Why You Don’t Wear Flip Flops On a Motorcycle?

Motorcycle riding is an activity that many guys find therapeutic. This is a procedure that involves freeways, uneven roads, and narrow lanes. Other riders are also an added benefit. 

These fellow motorcyclists frequently discuss what you should and should not wear when riding your motorcycle. Flip-flops are one of the items that are on the shouldn’t wear list.

But why don’t you wear flip-flops on a motorcycle?

You don’t wear flip-flops since they pose a serious safety threat. Many serious motorcycle accidents are a result of wearing these. Along with being an uncomfortable thing to wear, your feet will be hurting the next day. In any case of an accident, your feet and ankle will be totally unprotected.

Want to learn more on this topic? We’ll go through why you shouldn’t wear flip-flops while riding a motorbike in this article.

And also discuss the best approach to keep your feet safe while cruising on your bike.

Why You Don’t Wear Flip Flops On a Motorcycle?

Many riders usually skip the safety gear and go for short rides in their most casual clothes. In this sense, people frequently ride their two-wheelers in only their slippers or flip-flops. This is a very foolish decision, to say the least. 

From minor mishaps to major life-altering tragedies, anything can go wrong in this case. Let’s take a look at why you shouldn’t ride a motorcycle in flip-flops.

Reason 1: Unsuitable for Ride

Riding a motorbike is a bit more difficult than other vehicles. You can’t sit back and relax or rest your feet anywhere. You need to be ready to balance the weight on your feet at any time. 

Therefore, wearing flip-flops will make it extra difficult to balance in these situations. There’s no grip and cushioning in your flip-flops. So, anytime you would want to balance there’s a chance of them tearing off completely 

Reason 2: Sore Feet

Walking on flip-flops for even a half-hour feels like you’re walking on hot coals. Your feet will get painfully sore in no time.

Wearing flip-flops for a long time while riding will easily leave strap marks and red markings. It will be impossible to ride the next day with those hurting feet.

Reason 3: Exposed Feet & Ankles

It exposes your feet and ankles to the elements of the road. Flip flops offer no protection for your heels and ankles. Anytime you need to stop for an emergency, your feet will most likely be injured.

Because the whole weight of your body and the motorcycle will be on them. There’s a chance of your ankle getting sprained.

Along with these your feet will be vulnerable to injuries caused by rocks and other road debris.

Reason 4: Compromise of Safety

Last but not least, flip-flops jeopardize your safety greatly. Stomping on your feet can hurt or even break them without proper footwear.

Although this is a very common injury among riders, wearing flip-flops makes it more imminent.

Furthermore, if your foot gets hooked somewhere, it can easily harm your hip and leg joints. And the motorcycle itself will also be damaged. So for your own safety motorcycle shoes are necessary.

But, if not flip-flops, what footwear is best for riding a motorcycle?

Which Shoes to Wear Instead of Flip-flops?

Shoes that properly secure and protect your feet in an emergency are the right shoes. Slip-resistant shoes are always a better option in such cases. Here are three types of footwear to wear for a relatively secure motorbike ride:

1. Leather Riding Boots

You need to invest in a good pair of riding boots. They need to have plenty of padding for comfort and should include skid-resistant soles. Molded toe shifters are also necessary factors when buying a pair of riding boots.

This is where leather riding boots come in. Not only do they have great built and skid-resistant soles but they are also weatherproof. 

This prevents sharp items from piercing through. Extra heel protection and adequate cushioning are included in these boots to keep you comfortable while riding. Here are a couple of our most recommended leather boots-

2. Moto Shoes

Moto shoes are a decent compromise between sneakers and motorcycle boots. They are much simpler to slide into.

They’ve been reinforced to handle the pressure of the motorcycle as well as any kind of road movement. They also look really good with a pair of jeans!

3. Riding Shoes 

Riding shoes are made with leather which is water-resistant just like riding boots. If boots are bit much for you and you want a more formal look, these are the shoe.

It has a rubber sole with a reinforced shank for comfort. Heel and toe caps are also put into these shoes for a safe riding experience. Ankle guards are also included in the package!

Can You Wear Engineering or Work Boots?

These boots aren’t built to keep your feet safe in the case of a motorbike accident. So it’s better to avoid them. Do not ride in boots that were not made exclusively for motorcycle riders.

Some Other Items to Avoid While Riding A Motorcycle

Motorcycle riders will have different ideas on what is and isn’t acceptable to wear while riding. It’s probably advisable to leave something behind if it makes you feel uncomfortable.

Use common sense and consider some of the suggestions provided below. 

Some Specific Clothes

With a few exceptions, you can wear practically anything while riding a bike. Try avoiding the following for your safety and comfort when riding.

Dark Coloured Clothing

While out on a bike, avoid wearing dark attire. Choose a bright color to make yourself more apparent to other cars on the road. It’s also a good idea to use reflectors if you’re riding late at night.

Scarves & Lose clothing

Scarves have received mixed reviews when it comes to riding safety. You don’t want your scarf to fly off and block another driver’s sight. A scarf could potentially get trapped on something.

Loose clothes, like a scarf, increase the possibility of getting stuck on something. This can be quite dangerous. This is why you’ll see most riders wearing form-fitting clothes usually made of leather.


When riding in shorts, your skin is entirely exposed. The more your body is covered by clothing, the safer you will be in an accident.

When you wear shorts, you are entirely exposed to exhaust pipes and a hot engine. To decrease the possibility of burns, stop wearing shorts on motorcycles. full protective clothes are a must.

Heavy Backpack

It’s dangerous to ride with a hefty backpack on your back. Carrying heavy items on your back increases the possibility of being hit by one of those objects.

Wearing a backpack while riding a motorcycle is normally safe. But be sure it is not overstuffed.

Second Hand Helmets & Half Helmets

Buying a used helmet instead of a new one will save you a lot of money. However, we strongly discourage this. You have really no idea how a worn helmet was maintained before it arrived in your hands.

They could have been in a collision or dropped. The helmet’s safety is affected by all of these elements.

Half helmets, on the other hand, should not be worn. These helmets only cover the top part of the rider’s head. Half helmets do not protect the areas around your head!

The jawline is by far the most likely to clash with something else in an accident. This is why we strongly advise wearing a helmet that covers your entire head and face.


We understand how enjoyable it is to listen to music whilst riding. But it is better to avoid using earphones for several reasons.

First and foremost, many states make it illegal to ride with earphones on. When you use earphones, it’s difficult to hear what’s going on around you.

This could lead to you missing vital alerts or oncoming cars on the road.


Are Jeans Suitable for Riding A Motorcycle?

Regular jeans are not suitable for motorcycles. Because denim has a low tensile strength. If you fall from your motorcycle at high speeds, jeans will tear and shred almost instantly. It’s best to avoid them.

Should A Passenger Lean In with The Driver?

A motorcycle passenger should definitely lean with the driver during a turn. Because this helps the driver to move in sync. You should also grab onto the driver if there’s no handlebar for you to hold onto.

Which Color of Motorcycle is the Safest?

A motorcycle’s safest color is white. Other colors may be safe. However, a bright, contrasting hue that grabs attention day and night is essential. The color should be visible to other drivers on the road. Retro-reflective colors are also recommended for motorcycles.

End Words

So with all this information, you now know why you don’t wear flip-flops on a motorcycle.

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you should put your safety at risk. So, the next time you get on your bike, remember to put on suitable protective gear. There should also be no compromise because of the type of bike you ride.

Safe Riding!

Rob Dahm

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