What Is a Mini-Me Swap? All You Need to Know

Driving cars is a fun thing to do. To some people, driving faster cars is even more fun. Many people like to drive faster cars. Some people even want to increase the power of the car more than its original capability.

Suppose, we have a Honda car. And we want to increase its power. In that case, we will need a mini-me swap. 

But, what is a mini-me swap?

A Mini-me swap is a non-vtec honda four-cylinder bottom end. As well as it has a v-tech head. This head is bolted on this mini-me swap. Mini-me swap is used for increasing the power of the engine of our Honda car. That means, we’ll have to install a mini-me swap to increase its power of it. 

Now, we are going to know more about this. Which will help us to learn many things about this mini-me swap. 

What Is a Mini-Me Swap?

Mini-me swap is a non-vtec honda four-cylinder bottom end. It has a v-tech-head bolted on it as well. Mini-me swap adds a v-tech head to a non-vtec single-cam Honda engine. 

Mini-me swap is used for getting some advantages of the performance of the car. That means it will add more speed to our car. 

So, the Honda mini-me engine will change our car a lot. Because it can make the performance of the car better than before. In other words, it will make our cars faster than before.

But it will not add too much power to our Honda car. Because Honda cars have some reliable parts. So, our car will have a decent but great performance. Even though we’re using a mini-me swap. 

So, some people might ask this question, “Is a mini-me swap worth it?” The answer is yes. A mini-me swap is worth it. Because it will give us the speed that we need. 

At the same time, there will be a speed limitation. This speed limitation will make it safer. But if we can install the best mini-me swap in our car, it’ll become more powerful.

Another thing is that there are different types of heads for the mini-me swap. The most heard ones are Y8 and Z6. Now, we might get confused about which one to buy.

The main difference between these two is the space of the combustion. The space of the combustion of the Y8 is smaller than the Z6. This space of combustion is responsible for the compression. 

More space for combustion will give less compression. On the other hand, less space for combustion will give more compression. 

So, we have to buy the one that will be suitable for us. As well as it has to be suitable for our car.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Mini-Me Swap?

Now, we are going to know about some good sides of the mini-me swap. There are some benefits of having a mini-me swap. Those benefits are written below.


Suppose, we installed a mini-me swap in our car. That way the engine of our car will get more power. We will notice that our car is going faster than before. As well, we will get a great sound of v-tech.

So, these are some benefits of the mini-me swap. If we install a mini-me swap, we will get these benefits. Now, some of the bad sides of having a mini-me swap are written below.


There are not many bad sides to having a mini-me swap. There might be only one thing that could bother us. That is, the mini-me swap might use a very little amount of extra oil.

So, this is the only thing we might notice if we install a mini-me swap. 

How to Install a Mini Me Swap?

We already know what a mini-me swap is. But do we know how to install it in our car? Now we are going to learn about that. We will find the mini-me swap kit in the market. So, let’s see what we should know about installing this in our car. 

Step 1: Removing the Non-vtec Head

In the first place, we have to open the hood of the car. Then we will find a non-vtec head on the engine. It will be there already. We just have to remove it from there. 

Step 2: Cleaning the Head Gasket Residue

In this step, we have to clean the head gaskets. Because there might be some residue on them. So, we have to clean the block of those head gaskets. 

Step 3: Removing the Oil Control Jet

After that, we have to go to the next step. When we are done cleaning the head gasket residue, we have to find the oil control jet. Then, in this step, we have to remove that oil control jet. 

Step 4: Replacing Some Other Engine Parts 

Suppose, we have already removed the oil control jet. Now, there might be some parts of the engine that we want to change. 

For example, we want to replace the water pump or thermostat. But till now we couldn’t change them. Because we had to do a lot of other work first. After that, we could replace them. So, at other times it is not a very easy job to do. 

But now is the best time to replace them or to change them. That means, now we can replace any parts of the engine as we want. 

Step 5: Installing the V-tech Head

Now, we are done replacing the parts of the engine. As well as, we are done with the cleaning and other stuff. So, in this step, we can install the v-tech head.

Step 6: Tightening up the Head Bolts

Next, we have to tighten up the head bolts. But for this, we might need the car manual. Sometimes we don’t keep it with us. So, it would be great if we could manage one. 

We can get one from the car store very easily. Because it’s not very hard to find the car manual. That way, this work will become very simple.

Step 7: Installing the Timing Belt

So, we are done with tightening up the head bolts. Now, everything else is in the right place. At this point, we have to install the timing belt.

Step 8: Taking the Car to a Skilled Person

After that, we will need a skilled person. Because the other steps are more complicated. So, that skilled person will know what to do next. Also, he will do those works more perfectly. As well as, he will need much less time to get done with the work. 

After doing all these works, we will be done with installing the mini-me swap. But there are some steps we might find harder to do. If we do not know how to do them in advance, we have to learn them. 

Some of these steps are installing the timing belt and water pump. So, we might have to know how to install them before we do this. 

Here are some of the equipment that will help you to install a timing belt. We can check them out before installing the mini-me swap in our car. 


Here are some of the common queries regarding mini-me swaps people have on a daily basis. Check these out-

Is Mini-Me Swap Only for a Honda Car?

Yes. Mini-me swap is used only on honda cars. Mini-me swap is a non-vtec honda four-cylinder bottom end. It is used for increasing the power of the engine of our cars. If we want to increase the speed of our cars, we will need a mini-me swap.

Is Buying a Mini-Me Swap Worth It?

Yes. Buying a mini-me swap is worth it. Because a mini-me swap will give more power to your car’s engine. So that, you will get more speed from your car than your car’s original capacity. As well as it will give a limited speed so it will be safer.   

Do I Need a Mini-Me Swap Before Buying Honda?

No. You don’t need a mini-me swap just to buy a Honda car. But you’ll need it if you are not satisfied with the original speed of your car. Because a mini me swap will improve the power of the engine of your car. That way, your car will have more speed than before.


Now you already know what is a mini-me swap. So, now you can decide whether you want to install it or not. Also, you know how to install it. Now, you can install a mini-me swap in your car very easily. You just need to follow the steps that have been mentioned above.

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