Honda Accord Sputtering When Accelerating (10 Reasons)

You may have a Honda Accord as your daily driving vehicle. Or might be having a thought on b buying one for yourself.

But the issue of its engine sputtering might be giving you concern about it. If you are driving one then you might be facing this issue yourself.

So, you might want to know about Honda Accord sputtering when accelerating.

This problem does not happen with the Honda Accord alone. Rather this is a problem faced by various brands. The engine of a vehicle might sputter for many reasons. From running out of gas, spark plug issues, exhaust leaks, and so on. There are several common issues that have solutions as well.

Honda Accord Sputtering: Reasons and Solutions

Whenever your engine is sputtering, you can typically tell right away. It could be backfiring, or it could simply sound and feel like it’s not operating at regular power.

An engine that is sputtering is not attaining complete combustion. 

This could also be a signal of a very minor issue. As well as an even more serious engine, fuel, or exhaust system problem.

There are some common causes that lead to this issue. We have talked about them in detail. Also, we tried to give you some sort of solutions for these issues. Let’s go through them then.

1. Engine Running out of Gas

When you are likely to run dry of gas, the engine will frequently splutter. Lack of fuel will cause the engine to struggle. Then, finally, the automobile won’t start at all. 

If you find yourself in this situation, you need to take some steps. The very first thing you have to do when your engine starts sputtering is to check your fuel gauge.

Being out of gas is probably not your issue. If it is still showing gas in the tank.


Running out of gas is not a major problem. Rather it is the problem of the person who’s driving. Checking if you have sufficient fuel in your car is one of the basic rules. 

Honda Accord usually does not have any issues with the fuel gauge. Then you need to have a good eye on how much fuel you have. Or else you will have to face this problem more and more.

2. Spark Plugs Failing

The sparks that start the combustion of the fuel are produced by your spark plugs. If any one of them is not functioning properly.

The engine won’t obtain proper combustion and will sputter and pop while losing power. Making problems like Honda Accord sputters at 2500 rpm.


Faulty spark plugs are very much an issue. The best way to mitigate this is to replace the failing spark plugs with new ones.

You will need to buy new spark plugs to solve this issue. For this, you are normally recommended to use OEM spark plugs.

But in the current state of the market, you may not find OEM spark plugs. In that case, aftermarket spark plugs are available. 

You can find recommended spark plugs for Honda Accord as well. But here are some of our recommended brands that you can buy.

These brands make top-quality spark plugs that have long-running life. You can use them without any doubt.

3. Having Overused Fuel Injectors

The combustion chambers of the engine get a continuous stream of gas from the fuel injectors. The fuel won’t travel consistently if somehow the fuel injectors become dirty or clogged. That will cause the engine to splutter.


Fuel injectors get clogged up by oil residue. This happens when you don’t do a proper cleanup of the injectors.

It is basically mandatory to do a cleanup of the fuel injectors once every 3 months. That will keep the injectors working properly.

4. Fuel Filter Getting Bad

Fuel filters degrade over time. Because they eventually become full of all the debris and impurities. This can lead to problems like Honda stalls when accelerating.

This gets collected as they are removed from the fuel that is used in engines. Your gasoline filter may just need to be replaced if your engine is sputtering.


To prevent this issue and all the others, you should change your fuel filters. It is recommended to change your fuel filter every time you do the servicing of your car. That’s how you can keep your engine smooth.

5. Lack of Vaccum Pressure

The fuel pressure is produced via a network of vacuum pipes found in every car. You will experience a considerable loss in fuel pressure. This can lead to your Honda Accord bogs down when accelerating.

You will face this if it is just one of those leaks or if it is damaged beyond repair.


If you have a loss of vacuum pressure in the fuel pipes, then you will need to check them. You might find any broken valve or leakage.

Either you should fix them using a proper industrial-grade sealant. Or change the leaky pipes altogether.

6. Leaky Exhaust

The engine’s performance can be significantly impacted by the vehicle’s exhaust system. The harmful exhaust gases will typically flow back into the engine if your car has an exhaust leak. Which will result in serious issues.


Sputtering can happen due to exhaust leaks. If you face this issue, then you should immediately fix this problem.

Because a leaky exhaust is not only bad for your engine, but also it is harmful to the environment as well. So change your exhaust system if you face this.

7. Catalytic Converter Failing

As a crucial step in your car’s emissions procedure, a catalytic converter burns up the riskiest substances in the exhaust fumes. Larger engine problems will eventually result from a malfunctioning catalytic converter.


The simple way to fix a failing catalytic converter is to replace it. But that can be expensive work.

You can also fix your catalytic converter or clean it using chemicals. That should resolve your issues as well as keep your engine healthy.

8. Oxygen Sensor Failing

The exhaust system also depends on the oxygen sensors. The performance of both the exhaust system. This is an issue with the 2005 Honda Accord hesitating when accelerating.

As well as the engine itself would be significantly impacted if the exhaust sensor malfunctions or provides the car’s computer with incorrect readings.


You can solve the problem with your oxygen sensor easily. Just simply replace the sensor with a new one.

Through that, you will no longer have to deal with this issue. As well as, the problem of sputtering your engine will be resolved.

9. Mass Airflow Sensor Failing

A mass airflow (MAF) sensor, used in the majority of contemporary automobiles, keeps an eye on and regulates the ratio of fuel to air in your engine. Your engine may be spitting as a result of a malfunctioning MAF sensor.


If the problem lies within a faulty mass airflow sensor, then you do not need to worry too much.

Changing the mass airflow sensor will resolve the issue you are facing. As well as, you should also do a precautionary check of your engine and all the sensors. 

Because if there are more sensory problems within your car, it can lead to more issues. So better safe than sorry.

10. Faulty Gasket or Bad Seals

The fuel injector, exhaust, transmission, cooling system, and engine all contain a variety of seals and gaskets. Engine performance issues will occur if either of these seals gets weak or worn.


You might find the gasket or seals within your engine are damaged. If that is the case, then you should immediately change all the gasket and seals in your engine. 

Regardless of the issue, a faulty gasket or broken seals are very dangerous for your engine. It will lessen the efficiency and power delivery of your engine. So, it is better to do an immediate change.

That is all we have to say about this topic.


Why is my Honda Accord hesitant?

The fuel and air combination that is excessively lean is most likely the cause of an engine’s hesitation when accelerating.

When an engine is operating inefficiently, it will start to exhibit symptoms like hesitancy, which will only become even worse over time.

Why is my car jerking when I give it gas?

Your catalytic converter may become blocked if the air-fuel mixture is allowed to become too rich.

When the driver steps on the gas, the car frequently jerks as a result. An excellent catalytic converter cleaner could help you get rid of it. If not, you’ll require a mechanic’s assistance.

Will the car sputter if low on oil?

Moving elements inside the engine do not receive the lubrication they require when there is not enough oil. This enables them to physically touch one another, which may result in a mild tapping and maybe knocking sound.


So, that should answer your queries on the Honda accord sputtering when accelerating? The issues that we have discussed are the most common ones. 

If you find any problems like that, now you know how to mitigate them. You should take your engine to a qualified mechanic for an accurate diagnosis and repairs if it is faltering and not operating as it should.

Till next time, safe journey!

Rob Dahm

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