stops working. This is something very obvious. The main problem you would be facing is speed control.

That means you might not possibly be driving your car at your desired speed. As a result, the car may not be able to run at its needed speed.

So, you need to fix the issues with your car speed sensor. Now, how to fix the Ford f150 speed sensor problems

Well, take a look here to know about the fixes in detail. You may not be able to follow all the solutions at a time. So, you need to understand when to follow which one.

Solution 1: Fix The Transmission System

You know the speed sensor does not work itself. Rather it gets signals from the transmission and the gears. So, the problem is not always with the sensor itself.

But it may be the transmission or gears too. If your car transmission has any issues then there would be symptoms of this too.

And symptoms could be car stalling, the inefficiency of fuel assumption, and many more. However, if this is the case, you get to fix the transmission system.

To fix the transmission system, see if the fuel tank is leaked. If yes, just fix the leakage of it. However, if the transmission filter is dirty, you need to do something else.

You take off the transmission filter that filters fluid when passed through. And then clean the filter with a cleaner used for the transmission filter.

If you do not have a cleaner, get one here. We have got a few of our pickups here, take a look.

Hope this helps!

However, if the problem is with the gears, you need to fix that. To fix the worn gears, you can not actually do much. 

But do not get upset over it. Because although you may not be able to fix it yourself, an expert can.

Yes, you read that right! You can take professional help from an expert in this regard. So, you better talk to an expert. And do not be late or procrastinate on this issue.

Because that can be deteriorating the issue exceeding an extent.

Solution 2: Clean The Speed Sensor

A useful solution that you may take on is cleaning your car’s speed sensor. And remember that cleaning the speed sensor and the transmission filter is not the same.

So, how to clean the speed sensor? To clean it, you need to locate it first. Because not everyone knows where a vehicle speed sensor is located

Well, the speed sensor is located around the transmission near the output shaft. Once you locate it, make sure the car is rested for like an hour.

Because you need to cool down your car before you start cleaning the speed sensor. So, once it cools down, take a cloth and wipe the sensor gently.

Keep the cloth dry fast when you are rubbing it. And then clean the speed sensor by a damp cloth. Like, you can dampen that cloth and wipe off the sensor.

This is relatively a simple step to clean the speed sensor. Because you may not have to use any cleaner or any chemical.

However, make sure you clean the sensor properly. Because if you keep any dirt or something clogged, there would be no result of it.

So, try to take time if you see any dirt clogged on it.

Solution 3: Replace The Speed Sensor

This is the last thing that you may do for this issue. And it has nothing with you to do. Because you do not attempt to fix it. But rather you have to replace the system.

When your car speed sensor is completely damaged, you may not be able to fix it. So, you rather replace it. But you need to take professional help for this.

You can not replace your car speed sensor yourself. Even if you try to do so, you may mess it up. Yes, it may require a budget that is not very less.

But it is always better to hire an expert for mechanical issues like this.

So, these are the common solutions that you may want to follow. And that is how you can fix your Ford f150 speed sensor problems!


Do I always get symptoms when my car has speed sensor problems?

Yes, you almost get symptoms all the time when your car has speed sensor problems. But the primary symptoms may not be easy for amateurs to understand. However, if you can reckon the symptoms at the beginning phase, it would be better. You would resolve the issues more easily.

Is it okay to drive with a bad speed sensor?

No, it is not okay to drive with a bad speed sensor. Because it is very risky to drive with a faulty speed sensor. And you may be facing a deadly accident at any time. You can not be identifying the actual speed of your car while you are driving. So, you must resolve the issue first.

How much do I need to spend to replace a car speed sensor?

Replacing a car speed sensor is not that costly at all. To get one, you would require to spend around $250 or $300. And as for the labor, your budget would be around $150. So, in total, you may get one of these installed for around $400. And this is reasonable you can say.

The Final Words

Now you know about the Ford f150 speed sensor problems! You must not have to struggle to resolve this now.

And we have a bonus tip here for you. That is, for any kind of mechanical issue, you always get a symptom. In that case, you must not procrastinate troubleshooting the issue. Because working on the problem on time can save it.

All the best!

Rob Dahm

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