How To Make BOV Louder (5 Simple Ways)

Having a car isn’t always about driving. At least not to a car enthusiast. Your car making a loud ‘shhh’ sound can significantly increase your satisfaction. 

So, you’re probably wondering about how to make BOV louder


There are many ways to get a loud BOV sound. However, not every option is beneficial. Firstly, you can use vented blow-off valves that vent air to the outside directly. You can also install cold air intakes which simplify the airflow. Finally, you can either tune your car or just buy a bigger turbo.

These are very basic tips and can be vague. That’s why we’ve discussed these in detail below. 

Therefore, we hope you’ll stay with us till the end. Good luck! 

5 simple Steps On How To Make BOV Louder

There are many ways to get your BOV louder. However, some of them are unsafe and might not be street legal. So, we advise you to read our instructions carefully. 

To help you out, we’ve made a small table to provide you with a preview –

Vented BOVLoudEasyAll carsCheap
Hybrid BOVLess loud but safeEasyAll carsCheap
Cold Air IntakeLoudModerateAll carsModerate
Turbo TuningLouderHard (requires a specialist)All carsExpensive
Bigger TurboLoudestHard (requires a specialist)Depends on spaceVery Expensive

Now that you have a quick sneak peek, let’s jump to the detailed explanation. 

Step #1: Using a Vented Blow-off Valve

Unlike normal BOVs, vented BOVs directly release air to the outside. They are very easy to put into your turbo system. 

In most cases, they have a trumpet installed at their exit. It turns up the ‘shhh’ sound when the air is released. Also, since they are directly venting outside without any intakes, the sound doesn’t get muffled.

This allows the BOV to discharge air with a very loud noise. It remarkably improves your driving experience. However, it also comes with multiple setbacks. 

  • Creates turbocharger lag when shifting
  • Very risky to use in cars with mass air-flow systems
  • Chances of fuel mixtures which can stumble the engine 

Although they are very unlikely to happen, it’s always good to know the negatives. A vented BOV is the best option for you if you’re all about the sound. 

Step #2: Getting a Hybrid Blow-off Valve

Unlike a vented BOV, a hybrid blow-off valve sends some air back to the intake system. Because of this, you never have to start boosting from zero which nullifies shifting lag. 

However, a hybrid BOV creates a different sound than a vented BOV. It may not be loud as a normal BOV, but it’s a safer option. 

Now, let’s look at some of the advantages of a Hybrid BOV – 

  • Removes shifting lag from the turbocharger 
  • Really good for cars with a mass air-flow system 
  • Keeps the air/fuel mixture intact 

As you can see by now, a hybrid BOV is much better than a vented BOV. Keep in mind that an aftermarket hybrid BOV is generally louder than your stock BOV. 

Now that we’ve discussed the valves, it’s time to enhance their performance. 

Step #3: Adding a Cold Air Intake 

Another way to make your blow-off valve sound louder is to add an intake. This is also safer than using a vented blow-off valve. 

But you can always combine these two methods and try to maximize the result. 

A cold air intake offers a more direct air-flow system than stock intakes. This makes the blow-off valves even louder because it gets more air to release. 

However, not all intakes are loud. So, be sure to be careful when you’re getting intakes. Generally, the cold air intakes with open filter elements are louder than others. 

Speaking of cold air intakes, these are some of our recommended picks –

Now, you can easily grab some if you want to. 

Step #4: Properly Tuning Your Turbo 

If you’re into heavy modding, you can tune your turbo to get more boost. This makes the BOV really loud. 

However, this has several risks that you might not be willing to take. Improper tuning can destroy your engine. It can also alter your engine horsepower and torque. 

If you know someone who’s an expert in tuning, this is a great option.   

Step #5: Installing a Bigger Turbo

There’s always an option to go higher and just get what you need. If money isn’t an issue, you can just get a bigger turbo and install it. 

Simply put, a bigger turbo will generate more boost than stock turbos. Therefore, they’ll make your BOV sound louder as it has to discharge more air. 

However, this has a nasty consequence as well. An aftermarket turbo may not be compatible with stock intakes. 

They are extremely powerful in nature. Therefore, this creates a possibility of burning your motor if you push too much. 

Lastly, these options might be too hard for you to implement by yourself. So, don’t hesitate to hire an expert. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What BOV makes the flutter sound? 

Ans: A flutter sound can be caused by your BOV that is reacting slowly. It will speed up compressor surge in your turbo system which is not beneficial. 

Q: Are blow-off valves illegal? 

Ans: Not the stock ones. But if you want to upgrade, please make sure whether it’s prohibited in your state/country or not. They create a bad mixture of oil/air fuel. Therefore, they may not be street legal due to their harmful omission.  

Q: Can you tune for the BOV? 

Ans: A short answer is yes. However, it doesn’t increase your car performance at all. It only creates more noise which sounds nice and attracts other people’s attention. 


So, that’s all you’ve to know about how to make BOV louder. We hope you have found what you were looking for.  

So, which method did you use to make your BOV louder? 

Share your experience in the comment section below. Last but not least, best of luck getting that sweet sound! 

Happy modding! 

Rob Dahm

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