Blue Link Not Working (4 Problems and Solution)

Artificial Intelligence is everywhere nowadays. Then why not in your car. The blue link will make the experience better and smoother. But it is very frustrating if the blue link does not work.  

So, why is the blue link not working

A few common causes can be behind the blue link issue. The blue link won’t work if you don’t have a subscription. It’ll also not work if you’re unable to find the reset button. Then a problem with the radio connection can cause this issue too. Lastly, it can be a system code error problem. 

The above problems have the solution below. We’ve explained each solution in simple words. 

So, let’s not wait here and dive into the article. 

What Is a Blue Link?

Hyundai Blue Link

The bluelink is artificial intelligence or AI-based technology. The blue link is an innovative connected vehicle system. It has many features. 

One of the most important features is it can track your vehicle’s health. It does that with smart diagnostic tools. 

Other features include the ability to remotely lock/unlock, start your car, and adjust the temperature. This feature is free for the first 3 years with a new car. 

Your Blue Link Is Not Working? 

Blue Link Trouble


But every good technology can have some problems. There are four problems and solutions behind your blue link not working. 

We have discussed them below- 

Problem 1: Not Having MyHyundai Account or Subscription 

You might not have a Blue link subscription. Or it is not listed in the Hyundai Account. 

Now, as a car owner, you might think the Blue link comes with the car. But it does not. So, you’ll need a subscription. 


The first 3-month subscription is free but you have to start paying after 3 months. 

Next, check that the vehicle is listed in your MyHyundai Account. Turn on the vehicle and disconnect Bluetooth along with any other mobile devices that are attached.

A little hole is located next to the tuner knob. That reset button hole appears to be the solution to around half of the information system’s problems. For 15 seconds, push it in with a paper clip or pen. The GPS system will be reset.

If you want to replace your tuner knob then here are some suggestions-

These are some tuner knobs for you.

Setup, Blue Link settings, and Activate Blue Link will be available by clicking the Setup button. It should connect and activate in a matter of seconds

Problem 2: Not finding the Reset Button 

Many system problems can be solved by just pressing the reset button. But for a new user, he/she may not know where it is. 


Start with finding section 4 of your owner’s manual. It will explain where the reset button is located on the infotainment system panel. The reset button is used to reset, shut, or reopen the infotainment system.

Problem 3: Problem in the Radio Connection

Your Blue Link isn’t working because of the bad radio connection. If you think this is because of the radio connection, just follow the below solution. 


Don’t reset the radio at first. Before you reset your radio just go into “Settings”. Then “Blue Link” and after that the “Status”. It should display some provisioning information.

If the numbers are all zeros, there is a problem with cellular provisioning. It’s also possible that this is a problem with the stereo.

Or that it’s a problem with the cell tower in your region. Yes, a faulty tower can cause connected devices to lose this information. 

If you want to replace the stereo of the car. Here are some best options-

 You can grab any of them. 

Unfortunately, that is simply a matter of waiting for Sprint to figure it out and fix it. You should at least wait for two weeks before bringing it to a dealer.

If you want to replace your car’s radio we have some recommendations-

These are some best radio available

Now, if you look into the settings and the numbers aren’t all zeros. Then it could be a battery problem. This is forcing the car to turn off the cellular radios early. So, get your battery tested if that’s the case.

Problem 4: System Code Error Problem

Do you get a code error on your system? Then this solution is for you. This should definitely solve your code error problem. 


Dial “BlueLink” by pressing the button on my rearview mirror. On their end, they displayed an error code. The remedy is to reset the radio. You can do it by simply pressing the pinhole reset button. 

The button is next to the volume knob in your Hyundai. Press it for roughly ten seconds while the car is turned on. After the radio rebooted, go into Blue Link/bluelink>settings/reactivate.

Bluelink should be fully operational now.

If these do not work, contact the dealer. Or contact Hyundai helpline to update the infotainment software.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How long does it take for Bluelink to become operational?

Answer: Normally takes them 1-3 hours to get all features operational. After the VIN is uploaded to your account and services are purchased. Then it can get operational. 

