What Does F4i Mean? (Here Is the Answer for You in Detail)

We know how much emphasis we mentally put on when we buy a bike. But forgetting to identify the bike codes may be something we would regret later. And terms like f4i can be pretty much confusing actually.

So, what does f4i mean on a bike?

The term f4i is basically the incorporation of 2 codes. The first part, f4 means the successor of the f3 series. On the other hand, the second part, ‘i’ means something else. It means the bike is fuel injected. This means the bike has a technology helping the engine and fuel system more efficiently.

The info so far is a heads-up to the main part. But you must read along to get every detail about it unwrapped.

So, get started now!

What Is the Meaning of F4i on a Bike?

The term f4i is used for the bikes. There are actually 2 parts of the code, f4i. The first part is the code, f4 which means the successor of the f3 series.

In simple words, the f4 series has come after the f3 series. So, it is the upgraded version of the f3 series bike you can say.

However, there is also the second part which is ‘i’. And this means that the bike is fuel injected or also known as fuel injection. Now, you may wonder, what is fuel injection!

Fuel injection is basically an advanced technology that is used in modern bikes. This helps to eliminate the use of carburetors.

So that the cylinder gets to transfer the fuel directly to the engine. As a result, the bike with this technology runs better than the general ones.

Because this helps the engine to get the fuel in a way better condition. So that the engine uses the fuel more effectively to run the bike.

Now you understand the meaning of the code f4i.

A Table of Specs and Features of the F4i

Here, you can see a quick look at the specs and features of the f4i bikes. Take a look.

Producing Years2001-2006
EngineFuel-injected, 599cc
Power 109 hp at 12500 rpm
Torque56 Nm
WeightAround 175 kg
0 to 60 mphAround 3.5 seconds

This is a quick specs and features chart for you. You can get a good brief about this f4i bike by looking at it. This chart would save you time to get a grip on its utilities.

How Does It Feel to Ride the F4i Bike?

As you can already see from the chart above, you already have a basic idea. But if you want a more detailed answer, here you go.

This bike may look like an ordinary bike with all its power to be stable. And it actually is well-off to handle the stability when you are riding.

However, it can be as fast as an automobile that is kind of supersonic. That means you would feel the actual speed that you may ever wonder. 

The speed can go from 0 to 100 km/h in a few seconds. And the bike can reach a max speed of almost 260 km/h. However, it may take a bit more time.

So, you can understand how fast you would feel driving an f4i bike. And with the stability, you do not have to be worried about it at all.

Is It Really Comfortable to Ride a F4i Bike?

Well, you have already discussed the stability of the bike. But the comfort zone is not only about the stability of the bike. Rather, there are more things to consider.

So, you may wonder, is it comfortable to ride an f4i bike? Well, it is comfortable to ride an f4i bike. And what makes an f4i bike riding comfortable?

There are a few things that you can consider for this. The first factor to consider is the riding position of the bike. 

The height bars of the f4i is a bit higher than that of other bikes. And these are approximately about 2cm higher. 

With that being said, the seat height is a bit lower. This can be noticeable looking very close. And finally, the footpeg height is lower than that of the usual bikes.

As a result, you get more comfort when you are riding the bike. Because you can get more space to fit your legs straight when you are sitting.

Once you know about the sitting position, you can move to the handling part. You know that an f4i bike is quite heavy. However, the high torque has made it simple and convenient.

But you may how does the high torque of it help so! Well, the high torque helps to eliminate the pressure of the weight.

As a result, you do not feel heavy when you are riding it. 

And when we are talking about the handling, we can not leave the suspension behind. Because the f4i bikes have got really good suspensions!

The first suspension at the front consists of a very large cylinder. The size of it is about 43mm. And it has bike cartridge forks that are completely adjustable.

The f4i bike also has a good rear suspension as well. The rear suspension is remote but adjustable just like the other one. 

As you can see the quality of the suspension, you can guess the handling. Like, that you would not feel any pressure or irregularities when you are riding the bike.

And it wouldn’t matter how well or challenging the road you are driving on is. So, now you understand if riding an f4i is comfortable or not.

How Is the Engine of the F4i Bike?

All with the specs, features, and comforts, comes the part of the engine. And remember this is one of the most crucial parts to think about.

So, how is the engine of the f4i bike? Well, the engine power goes at least 8000rpm in a few seconds. And this is actually way more than you need on roads.

Thus, you can say it is unnecessary to have this much rpm. However, it is not. Because you can use it for race purposes or extreme speed if needed.

It is 599cc as you can already see in the chart given above. That means it needs fuel to compress at a high speed of it.

You know the more you accelerate, the more you consume fuel. So, it is a must that RR bikes are generally more fuel-consuming.

And in return for that, you get the speed you dream about.

How Fancy Does a F4i Bike Look?

Well, an f4i bike is just as fancy and stylish as you expect. Giving it the very first look, you can understand how cool this bike can be!

This looks absolutely like a sports bike. However, you can also use it for your daily activities. 

And in terms of its color, there is a wide range of variations. You can legit get a lot of colors to choose yours from. 

However, there are a few colors that are mostly chosen by users. Some of them are blue, orange and red colors. 

And there are also more like white, black, grey, yellow-ochre and brownish colors. If you wonder if there is the most popular color, yes, there is!

The most popular color among the riders is red. This really looks classy but it all depends on the rider which one to choose! 

So, you do not have to be worried about the f4i bike looks at all.

What Are the Few Problems You May Face?

You know everything has its perks and drawbacks actually. Coming to the f4i bikes, these have a few problems that you may experience.

Problem 1: A Loose Chain

A loose chain is a common problem faced by f4i bike users. Like, you may initially hear noises of cam chain when you are riding. 

And eventually, the chain of your bike may come really loose. However, the fix for it is really simple. You either tighten up the chain or replace it. 

And replacing this part of your bike is really cheap and less time-taking. Thus, you do not have pressure with it.

Problem 2: Fuel Regulator Issues

Sometimes the fuel regulator of your bike may have issues. As a result, there would be an overflowing of the fuel. 

This happens because there is much pressure on the regulator. And as a result, you would be basically wasting the fuel that you would use.

But if you replace the regulator, it would be fine again. And replacing it is an easy-going thing too!

So, these are the common problems that you may face.


How much does it cost to buy an f4i bike?

The cost of an f4i bike is around $3500. But it can also go higher or lower depending on the demographics. These bikes are a bit expensive because f4i bikes are actually the RR ones. The bikes have actually got many features that the users admire. Thus, it comes at a high price.

What is the meaning of RR on a bike?

The term RR on a bike means road and racing. This means the bikes with an RR code can be driven on roads without hesitation. Along with that, the bike can also be run in a race as well. For these utilities, these bikes are actually a bit expensive to buy.

How much is it to buy an RR bike?

The cost of RR bikes is generally higher than the cost of usual bikes. These bikes have a range that starts from around $3500. However, the cost can get as high as $9000. And these bikes generally have high maintenance costs as well. But the utilities are fine though.

The Final Words

Now you have got the answer to, what does f4i mean! So, there must not be any more confusion regarding this concern.

However, you must not go off without taking this last tip.

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