When Does Vtec Kick in? (Here Is What You Need to Know)

Knowing the time of the Vtec engagement is necessary for a car rider. Because this is what the riders look for at their desired RPM. Knowing the timing of it, you can make sure the car is running more efficiently.

So, when does the Vtec kick in?

The Vtec tech kicks in when your car has reached around 5800RPM. You would notice an increase in the torque when it kicks in the Vtec technology. And remember that this tech actually helps your car to maintain its efficiency. Do not forget that the RPM might vary a bit for this from car to car.

This gives an overview of the concern. But you can actually get all the details here as we covered. Many useful drills await too.

So, get started now!

When Does the Vtec of My Car Kick in?

The Vtec technology of a car is absolutely recommendable. This has been great in terms of maintaining the efficiency of a car run.

However, many car users are generally confused about when it activates. They keep on looking here and there about the Vtec engagement.

So, when does the Vtec of my car kick in? Well, it starts to kick in once the rpm of your car reaches around 5800. 

Remember that the speed of the car usually exceeds the normal range at that time. That means it would not be around 40 or 50 km per hour. 

Rather, the speed of your car would be around 80 to 85 km per hour. At the moment, the speed would be in an increasing phase.

And this time, your car engine would get a boost to get the max horsepower.  So, this is when your Vtec kicks in.

As for the RPM, do not forget one thing. The cars usually hit the Vtec at around 5800RPM as you already know.

However, it may vary a bit from car to car. Like, the Vtec tech may be activating even around 4500RPM. 

So, if you can know the signals of when it activates, it would be better. And to know about the signals of the Vtec activation, move on to the next part.

How to Reckon If My Car Vtec Activates?

Remember that the timing of it does not say how to understand its activation. Like, you may know the timing but not the signals. So, how do I know if my car Vtec activates?

Firstly, you would come up with a bit of sound like your engine opening up. This may seem like a howling sound even without a howler. But it would not be as intense as a car howler howling.

You would see that power has suddenly got risen up. The lower would peak around 8000 RPM. And within a while, the RPM would reach about 8300 until the fuel cuts off.

At high speeds, the Vtec technology helps to get the best speed out of your engine. And at a lower speed, it would also maintain its low speed. 

In simple words, the Vtec technology helps your car to maintain its efficiency with speeds.

Is It A Problem If My Car Does Not Kick in the Vtec Tech?

Today, almost every car has got this Vtec technology. And if you are a user of Honda cars, you definitely have this tech in your car.

In case you do not notice this technology, there might be issues. You may think that you car does not have this tech. But the thing is the system might have any disruptions.

So, the reasons that might stop your car from kicking in the Vtec are discussed below. Take a look and find the respective solutions to the problems too.

Reason 1: The RPM Meter Issues 

The RPM issues could be the main reason for your Vtec issues. So, you may wonder how it is actually connected to the Vtec technology!

If your RPM meter is faulty, the Vtec fails to detect the signal of the RPM. Because the RPM does not actually hit the point where it activates the Vtec.

And this happens because the meter may show more RPM when it’s not that high. An RPM meter issue may occur due to several internal issues.

So, the issues might not be visible or understandable to you very easily. In fact, you may not be able to identify the issue in any way either.


In this case, the issue can be fixed but not by yourself. Rather, you would need help from an expert. They can assess or fix the issue the way it’s to be done.

But if the issues are not fixable, there might need a few replacements. So, your pro mechanic can look at it and work according to the conditions.

Reason 2: Engine Issues

Another thing that could be responsible for a lot of car issues is the engine. You know this is one of the main parts of your car. 

So, it is connected to each and everything in your car either directly or indirectly. And just like that, it can affect the mechanical technological system too.

An engine disruption might be affecting the operation of the Vtec system. For this, you will notice that the Vtec of your car does not kick in.

Remember that these types of engine issues are related to a bad fuel system. Moreover, it might also disruptions with the engine connections to the other parts.


For this, first, you can check your fuel system. See, if the fuel tank is okay like no leakages or anything. If you think there are any leakages, fix the leaking tank.

You can do it yourself as it is not that hard. After that, you may also have a look at the fuel filter. Sometimes, the fuel filter gets clogged or dirty with time. 

As a result, the engine might have disruptions that can affect the Vtec. So, take off the fuel filter and get it up for a clean. 

Remember you can use a cleaner to clean a dirty or clogged fuel filter. And it is better to use cleaners for it as these can be more effective.

Now, if you are up for a cleaner, here are a few ideas. Take a look.

Hope this helps!

So, these issues are responsible for a Vtec problem on your car.

Can I Install Vtec If My Car Does Not Have One?

Well, unfortunately, you can not add a Vtec to your car. Because it is something that is built-in when your car had been manufactured.

And this system is actually connected to your engine by default. So, you can not just install or get a Vtec on your car suddenly.

But there would still be a way to have a solution to it. But that is actually something that could be really expensive and almost out of it.

Like, you can have a Vtec if you get an engine replacement that has a Vtec. Yes, you read that right! You actually need to replace the engine completely with a new one.

You already know that a Vtec is enabled with an engine by default. So, you can not attach it externally in any way.

So, if you really want a Vtec, you require getting in another engine that is new. And it is the only way to get it done!

In case you wonder how much it may cost, it costs too high. You would have to set a budget of around $5000. 

It may go even higher depending on a few factors. So, that is how you decide it!


What happens when the Vtec engages?

The engagement of the Vtec in your car basically improves its efficiency. That means you can drive your car more efficiently and quickly when this system turns on. This is an advanced technology that is built-in in Honda cars. But the other car brands also have this technology with other names.

What are the names or jargons of the Vtec technology in other cars?

The names or jargons of the Vtec technology are different in other cars. You already know that the Honda company has named it Vtec. However, companies like BMW and Mercedes named it Vamos and Vtec Mercedes respectively. So, you may not find the same code in different car brands.

Is there any difference between Turbo and the Vtec?

Yes, there are differences between Turbo and the Vtec. The turbo of your car enables you to get greater or more horsepower along with the torque. On the other hand, Vtec enables your car engine to produce the max horsepower. Remember that they have similarities but they are not the same.

The Final Words

Now it is clear, when does the vtec kick in! We are certain that you would not have any confusion regarding this.

Count on this tip before the conclusion. Remember that maintaining a high rpm all the time could be bad for your engine. It may gradually get the engine of your car worn out.

All the best!

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