Mazda Cx 5 Infotainment Problems (Reasons+Solutions)

Infotainment systems inside sedans and SUVs are more common these days. Speaking of SUVs, the Mazda Cx 5 has a great infotainment system. 

However, users have several complaints about the infotainment system. The hardware and software peripherals of the infotainment seem to be creating multiple issues!

So, what exactly are the Mazda cx 5 infotainment problems?

Firstly, the wireless connection may fail to work. This results in losing control over the connected devices. Secondly, the system might go into a boot loop. Weather and software glitches have an effect on this. Finally, a black infotainment screen may occur because of faulty peripherals. 

This chunk of information can be only considered as a summary. To diagnose the problems precisely, you have to go through the full article.

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Reasons and Solutions behind Mazda Cx 5 Infotainment Problems

Along with solving any car issue, it’s essential to know the reasons as well. If you know the reasons beforehand, you can fix the issues faster.

Also, you will be able to avoid more grave problems in the future!

Below, I have mentioned some of the most common issues of the Mazda Cx. Along with the problem, there are two parts; the reasons and solutions!

So feel free to dive deep and fix the infotainment system in no time. Give it a good read and follow the steps accordingly!

Problem 1: Wireless Connection Not Working

With newer infotainment systems, the connections are transferring from wired to wireless. 

However, wireless connection problems have been reported by countless users. Especially in the Mazda Cx 5, the infotainment has various connection issues. 

The infotainment system usually connects with your phone in 2 ways. You can either connect the phone using Bluetooth, which is more common. 

On the other hand, some infotainment systems like Mazda have the ability to use wifi to connect.

Although the Wi-Fi connection is a lot faster than Bluetooth, it’s glitchy as well. In fact, Mazda users are facing several Bluetooth and wifi connection timeouts a day. 

Or worse, they aren’t even allowed to connect their phones using wifi! Similarly, because of wireless connections, users also inspect the Mazda cx 5 radio not working.

I can sense you worrying over the screen. Well, you don’t need to do that. Below, I have mentioned the solution to this problem. Follow the steps to get your connection problem 86’ed!


If you’re looking to solve this issue, maintain the sequence of the steps. It’ll ensure optimal servicing of the wireless section of your Mazda Cx 5! 

Here are the solution steps to this problem-

  • First and foremost, doing a reboot of the infotainment system is mandatory. Rebooting the system will help get rid of the minor issues.
    In order to do that, first head into the settings of the infotainment system. You can use the ‘commander’ to control the infotainment system.
  • Then, find system settings. In that, you can find the option ‘restore factory settings. Select that option to clear all pre-existing data and start new!
  • After doing a factory settings restoration, reboot the infotainment system. You can select ‘reboot this device’ from the settings to do that!
  • After that, head into the connectivity settings. You will find 3 options there. Select the ‘Bluetooth settings. From there, you can find the paired devices of the car.

If you can’t find your phone in the paired list, don’t panic. It’s because the factory settings were restored to default.

Pair up your phone using Bluetooth and re-establish the connection. That should help get rid of connection issues.

  • If you’re trying to connect over wifi, select the ‘Smartphone Connection Settings. You can find the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto settings there. Pair up your phone with the infotainment system again!
  • Finally, you can now play songs and use features from the phone. Have fun!

So, this is how you solve the connection problems of the Mazda Cx 5 infotainment system!

Problem 2: Rebooting Infotainment System

Although it may seem like a drag, it is actually true! Many users are facing this issue where the infotainment system keeps rebooting. This actually happens several times in a row. This is one of the renowned Mazda infotainment system problems.

The first impression and common guess for this problem are software issues. Because glitching and rebooting are some common symptoms of software-related problems. 

However, this one has a bizarre reason. The majority of the time, this issue actually arises in cold weather. Mazda Cx 5 users left their cars outside in cold areas when this problem started happening.

Whether it’s a software issue or a hardware issue, I’m here to help! In the next segment, you can find the full solution to this problem. 

Let’s get your infotainment system fixed!


