Mazda 3 Blower Motor Noise (How To Fix It)

Consider a hot summer day when you want to take your Mazda 3 to the beach. Then the very moment you start the car you started getting annoying noise from the AC. 

So how can you escape from the Mazda 3 blower motor noise?  

You can get different kinds of sounds from the blower motor. Cleaning the fan can resolve if the noise is loud. Cleaning air inlets can reduce noise clicks. A ventilation circuit problem creates a hissing noise.  If the AC runs out of gas it can create pshh noise. Having leaves in the motor is also common.  

To learn more about the blower motor sounds, let’s now read the article.

Solutions for All Kinds of Noises for the Blower Motor 

The blower motor is an essential component of the cooling and heating systems in your car. The ability to regulate the interior temperature of your vehicle will be significantly more challenging. If your blower motor is damaged. 

This might not have any impact on how your car runs. 

But it surely will have an impact on your level of comfort. It can cause a great deal of discomfort when it’s really hot.

Have you heard any odd sounds coming from the HVAC system in your car? It happens frequently that certain foreign things are drawn into the engine compartment. It can become trapped in the fan of the blower motor.

They are prone to damage and even shattering because the blades are composed of plastic. You’ll likely notice a noise coming from directly behind the vent if this happens.

Like a rapid snap or slap, followed by problems with your ventilation.

If you raise the fan speed, you could also hear continuous whirring sounds. As well as sounds that alter or get louder. These are all indications that there are issues with the blower motor.

A functioning blower motor will run quietly and smoothly.

The occupants in the car will hear a constant noise produced by a broken blower motor. It may present as a noise that lasts until the blower motor is replaced. 

Such as banging, whirring, clunking, vibrating, screeching, or whining.

Loud Noise from the Blower Motor of Mazda 3!

It is never enjoyable to hear the air conditioner on a Mazda 3. And it may be especially bothersome while you are traveling. 

In order to warm up, defog, or cool down the automobile during the summer is really important. And ventilation is crucial in both the winter.

YourMazda 3’s air conditioning making a dull noise is a problem that needs to be fixed in any situation. A fan motor that is unclean or old typically causes this noise. 

Solution: Clean the Fan

We advise you to open the vents in the troubled area and look inside to check the state of the fan. If necessary, lubricate it; if this is insufficient, it will almost likely need to be replaced. 

This will help you confirm that the problem is caused by the ventilation.

Allow me to provide some recommendations for high-quality lubricants for your blower motor.

These are some great quality lubricants you can use for your blower motor.

Noise Click from the Blower Motor of Mazda 3!

We will now investigate any clicking sounds coming from your ventilation that you may be hearing. A duct or fan that is obstructed by a foreign object frequently. 

That causes a clicking sound from the Mazda 3 heating fan. As the airflow in the circuit increases, this noise is likely to get louder. 

Solution: Clean Air Inlets

Consider inspecting the cleanliness of your air inlets, which are located at the top of your hood, for instance. 

After that, you must locate the foreign object and open the aforementioned channel. 

Take your car to your garage if the problem keeps happening.

Hissing Noise from the Blower Motor of Mazda 3! 

It’s possible that a fan has moved or is starting to dry up. That is the cause of any whistling noises you hear coming from the ventilation system of your Mazda 3

In any event, you will have to inspect the problematic fan to determine its state visually. 

Solution: Check on Ventilation Circuit

The simplest procedure is to reopen the ventilation circuit. Switch on the circuit while you are inspecting its appropriate operation, and then close it again. 

You may try to lubricate it to reduce this noise. But it is highly probable that replacing it will be your only other option.

Slamming Noise from the Blower Motor of Mazda 3!

We will now examine the specific component of the heater fans’ air conditioning side. And the source of the noise it may produce. The clicking sound may be brief and occurs when the air conditioner first turns on.

It indicates that the compressor is working well. The compressor noise might be rather loud. 

Solution: Need New Compressor Clutch or Compressor

As an alternative, you should be concerned if your standard Mazda 3 makes a clicking noise. Or your air conditioner starts to sound like scrap metal. 

In fact, it can signal the need for a new compressor clutch or compressor itself. So ask your car’s technician to verify that it is operating properly.

Pshhh Noise from the Blower Motor of Mazda 3! 

You can resolve this problem in one of two ways if you hear a pshhhh or whistling sound. which is coming from your Mazda 3’s heating fan on the air conditioning side.

Generally, it comes when it is in cooling mode. 

Solution: Charge/Put Gas in the Air Condition

If you charge the air conditioning system in your Mazda 3, the issue should be rectified. In reality, the most likely initial reason is that your air conditioning unit is out of gas. 

To verify this, you should notice the amount of cold it can produce. It should no longer be as low as previously. 

On the other side, you could experience a system leak. And the push or hiss you hear might be the sound of gas escaping from the appliance.

By incorporating a tracer into your air conditioning system and checking for leaks, you can test the leak. But taking your car to repair is much easier.

Tips to Maintain Blower Motor

If you can maintain your blower motor properly there will be less chance to have noise from it. Also, there will be less possibility of damages. 

Check out these aspects every quarter to maintain your blower motor properly.

  • Look for fractures, missing balancing weights, and vibrations in the fan blades.
  • Look for clear indications of dirt and debris accumulation on the fan and/or fan blades.
  • Check motor amp draw readings and note/chart them. This is evidence of both adequate belt tension and motor function. You may discover an issue that is not immediately obvious by charting the findings.
  • Next, dust the fan motor and blades.

Numerous problems, such as early motor failure and a 20 percent increase in motor running expenses. This can be brought on by dirty fan blades. 

Additionally, it might result in inconvenient shutdowns due to insufficient airflow. Also, poor dehumidification in cooling mode. And failed air conditioner compressors due to insufficient airflow. unclean coils, and failed heat exchanger. 

Which can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.


Can you lubricate a blower motor?

Yes, you can lubricate a blower motor. You should lubricate it every year. Don’t use all-purpose oil. Instead, add two or three drops of 10-weight nondetergent motor oil to each port. Don’t lubricate too much. The same method should be followed each year to lube the blower shaft if it has oil ports.

Can I use WD-40 on the fan motor?

You can’t use WD-40 on an electric motor. Even if the rotor is stuck because the lubrication is dirty and dried out. It can melt coil wires the copper wires that are wound up in electric motors. And thinly coated melting any leftover lubricant as well as causing an electrical short.

Which lubricant is employed in electric motors?

For applications involving electric motor bearings, mineral oils are adequate. For high temperatures or where longer regreasing intervals are sought, synthetic base oils can be necessary. The thickener primarily acts as an oil carrier. And it stops the leakage of the oil from the application.

What is the lifespan of a blower motor in a car?

The blower motor on your automobile is often expected to last as long as the vehicle itself. This blower motor frequently needs repairs because of the difficult operating conditions it must endure. The blower motor may have a number of issues that will make it worthless.


Hope you get all the possible solutions for all kinds of Mazda 3 blower motor noise. Unless there is a serious problem with the noise, you shouldn’t worry too much about it.

Please leave any further questions in the comment area. I’ll do my best to respond to you as quickly as I can.

Till then happy driving.

Rob Dahm

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