Question: Is it worthwhile to invest in Hyundai Blue Link?

Answer: Overall, the Blue Link app offers many valuable features for Hyundai owners. And it is well worth the experience. Especially since they are now offering a free trial period of up to three years for new buyers. 

Question: How do I deactivate the blue Hyundai link?

Answer: To discontinue your subscription, call 855-2-BlueLink (855-225-8354). Enrollment begins with registering for an account on The Hyundai owner website where you can access your Blue Link settings. And a variety of additional ownership features.


We hope now you know why your blue link not working. If you have any of the above problems, they can be solved easily. But if these solutions don’t solve it, then you have to take professional help.

Good Luck!

24 thoughts on “Blue Link Not Working (4 Problems and Solution)”

  1. I’ve had my 2022 Tucson for over 3 weeks Bluelink has never activated on my car. I’ve been calling for 3 weeks and they still have not fixed it. I feel Hyundai should get me a new car mine is defective.

    1. Hi Stephanie, We just recently bought a 2022 Hyundai Tucson SEL and was told by Bluelink that our Bluelink could not be activated even though everthing in it shows Bluelink and even the price sticker said we had Bluelink connected services. Has anything been resolved since January 23, 2022 since your wrote about your problem?

      1. I have a 2019 Santa Fe. I never know when the remote functions are going to work. Sometimes the modem reads all zeros and has to be reset. I can reset the head on Monday and get that annoying message on Tuesday that maybe my car hasn’t been started in 4 days. I have talked to the Bluelink folks multiple times and they promise calls that never happen. No response to the tickets either. I am so tired of this, but not sure where to go next.

        1. reset the radio then activate the Bluelink again in the radio. Delete the app and download it again. login and clear any old notifications. Hopefully this should set it straight

    2. Hi – I am having the same issue. By chance, do you have an insurance dongle plugged into your vehicle? I am wondering if mine is creating an interference issue with the Bluelink system.

  2. John K Underwood

    I have the same problem with my Hyundai Tucson Hybrid. Blue Link insists the dealer needs to fix the issue. The dealer cannot get it to register into Bluelink. I have opened tickets to resolve the issue and the dealer states they also have a ticket to resolve the issue.
    Since I get no response from Customer Care I may need to involve BB Autoline for arbitration.
    John K Underwood
    3137 Heron Pointe unit 202
    Columbus, Oh 43231
    VIN: KM8JFCA10NU050677
    current mileage 250; Was 10 when I purchased the vehicle on January 19.
    Sold by Dennis Hyundai dealer: 132151

    If this is an issue with the vehicle I want it fixed. If it is an issue with the Bluelink system it should be taken care of. The remote operation was part of the vehicle sale. If it does not work the sales contract should be voided.

    1. I’m having the exact same problem with my 10 day old Tucson Limited PHEV- can’t activate Bluelink. The first time I called Bluelink customer service they told me my my car’s infotainment system didn’t come with the bluelink module because they couldn’t detect my VIN in their system and therefore it must not have been installed at the factory. So I took a picture of the car’s Bluelink with the modem and activation status and the customer service rep didn’t have an explanation and created a ticket. Reported it to the dealer and they said it’s an issue that Hyundai corporate has to resolve. After multiple tickets, attempts from corporate and the dealer, still no Bluelink activation. So frustrating!

  3. 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe Limited has Blue Link taking more that 30 minutes to load. Tried to reset infotainment system, but it did not work. Is there a problem with Hyundai backend system using phasing out 3G tech?

    1. I have a 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe. Canceled my Bluelink because my car is 2G and it’s not supported anymore. Now my screen has Bluelink on it and keeps trying to load. My phone won’t connect, can’t get to my maps nor do I know what temperature my car is set at, can’t do anything because it won’t go past that screen of trying to load. Does anyone know how to stop the polling process so I can use my maps and phone?

      1. I have a 2015 Sante Fe and am now having the exact same problem you describe above. Did you get any answers? Dealer said I need a whole new radio system for $2,800.00 – over $5,000 with labor to replace it. Can’t afford that….Any other ideas?

