How to Turn on Heated Mirrors Subaru (1 Simple Direction)

You bought your new car a few days back. But you suddenly notice something in the middle of the road! That is, you can’t turn on the heated mirrors.

So, your concern is, how to turn on heated mirrors Subaru?

To overcome this problem, you only need to go in one direction. That is, activating the defogger button on the back window. You must, however, know where to look for this button. 

You don’t have enough knowledge to fully comprehend the directions. So, take some time to read the directions and get the proper idea!

Sounds interesting? Well, let’s just not waste a second and dive into it!

How Do I Know If My Heated Mirrors Are Turned on?

There is basically a single way to understand that your heated mirrors are turned on. So, first of all, look at the control panel. Then you’d see the rear switch there.

If you see the switch has its light turned on, you’d understand it’s working. 

To be precise, you would be certain that your heated mirrors are turned on. So, this is how we can recognize if the heated mirrors are turned on or not. 

Can Heated Mirrors Turn on Automatically?

The heated mirrors will be activated automatically, yes. As a result, the system will shut down on its own within a few minutes. However, it depends on the temperature it experiences outside. 

In addition to that, you might want your can to detect the temperature more precisely. In that case, you may use a temperature detector for your car.

Not sure what temperature detector to use?

Well, we’ve got a few suggestions got below for you-

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Going back to the heated mirrors again-

So, we can’t just depend on it turning on automatically. Because we also need to know how to do it manually. 

How Do You Turn on Heated Mirrors Subaru Manually?

We’ve already got a brief about the direction that is needed to follow. 

This is the common direction to turn on your Subaru heated mirrors. So, to begin, press the rear window defogger button

However, you might not know the procedure. But no worries because we’re here to help you out!   

So, let us see the steps below to understand the whole process-

Step 1: Locate the Defogger Button

You can find this defogger button on the left side of your dual button. This dual button is located at the right side of the control panel of the air conditioner. 

Step 2: Press the Defogger Button

So, you have now located the very important defogger button there. Once you’ve found the button, press it to resolve the issue.

So, this button is used to control the window defogger and your heated mirrors. Thus, you can easily turn on your heated mirrors using this button.

However, make sure you press the button gently. Because pressing the button roughly can put scratches on the button spoiling the looks. Moreover, the button might have internal issues for rough use it.

So, to avoid any rough touch, you may use soft gloves. Additionally, these are also good for you while driving.

So, you might be wondering which gloves could be the best! 

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Tips for the Maintenance

As these mirrors are valuable and worth it, you must take good care of them. So, you need to know how to maintain these mirrors properly. Make sure you always keep these mirrors clean.

No matter how the weather is, keep them clean. 

Moreover, you can also use some glass cleaner for your mirrors. These would help to keep them cleaner and germ-free.

Not sure what glass cleaner to use? 

Well, we’ve got some recommendations for you below-

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Are heated mirrors turned on all the time?

Answer: The heated section of the mirrors is not always electrified. The door modules control the mirror heating. Furthermore, as of terminal 15, the heating function is operational. This is the second set of the ignition lock. Furthermore, the activation time is affected by the ambient temperature.

Question: What is special about the heated mirrors?

Answer: Your car may be equipped with heated side mirrors. Therefore, you can easily remove ice, snow, and fog from the mirror. Moreover, it is quite simple to use heated rearview mirrors. On the dash, press the rear defrost button. So, there are advantages to maintaining heated mirrors.

Question: How does a heated mirror work?

Answer: To the glass surfaces of the side mirrors, a tiny quantity of heat is applied. So, the electrical elements of the mirrors heat the surface of the glass. Thus, the heat evaporates moisture on the surface of the glass. Finally, it then melts any ice that has formed.

Final Words

Now, you know how to turn on heated mirrors Subaru! We tried our best to provide the directions as simply as we could. 

So, we hope you like our directions. Make sure to reach out to us for any queries without any hesitation!

We wish you all the best with your automotive!

Rob Dahm

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