Why Does My Spark Plug Keep Popping Out (5 Reasons+Solutions)

Spark plug wire popping is one of the most frequent concerns with engines. The engine plug may not be attached to the spark plug securely enough or too firmly. A spark plug may blow out as a result of this. As a result, the spark plug itself becomes damaged. 

The electricity from the plug to the engine compartment cannot be transmitted via it. This is extremely risky. Because it can occur while you’re driving and result in a range of various engine issues.

So, why does my spark plug keep popping out?

There could be a variety of causes. It can be because of low air pressure control. A faulty plug can also cause your spark plug to pop out. If your plug is filled with dirt and grease, it can pop out. There can be other problems. You need to identify the problem first. Then solve them accordingly.

This is just a short preview. In this article, we will know more about it.

Spark Plug Keep Popping Out

You might wonder why your spark plug wire is popping out. As it happens at the most inconvenient times.

Take a look at the wire’s tip. Check the rubber boot’s interior. Observe a split in a thin metal cylinder. You can squeeze right through the rubber boot by using pliers to squeeze this cylinder.

You can do it until the split space somewhat shuts up. Reconnect it to the plug, and everything should be fine.

Simply push firmly to have the connection over the plug after crimping on the connection. And apply lubricant to the plug to prevent corrosion. Another option is to make a tiny hole in the plug wire’s rubber boot. 

As the engine warms up, the air within the boot expands and heats up. When you’re riding, this could result in a stretched plug wire coming loose.

In this article, we’ll respond to that concern. And we will provide you with some tips on how to prevent spark wires from popping out. Because there are definite causes for this incidence, which does not happen randomly.

Causes of Spark Plug Wires Breaking

It might seem unlikely, but buying Honda cars once had the same issue. The long plug boots on their deep spark plugs. These are buried inside their OHC heads. 

This means they needed to be given a hole to allow hot air to escape. It may pop off as a result of the engine’s vibration and the extremely hot air. 

A spark plug wire not sparking can occur for three main reasons:

  • Low Air Pressure Control
  • Due to a Faulty Plug
  • Filled with Grease and Dirt
  • Verifying the torque
  • Incorrectly installing the plugs

1. Ineffective Air Pressure Control

The air density is responsible if your spark plug pops out each time you replace it.

The air pressure of the combustion gas is to blame for this. Once the engine is heated up, the air bubble all around the plug is unable to absorb the air pressure. The distributor plug eventually pops as a result.

The air must be released from the socket. It will provide the air bubble in the socket with more room to accommodate the combustion gases. There is a simple answer to the issue here.

Utilize the lowest Alan button you could find to start. This time, you’ve connected the spark plug. Now, try to insert the Alan key inside of it. 

You’ll see that some air has disappeared after the Alan key is in. Once the Alan key is removed, the plug and distributor will be securely linked.

2. A Bad Plug

The most frequent cause of ignition system wires popping off the distribution is having defective plugs. These plugs just don’t fit with your motor’s distributor or ignition coil.

The metal component within the plug won’t properly connect to the coil. It will be then when it is twisted or worn out. Additionally, the vibration from starting the engine will cause the spark plug wires to pulse. It will cause the spark plugs to pop.

You’ll have a faulty plug problem if you bought an oversized plug. Or you don’t clean your plugs after a set amount of time. To fix the issue in this situation, new plugs are required. Straightening the metal inside the plug will fix any bent metal.

3. Filled with Grease and Dirt

If your spark plug’s interior is unclean, it won’t matter what you do. It will keep popping out. Therefore, thoroughly clean it. Additionally, pay attention to the grease level. Because too much grease may occasionally cause the plugs to come loose.

You can also try to bend the bit of metal that is in the spark plug boots. It will create a tighter fit if indeed the cap has been on the spark plug. That ought to prevent it from coming off so quickly. 

Alternatively, a small amount of electrical tape may attach the boot to the ignition coil.  You can have another quick patch so you could drive it.

You will find high-quality electrical tape in the market. Here we are recommending some of the best ones.

4. Verify the Torque

It’s crucial to maintain the proper levels of torque during the entire time you drive the automobile. Despite the fact that each set of spark plugs and the engine has a different torque. The box contains the torque reference. The instruction manual for your automobile or the spark plugs arrived.

You can also get assistance from a qualified mechanic or another specialist. By that, you can figure out what the appropriate torque rating should be. Additionally, you can learn how to go about figuring it out. Ideally, the torque should be checked every 5,000 miles or so.

In this arrangement, a lot of people examine the spark plug torque on their car. This is roughly equivalent to every other oil change. Ensure you adjust the spark plugs to prevent blowouts. Therefore, the torque reading is precise.

5. Incorrectly Installed the Plugs

You run a higher danger of a spark plug explosion if you decide to place your spark plugs improperly. This is especially true if you insert your spark plugs before the engine has fully cooled down. Even without the change in engine temperature, this is a risky approach to insert the plugs. 

Because of the twisting and misalignment that can occur when the engine cools.Try starting the engine again as a consequence. The spark plugs are much more capable of blowing out.

Be Alert for Ticking

When trying to start your car, if you hear a ticking noise, this can be a red flag. When trying to start the automobile or when the engine is running at idle. Keep an ear out for a quiet, you will hear repeating clicks. 

Frequently, the spark plugs themselves produce these noises. They signify a hazardous condition. Stop the car right away if you hear clicks. Then get out to inspect the spark plugs. 

Once the engine has completely cooled, make the necessary adjustments to ensure proper installation and the appropriate torque levels. Or just take them out and put new ones in their place.

These are some common problems. Identify the problem and solve them. Thus your spark plug will stop popping out.


What is the cost of replacing a blown spark plug?

Knowing how much spark plug replacement should cost is helpful. Because many vehicles will eventually require new spark plugs. The price of a spark plug can range from $10 to $25 per unit. The quantity of spark plugs required depends on the number of cylinders in your engine. Some cars even have two spark plugs per cylinder.

What happens if spark plugs are over-tightened?

Simply, damaging the wire might result from overtightening your spark plug. In particular, it can ruin the thread on your spark plug, necessitating frequent spark plug wire replacement. Learn appropriate torque requirements for your car as recommended by the manufacturer to prevent this.

When they fail, do spark plugs pop?

However, at least one damaged spark plug is frequently the cause of a misfire. The engine rate will lag briefly before picking up again. As the engine loses and gains timing, you could hear the engine pop. When a car misfires, raw fuel is released into the exhaust, which eventually harms the catalytic converter.


We hope this clarifies why your spark plug wire keeps popping out for you. There are many reasons why my spark plug keeps popping out.

Decide which of the aforementioned problems is the root of the issue. And then solve it in accordance with our recommendations. Positive outcomes will become apparent right away!

And your problem will be solved.

That’s all for today.

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