  4. I have a 2017 Hyundai Tucson that has Bluelink issues also. I paid for a complete package and a month into my subscription the remote start quit working on the phone app. I have multiple tickets on this also with no resolution. It’s a new head unit with a new card and removing and reinstalling the app does not work. Message says account info missing but it worked for a month. Really disappointed with Hyundai. Ready to just have a remote start installed.

  5. I have a 2019 Hyundai Santa, and when I drive out of the blue, it calls the Hyundai emergency number. They have replaced the mirror, and I have gotten a new Ipone (it still does not work). It is very frustrating that calls keep being made to the emergency roadside assistance at random times when I am not calling them or pressing anything. No set time. It acts up and calls the emergency number. it can be 4 minutes one time when I start to drive or 10 min or 2 min. no set location it does it out of the blue.

  6. Susan Entwistle

    We have a 2015 Elantra Sport. About 6 months ago the screen started displaying ‘Bluelink Downloading’, and it never downloads during the length of time we are in the car. You can’t see the radio settings, XM channels, phone info or maps, just ‘Bluelink Downloading’. If we’ve been in the car for an hour, the screen might eventually clear up and it gives us a chance to figure out the XM station settings, but otherwise, we’re flying blind. I will note that the back up camera works just fine when the car is put in reverse, so it has nothing to do with the monitor. It’s obviously a Bluelink issue. Hours of phone calls to them and Hyundai and no one seems to have a solution–they just blather on about 2G networks and 3 G networks and 1st generation and having something replaced that costs $4000.

    1. My 2016 is doing exactly the same thing. Dealer told me $2085 to order replacement plus labor..2 very reputable radio dealers have told me that because of the nav. All the parts required aren’t available at any cost

  7. Super frustrated!

    Of those that are having connection issues, does anyone have an insurance dongle plugged into their vehicle? I am trying to trouble shoot the same issue and am wondering if that the dongle is causing an interference.

  8. Lisa Landrum-May

    I have a 2017 Hyundai Elantra and allowed the BlueLink subscription to lapse. I turned it on in September 2021 and it didn’t work though I called and left multiple tickets. This lasted from September to December 3021 when I discontinued the service since it wasn’t working. I decided to turn on my subscription again this week since I figured that they got the issue resolved; wrong Seymour. It still doesn’t work. When I hit the button to activate the subscription, it loads…and loads…and loads. Then I receive a ‘Blue Link Activation Unsuccessful. Please contact Bluelink’ message. This is very frustrating.

  9. I bought a 2022 Kona in July. My blue link was working for only 1 month. Now it says I need subscribe to it. But what I have read that it should be free for three months. Than I need to start paying. With this service it should be free and we should not have to subscribe to it again. This is a complete money grabber and along with everything else Hyundai tries to push on to you when buying a vehicle from them.

  10. I have a 2019 Tucson and my bluelink worked fine during the 3-year free promotion. I renewed the service once that ended and suddenly it doesn’t work at all. I have called Bluelink multiple times and was on hold over 45 MINUTES each time just to talk someone. They’d give instructions for a “fix”, tell you to wait 24 hours and it still wouldn’t work. If you’re having trouble and need to call them, expect a long wait to receive zero customer service. I’ve spent 5 hours (most of that time on hold) trying to troubleshoot this. Now i’m stuck having to call AGAIN so i can get my money back but at least i know my next call will be my last. I don’t have the time it takes to be their customer and they have absolutely no clue what they are doing.

  11. 2019 Hyu Kona – same issue. Renewed service after the 3yr free, only to have zero working BlueLInk service. Set up renewal in the app with autopay. Have paid now for 4 months with zero service and only 2 callbacks from BlueLink to try and resolve issue. Went through all the reset/remove app/restart, etc. Worse part, the app will not allow me to remove my credit card from automatic billing, so they keep billing away. I’ve called repeatedly to no avail or I have to hang up after hours on the phone waiting for a representative. Next step – call my credit card company and have them deny the automatice payment. This is incredibly frustrating and inexcusable for Hyundai and BlueLink.

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