A/C Clutch Not Engaging When Hot: Reasons and Solutions

Going on your daily life in your car on a hot summer. Having an air conditioner is a lifesaver for traveling. But you may get some problems with your air conditioner. When the car or the weather gets too hot, this occurs.

Now you may be asking, why is my car’s A/C clutch not engaging when hot?

The cause of this problem is not just because of one reason. Rather there can be several factors. From a blown fuse, short relay, wire and switch defects, and so on. The issues are common in all types of cars. And the solutions are easy as well. Be it a bit difficult in working out.

Loving the preview? Well then, there are lots more to discuss in detail. Let’s get into those right now!

Why Do We Need Air Conditioners Within the Cars So Much?

Few vehicle equipments is as cherished by the ordinary driver as air conditioning during the stifling summer heat. The air conditioning system in a car stops the summer heat in its tracks and replaces it with a soothing coolness.

Dual-climate control is a characteristic of current A/C systems that lets each occupant of a car adjust the interior temperature.

A vehicle’s air conditioning system, however, is only as effective as its capacity to function correctly and without any mechanical or electronic issues. 

A/C-related problems of various severity can, but do, occasionally, arise. When this happens, the temperature within the cabin soars, and pain sets in.

An ineffective A/C compressor clutch is one of the most prevalent of all A/C structure defects. Such issues result in the inability of an A/C system’s gasses to circulate, which prevents cooling. Making the A/C clutch not engaging all the time.

Causes and Solution for a Non-Engaging AC Compressor Clutch

Numerous factors, which are often electrical in nature, might cause the A/C compressors to clutch to fail to engage. From one car type to the next, the precise reason for these problems also varies somewhat.

But there are some common reasons that lead to this particular problem. These issues are not varied in car brands or models. Knowing about them will ensure you understand the issue better. 

The most frequent reasons for unresponsive fan A/C compressor clutches are listed below. It will help you in saving time to fix the problem.

A/C Clutch Fuse Blown

A/C compressor clutch fuses are frequently to blame when a clutch fails to engage or turn on. The cause of the fuse’s failure must be ascertained, though. This could happen as a result of a broken clutch assembly or a shorted hot wire.


If you find the cause is due to a blown fuse, then do not worry. You can easily change the blown fuse with a new one. Fuses are not worth fixing. In fact, if a fuse is blown, then it has done its purpose. 

So, when you find a blown fuse, you can replace it with a new one. By doing that, you can fix the problem with your car’s air conditioner clutch. And enjoy the cool breeze.

You can find OEM clutch fuses. But there is no guarantee that those are good to use. It is better to use aftermarket clutch fuses. They are cost-effective and reliable. Here are some we would like to recommend.

These A/C clutch fuses are aftermarket products that are very good. The manufacturing quality and longevity are outstanding. You will have a great experience installing them.

Lack of the A/C Clutch Relay

To control the operation of the A/C clutch, the majority of vehicles rely on relays. The coil of the clutch may not receive electricity if a relay is broken or stuck. It can also be your car’s A/C compressor clutch not turning by hand.  

This is due to the relay being a bridge connection. It passes electricity to run your car’s A/C.


Relays are generally situated within a relay box. These days there are several relay boxes within a car. If your relay is broken, then firstly you need to find out the specific air conditioner relays. 

To find the air conditioner relays, you will need to consult with the mechanic and also the car’s instruction manual. After finding the specific relay, it is a simple process from then. Just replace the broken relay with a new one.

Defective Switches

In order to function effectively, modern car A/C systems require the usage of many switches. These switches have a direct impact on how power and ground are delivered to an AC clutch. 

The evaporator temperature sensors, low-pressure switches, and high-pressure switches are the most notable of these switches. An A/C clutch may become unusable if one of these sensors fails.


Fixing a switch problem is a bit more of a difficult task. Because changing a switch means not just changing a single switch. Rather, the entire relay, sensor, and switch have to be changed.

Because the whole system is integrated. So, you cannot just replace the switch and fix it. You need to replace the sensor, switch, and relay. This is a costly venture. But if the root cause of your air conditioner problem is this, then you need to do it.

Pro Tip: It is better if you do this replacement work through a professional. As it is a complicated process, it is better to do it properly with expert hands.

Defective Wiring

In most instances, a wiring pigtail usually detaches from an engine’s primary wiring harness and supplies electricity and ground to an A/C compressor’s clutch assembly. Creating the problem of your car’s A/C compressor not engaging.

The compressor’s clutch won’t work if any of the circuit’s wires have an open condition. In rare circumstances, the harness may be the issue even when the wiring is sound.


Having problems with the wiring is a very precarious situation. Because a car’s wiring structure and lines are much more complicated. This is due to a car having so many lines of wires.

The defect within the wire can be anywhere. For this, you have to go to a service center. Because only a good professional can do it. They have the experience and skills to do this. And you can save time by doing it through their help.

Refrigerant Charge Low

In the event of low system pressure, an A/C system’s low flow switch is intended to stop delivering power or ground to the compressor clutch. Making the car’s AC compressor low-pressure lockout happen.

As a result, a low refrigerant charge is frequently to blame for the absence of compressor clutch operation.


If you have a low refrigerant charge, then you should change your compressor. Because if you do not, then not just that your A/C won’t work. But also, you will be at the risk of damaging your car’s engine bay.

The refrigerant gas is very cold and flammable. This is why it is dangerous when it leaks. Also, you can check the whole thermal pipes of your air conditioner. If there is any leak, then you will need to change the pipes as well. That will solve the issue.

That is all there is to discuss this topic. These are the common reasons that can lead to this problem.


Some common questions that you might want to know can be

Can you replace the AC clutch without removing the compressor?

In theory, you can change the clutch without taking the compressor out. People advise doing them in tandem because, if one fails, then the other one usually follows closely behind it. Since you currently perform the majority of the identical steps, replacing them both is simply a matter of convenience.

What tells the AC clutch to engage?

Power is sent to the magnetic coil of the air conditioner compressor clutch when the car’s A/C system is instructed to start up. By forcing that clutch’s drive plate inside, where it meshes with the clutch body/compressor pulley, this energization of both the clutch coil produces a magnetic field that improves clutch engagement.

What causes AC clutch failure?

Your AC compressor’s performance is more significantly impacted by dust, dirt, or refrigerant leakage. Therefore, an HVAC emergency results when a compressor fails. In some terrible circumstances, you will not be able to repair it and will only have the choice of replacing it.


We hope we have given all the possible reasons and solutions to your question A/C clutch not engaging when hot. It is a really simple problem to occur. But sometimes has a great deal of work to fix.

If your problem still hasn’t got fixed, then maybe it is a serious issue. For that, we would suggest getting help from a professional.

Till then, drive safely, and have a good day!

Rob Dahm

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  1. Hello Ron
    I have a 2003 Nissan Frontier xe v6 that is having AC issues. The AC works very well when I start up the vehicle and turn on the AC. Once the engine is warmed up and if I turn off the AC and try turning it back on, the clutch does not engage. If I turn the truck off and wait around 5-10 minutes, then start it back up, the AC clutch will engage and all is fine. I’ve had the following checked out by a mechanic.

    purged the lines and input the freon back into system
    check pressure sensors
    I’ve changed the AC relay and checked the fuses and all is good

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