Cobb Accessport V2 VS V3 (Should You Upgrade to V3)

Tuning is important if you want better fuel economy or engine longevity. Since manual tuning is hard, e-tuning is the only option. cobb accessport is a great choice but they have two different versions. 

So, what are the differences between cobb accessport v2 vs v3

First things first, cobb accessport v3’s processing speed is 2x faster. It also has a 2x bigger screen size and resolution. Because of that, v3 can show up to 6 customizable gauges at once. The v3 got brighter shift lights and its RPM can be set independently. Unlike v2, v3’s faceplates are changeable. Most importantly, accessport v2 is discontinued, unlike accessport V3.  

Anyways, that was a brief summary of the entire comparison. Keep reading if you want to know more about these two tuners. 

Let’s not roam around any longer and head right in-

Cobb Accessport V2 VS V3: Noteworthy Differences

There are a couple of differences that are worth noticing. It’ll also save your total time and effort. 

Here’s a short table that we made just for you- 

AspectsCobb Accessport V2Cobb Accessport V3
Price Point300$ to 500$650$ to 2000$
Processing Speed200 MHz454 MHz
DisplaySingle-gauge displayMulti-gauge display
ResolutionModerate2x Higher
Gauge Counts16
Gauge CustomizationNoYes
Data LoggingSlowerFaster
Shift LightLess visibleMore visible
Custom RPMNoYes
Magnetic HolsterNoYes
Face PlatesNot interchangeableInterchangeable
Official SupportEndedSupported

So, which version do you like more? The updated v3 or the old v2?

Cobb AccessPORT V2 VS V3: All Features Compared


Car or engine tuning can be done in 3 different ways. They are called Dyno, Road, and E-tuning respectively. Each of them has some advantages over the other two.

When it comes to e-tuning, everything depends on the tuning device. That’s why carefully go through all the sections before making the final decision. 

1. Price Point 

We’ve prioritized the price over anything else. Because for some people, it has to be within the budget. 

The Cobb AccessPORT v2 is almost 50% cheaper than their updated v3 variants. It costs around 300$ if you’re looking for a Subaru version. 

But the v3 for Subaru costs 650$ which may seem a little bit much. It’s because of the features that come with the v3. 

The price also differs from car to car. For instance, the Porsche version will cost you 1500$ to 2200$ on average.

Winner: Price-wise, the v2 is a much better option. 

2. Processing Speed

To e-tune a car, you’ll need as much data as you can. That’s why processing speed has to be fast. Otherwise, it can be annoying. 

The processor of the cobb accessport v2 operates at 200 MHz. This speed is more than enough if you’re a beginner. 

However, if you like faster processing, cobb accessport v3 is a better option. It has a 454 MHz processing speed. 

This means it will process any data almost 2x faster than the v2. 

Speaking of these tuners, here are our best picks- 

You can now choose whichever you like more and get started! 

Winner: The cobb accessport v3 is the clear victor here.

2. Display and Resolution

After the processor, the next big change is the display. V2 and v3 have huge differences in display size and display type. 

The cobb accessport v2 has a single-gauge display. It means you can only look at one type of information at a time. Its screen and resolution are also smaller than the v3. 

But the v3 has a multi-gauge display. Its display size and resolution are also 2 times larger. This lets you set up 6 gauges at the same time. 

Now, remember, the displays can get scratched easily. For protection, you can use an anti-glare kit. Not sure which one to get? Well, here are our best picks- 

Choose whichever you like more and get it instantly! 

Winner: Cobb accessport v3 takes a solid victory. 

4. Data Logging

For tuning a car properly, data logging is a must. The more data you have, the better the tuning will be. 

The cobb accessport v2 has 10 logs and a 20 MB memory size. This is all good but the data logging speed is significantly slower. 

On the contrary, it’s possible to store 10 hours of information in accessport v3. The speed is also faster; meaning the data logs are more frequent. 

Winner: Cobb accessport v3 wins this round.

5. Shift Light and RPM Customization

For accurate shifting, you get shift lights from cobb access ports. With these devices, you can learn when to shift. Accurate shifts don’t cause any toll on the engine. 

The v2 shift lights are decent. For most people, it’s enough. But with v3, you can make them shinier and more noticeable. 

The RPM can also be customized in only the v3 version. This means you can set your own RPM and the shift light will adjust itself. 

The cobb accessport v3 has some more advantages too. For example, it has a magnetic holster that you don’t get in v2. It also has custom mounts. 

Here, have a look at these mounts to get some ideas- 

Both of them are impressive and super useful. Choose whichever you like. 

Winner: Cobb accessport v3 takes the victory. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I use any cobb accessport?

Answer: No, you cannot. The accessport tuners are only compatible with their designated vehicles. Just use the website and provide your car model and other information. 

Question: Is a cobb accessport worth it?

Answer: Absolutely. It optimizes your engine and makes you a better driver. Tuning can lengthen your engine lifespan. It also adds more HP. 

Question: What is a married cobb accessport?

Answer: Marrying means setting up the Accessport with a certain vehicle. Sometimes people forget to unmarry the device before selling it. But remember, an accessport can only be assigned to one vehicle at a time. 

Take Away

That was everything from us on cobb accessport v2 vs v3. We’ve tried our best to include as much information as we could and compare them. 

Honestly, if you’re a beginner, the v2 is just fine. It’s cheap and works well. But if you’re a feature kind of guy, then definitely get the v3. It won’t disappoint you. 

Finally, happy driving!

Rob Dahm

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