It is quite hard to tell if any issue regarding cars is a software or hardware issue. So, we will start by eliminating the software aspect part. Follow the steps-

  • Firstly, upgrading the Mazda connect firmware might fix this problem. To upgrade the firmware of your infotainment system, access the ‘settings’ from the screen. 
  • After that, select the ‘system’ tab. You can search for the system software section. Tap into the ‘system software.
  • Then, in that window, you will see some options. Select the ‘search for software updates’ button to check the available latest software versions.
  • If there’s a software version, click on it and download it. You Mazda should be connected to wifi to get access to the internet for this. 

Following these steps will result in a successful Mazda Cx 5 infotainment upgrade. If the software updates do not solve it, it may be due to cold weather. 

In general, cold weather and car systems don’t get along; whether it’s the engine or interior. So until Mazda provides updates for the thermal settings, you can manually keep your car warm

Also, running the engine for 10-15 minutes prior to driving might help ease off the cold system!

This is how you can stop the rebooting screen of your infotainment system!

Problem 3: Black Screen

This is a common problem seen on the Mazda cx 5 regarding the infotainment system. Users have complained that the screen goes black all of a sudden. This stops anyone using the infotainment system because, if the screen’s black, you can’t operate it!

Sometimes the screen is black from the start. And sometimes the screen gets distorted, where it’s mostly black but some parts can be seen. It gets really frustrating to operate an infotainment system like this.

This problem arises due to various reasons. A very common reason is that it defected components of the infotainment system. Mostly, when the SD cards and Navcards inside the system are damaged, they cannot function properly. 

A dysfunctional infotainment system is of no use, right? Well, I’m here to help you fix it so don’t stress. I’ve mentioned the fix to this problem below, have a look!


Follow the instructions carefully and step by step to get rid of this problem-

  • Firstly, you have to remove the SD card from the system. Look for the SD card on the SD card port. It should be covered with a rubber cover.
    Gently poke the rubber cover until it is loose. Take the rubber cover out. Then push the SD card inside. 

You’ll hear a clicking noise and then the SD card should come right out! Whenever you need to update the navigation or the maps, you can follow the same manner!

  • After the SD card is out, it is time to clean it! You should see some golden striped lines on the SD card, those are the contact lines. 

You can use an eraser to clean the contact lines. Rub the contact lines thoroughly. It helps remove any oxidation formed on the contact lines.

  • Alternatively, you can use some contact cleaner. Apply a few droplets of the contact cleaner to the contact lines.
    Then, insert and eject the SD card a few times. It’ll help clean the SD card reader contacts as well.

So, these are the steps to clean the SD card. It’ll help get rid of the black screen issue! After cleaning the SD card, test the infotainment system again. If the problems still persist, your SD card may be corrupted or damaged.

Here are some top-tier SD card suggestions for you-

By using these SD cards, the navigation of infotainment should run flawlessly.

If you’ve bought a new SD card, you need to download and copy all the info. By using a computer, you can transfer the old data to a new one! 

And that’s about it, these are some of the Mazda Cx 5 infotainment problems and solutions!


Why is my radio screen dim?

Any screen dimming settings of the radio screen can cause dim screens. You can go into the settings of the system and adjust the brightness. You have to opt into audio settings, to be specific. Turn the ‘dim’ option off. Along with tweaking the settings, be sure to check the connections of the receiver.  

How do you fix a white screen on a car stereo?

Fixing the white screen on a car stereo can be done by rebooting it. Resetting the screen interference will jumpstart and restore the system. To reboot it, first, turn the DVD player off. Wait a few seconds and turn it back on. You can also check the peripheral PS voltage while you are at it. 

Is there a fuse that controls the radio?

Yes, there exists a fuse that controls the input power of the radio. By default, every car has a fuse that controls and protects the unit from getting overloaded. When the audio system receives too much power from the battery, the fuse does its work. These fuses are getting better with each model!

The Final Words

You’ve reached the finish line for this article. Hopefully, now you know the reasons and solutions behind the Mazda cx 5 infotainment problems.

If your problem seems too grave; don’t panic. There are a handful of professionals who can help! You can call the dealership as well.

All the best.

Rob Dahm

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