Ford Windstar Sliding Door Problems (Solutions Given)

You know Ford Windstar is an old version of the Ford brand. 

However, people still consider using these as their performance is pretty good. But you may still face issues like sliding door problems. And you must resolve these knowing the right solutions!

So, what are the Ford Windstar sliding door problems?

Ford Windstar may have some very common sliding door problems. The first one you may notice is the sliding door not opening. Secondly, you may see the sliding door getting stuck in the middle while opening or closing. You may also notice the door doesn’t close. Finally, the door might be loose too.

This gives you a brief about the problems. However, if you read along, you can get their solutions in detail.

So, get started now!

What Are The Ford Windstar Sliding Door Problems?

The Ford Winstar is one of the best cars since the first of its development. It has gained a great market share due to its values and utilities.

However, this is not new now as there are bunches of new cars available today. And this car has started coming up with its issues too like sliding door ones.

So, what are the Ford Windstar sliding door problems? Well, take a look here to know about these issues. Most of the problems are very common, to be honest.

And not to forget that you get here their respective solutions along with that too. So, take a look.

Problem 1: Sliding Door Does Not Open

The most common problem with this is the sliding door of the car not opening. Whenever you want to open the door to get out of something, it doesn’t open.

And that is when you may still suffocate due to this. Because you may not be able to open up the door anyhow. The sliding door of Ford Windstar can just get really hard. 

Thus, even 2 or 3 people can not open the sliding door of it. This may happen for reasons like mechanical issues. 

The lining that holds and releases the sliding door may be damaged. There may be other reasons like closing the door so hard very often.

So, the door gets damaged with time. However, you do not have to be worried about it. Because you can actually fix it and get out of the car. 


To get this fixed, you first need to see the notched track of the door. You need to exert significant pressure to open the sliding door. 

And then locate the notched track. This is at the front part of your car’s sliding door. See, there is something like a smallholder.

See, if it is broken or something. But most of the time, you may see that the notched track is deflected. The position and the angle of the notched track may not be right.

In that case, you need to fix the notched track. If you see the position is just a bit deviated, fix it simply. 

You may take a small plier and gently pull it off at the right position. But before you do it, use cloth for it. That is, put a cloth on the notched track first. 

And then you pull it off with the plier. You do it so that there is no mark of the plier’s pressure. And make sure you pull it off very gently. 

Because you would not want to break it off and spend some dollars on it. So, once you fix the notched track, it would start working well. 

Problem 2: The Sliding Door Stuck in The Middle

Another common problem you may face is in the middle of opening or closing the door. And that is the sliding door of Ford Windstar getting stuck.

So, why does the sliding door get stuck? Well, this happens mainly due to the lining of the sliding door. 

Like, you know the door slides through a line when you open or close it. So, the lining of it gets misaligned at times. Moreover, there might be a clog of something.

Especially, dirt or dust can get clogged in the lining. And if something like gum is stuck, there would be issues like this too. 

So, what to do if my sliding door is stuck in the middle? Well, you can fix it yourself. And that would be very easy actually. Here’s the solution in the next part.


To get started, it is always better to clean the lining of the sliding door. So, to do this, you need the necessary cleaner for the part. You can buy one of them if you are not having one.

In case, you do not have one actually then take a look here. You can count on our pickups. Take a look.

Hope this helps!

Once you get one, you start cleaning the lining. Take a piece of cloth and ensure it is clean. Then take a few drops of the cleaner and then wipe the lining off.

Wipe the lining slowly and uniformly. Then wipe off the lining again with another clean cloth. See if something is clogged. If any then consider wiping that portion more.

Just make sure you get the lining of the sliding door clean. However, if you see that the lining is misaligned, you may not be able to fix that. 

In that case, you need to seek professional help in case you are confused about something. But make sure you do not procrastinate on the issues that need to be fixed.

Problem 3: The Sliding Door Does Not Tend to Close

You may sometimes be not able to close the sliding door of Ford Windstar. And this would be a real problem actually. 

Because you can not just start driving your car unless you close the door. And driving the car with a door being opened is not something feasible.

So, this becomes a real problem where you may be confused about what to do. This happens due to two main reasons. 

The first one might be the fuse of the door. Yes, the fuse of the door may be damaged of flawed somehow. As a result, the sliding door does not tend to close.

However, there is another reason which is the rear latch. The rear latch of the sliding door may not be working properly. It may be damaged due to various reasons.

As a result, you can not close the sliding door of your car. 


To resolve this you either fix the fuse or the rear latch. So, let us get started with the fuse first. In case you see the fuse is not working, you just replace it.

Get a new fuse for your sliding door and then replace it. But if that is not the case then you need to look at the rear latch. 

If it is damaged or something, you need to replace it. Remember that replacing a car door latch is not a very easy task. 

However, if that is not possible for you, you may hire an expert. But that would cost you significantly. So, if you can do it yourself, it would be more feasible actually.

Problem 4: A Loose Sliding Door

This problem is not that common actually. But you may still notice that the door seems a bit lose at times. 

In that case, you would hear noises from the sliding door when you are driving. Because the door would keep on shaking when you are driving the car.

Remember a loose car sliding door may be for a few reasons. There might be reasons like rough usage.


To fix this, you may not be able to go far. Because you would not actually understand the actual issues of it. So, you better talk to an expert regarding this.

Because that would be more feasible to get this problem fixed.

So, these are the common sliding door problems of the Ford Windstar. 


Can automatic sliding doors of a car stop work?

Yes, an automatic sliding door of a car may stop working. This may happen anytime if there are any significant issues. However, this may not occur only due to internal issues with the door. But any mechanism of the switch or internal processes may be responsible too. You can open the door manually then.

Can I always fix the car sliding door issues myself?

Unfortunately, no, you can not just always fix your car’s sliding door issues yourself. You definitely may need to take the help of professionals at times. Because you can not just resolve each and every internal disruption. Even if you can do some but not all. So, you would need help at times.

How much does replacing a car sliding door cost?

Replacing a car sliding door does not cost less. You need to spend at least around $600 on this. But this does not always happen unless you are lucky. Because today the cost of replacing a car sliding door can cost up to even $1000. You get to bear the materials cost along with the servicing.

The Final Words

Now you know about the Ford Windstar sliding door problems! You must not have any issues solving these problems too.

But here is the last tip for you. If you think your sliding door seems really old, you may consider one thing. That is, you may want to get your car sliding door replaced. Replacing the door is good at times.

All the best!

Rob Dahm

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