Ford Sync 3 Navigation Problems

Ford vehicles are known for navigation problems. One of the most unwanted problems which you may face while driving. 

So, why does ford sync 3 navigation problems happen?

Low battery voltage is often the root of the aforementioned problems. This might be brought on by a malfunctioning navigation antenna. Reboot the system to inspect the antenna. After removing the negative battery cable, give it five minutes before reinserting it. 

However, this is a really simple problem to solve. This article will explain to you about Ford sync 3 navigation problems as well as its solution.

Let’s get going!

Navigation Issues With Ford Sync 3

While driving a Ford car, a Ford GPS is utilized to determine the user’s location. When you are on a street at a specific moment in time. In most cases, GPS tracking technology is utilized to determine the user’s whereabouts. 

However, a vehicle owner may have a number of difficulties with their navigation system. Including obsolete navigation discs, a frozen navigation system, suspension problems, and more. Low battery voltage is often the root of the aforementioned problems. 

Visit your neighborhood auto parts shop to load and check the battery to avoid this. Make absolutely sure the battery displays a decent Cold Cranking Amps value when testing it.

Sometimes you may see an arrow on your Ford navigation display. This might be brought on by a malfunctioning navigation antenna. Reboot the system to inspect the antenna. 

After removing the negative battery cable, give it five minutes before reinserting it. Start the car and look at the navigational system. If it doesn’t work, one may need to take the car to the dealer.

So they can look at the issue directly. You may try to input a location into the navigation system. Usually, it is impossible to manually enter a location into the system while driving. However, one might do this using the voice-activated navigation method. 

The speech button would need to be pressed. And the destination would need to be entered after the voice instructions. 

You may face trouble while your Ford Navigation DVD gets stuck in the system. This can be the result of a jammed cartridge inside a broken radio. If the first method doesn’t work, reset the radio by disconnecting it. 

You have to do it four hours after disconnecting the battery. And have to wait for 4 to 5 minutes to verify this. If it doesn’t work, you may have to use the radio’s warranty to remedy the issue.

The navigation system may claim there is no GPS. It also may fail to display the arrow in its proper location. This may sometimes be brought on by a broken audio control module or a bad GPS antenna. 

If this is really the case, use a device at a dealership to retrieve the error codes. And repair each of these parts to ascertain which is the root of the issue.

Here we have something which may become handy for you:

Sometimes a disc may not recognize by a Ford navigation system. First, cleaning will need to remove the DVD. After that, try looking over the Disc for any dents, scratches, or fingerprints.

Then make any necessary repairs. Last but not least, make sure the map Discs being used is real. If everything works out as expected, test the system by inserting a different reliable disc. 

If the CD is not recognized by the system. Then there may be a problem with the audio unit that has to be fixed or replaced.

One of the finest approaches to resolving Ford navigation issues is to do component troubleshooting. Do it to establish a correct diagnosis. This enables a person to identify the precise root of the problem.

It assists them in selecting the best course of action to resolve it. But sometimes, it’s possible to overlook the actual root of an issue. This is the best way to fix it. 

Navigator Is Unable to Locate a GPS Signal

It’s possible for your navigation system to say that it cannot locate a GPS location. In a location with poor GPS connectivity, such as parking areas or other covered places. The Red X symbol may show up when everything is functioning OK.

The car may not be accurately located on the map and this indicator is consistently shown. Although you weren’t in a poor navigation coverage region, something is probably wrong.

In this situation you can go through three things:

  1. Reset the module.
  2. Conduct a master reset if the problem doesn’t go away.
  3. Contact your local Ford dealer if the problem persists.

Let’s talk about these in detail.

Module Reset

The system reset won’t erase any of your saved data. Instead, it’s intended to fix broken functionality.

Some vehicles have a power button. For 10 seconds, hold down the Seek Right and Power buttons. That is located in the middle of the volume knob.

On the other hand, some vehicles don’t have a power button. In this case, press and hold the Volume Down & Seek Right button on the steering controls. Press it for ten seconds at least.

Master Reset

Try to reset the system to bring back any broken functionality before executing a master reset. Your saved data is not erased when the system is reset. For a system reset:

Simply press the Seek up and audio system Power buttons. Do this at the same time until the screen becomes dark. Allow the state to finish the reset by waiting three minutes.

To turn on the system, press the Power button on the audio unit. Proceed with such a master reset if the systems reset does not fix the problem.

Turn your car on. Make sure your car is running, in the park, and not in auxiliary mode.

On the SYNC screen in your car, choose Settings. 

Select General. Click Master Reset after scrolling down. There will be a notification stating that the whole system will be reset. It will back to its original defaults and be wiped.

Click Continue. The system will shut down, the display will go black. A message indicating a factory reset will display.  The system may need a few minutes to reboot and start functioning normally.

All saved information is removed with a SYNC master reset. Including call history, messages, previously linked phones, navigation preferences, and modem activation. You should conduct a master reset prior to ownership transfer or sale. 

Also after the lease or purchase of a used car. As well as both before and after a car rental.

Navigator SD Card Fault Warning on Sync

When a navigation system is installed, SYNC with Ford Touch makes use of an SD card. That holds the map data. An error notice will appear if the card is removed from the SD card slot.

Try the following troubleshooting methods if you’ve disabled your navigational capabilities:

Plug the SD card back in. Shut off your car. To remove the SD card, push it and then let go.

Make sure the SD card clicks into place when you reinstall it in the slot. Turn on your car.

Execute a master reset if the previous procedures do not resolve the issue. It’s important to note that a master reboot will remove all saved information. Including call logs, text messages, and formerly associated phones.

Ensure that your car is in the park (P) and that it is in a well-ventilated location. On the SYNC screen in your car, click the Gear symbol. Activate Settings.

Choose System. Click Master Reset after scrolling down. A notification screen will appear. Remove any and all SD cards, Bluetooth, and USB gadgets from your system.

Press Yes to proceed. A sequence of warnings and blank displays will appear. Once the main screen appears once again, the full reset is finished.


Why Does My GPS Malfunction?

If the desired app has bugs or is far behind, your GPS may not function. Please visit Google Play to upgrade your Google Maps app to the most recent version. Try deleting the app’s cache and data if you’re using the most recent version. Clear the map app’s cache.

Why Doesn’t The Navigation Function?

A better Wi-Fi connection, recalibrating the app, updating Google Maps, or checking your location services could be required. If Google Maps isn’t functioning, you may restart the iPhone or Android device or reinstall the software.

Can Ford Sync Be Used With Google Maps?

The function enables users to send Google Maps instructions to their SYNC-equipped car. Using their smartphone or computer. It was created to optimize convenience. Users browse Google Maps and locate the required location to do this.

Final Words

We hope that you’ve found out the reason & solution for ford sync 3 navigation problems.

Now just keep those necessary things in your head. As a result, you’ll never face these problems. 

Have safe driving with your Ford vehicle!

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  1. Jeff Jandegian

    I have a F150 lariat 2021. The navigation display will not stay on 2d north up. When the truck is set to that mode it will stay there while the truck is running but upon a restart it defaults back to 3d heading up.

    Any ideas on how to fix.

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