Acura Integra 1996 Sputters When Starting Then Runs Fine(Fixed)

You may not know how deadly can sputtering turn in your cars. Even if it stops after a while, it could be alarming. So, if you are hearing sputtering noise in your Acura Integra 1996, look at it. There are a few reasons you may not know about.

So, why the Acura Integra 1996 sputters when starting and then run fine?

Acura Integra 1996 sputters when starting and then runs fine for a few reasons. First of all, there might be low fuel in the car. Remember that the fuel injector or the fuel filter might have issues too. In addition, a defective cylinder might also be responsible too. Lastly, the exhaust might be a factor too.

This is not the entire part of your concern. But you can get all the details of this as we covered here if you read along.

So, get started now!

Why Do I Hear Sputtering Noise in My Acura Integra 1996?

When you start your car you may hear a sputtering noise. But why does it get okay after a while and runs fine! Like, this may be really confusing. 

And a lot of drivers think it is not something to look at. However, this is what the mistake is. Like, you can not overlook this. 

Because there are reasons for this issue. And you need to identify and work accordingly to fix the issue in no time. So, why does my Acura Integra 1996 sputter?

Well, here are the reasons we discussed. And you would get the solutions here too. Take a look.

Reason 1: Low Fuel

The first reason for this is the lack of fuel. Your car may have almost no fuel at all. And you may not be aware of it too. So, that is when Acura Integra starts to sputter.

Remember that sometimes we drive our cars after a long time. So, that is the time when we must check a few things before starting. 

However, this might not be the only reason for your car’s low fuel. Because there could be other reasons like a leaking fuel tank.

Yes, a leaking fuel tank could be the source of it. In that case, you can have a look at it to make sure. 

Remember that checking the fuel tank is ideal whenever you find issues with the fuel. Because the fuel tank may be leaking anytime without your idea.


To resolve this, you first need to look at the fuel gauge. If you think there is low fuel then refuel it. Once you get in fuel properly, see if it is alright.

But if your fuel is still going off quickly, there could be leakages. In that case, you need to be locating the leakages in your fuel tank first. 

After that, you may fix the fuel tank leakages yourself easily. And that is how you can resolve this!

Reason 2: A Dirty Fuel Injector

A fuel injector is something that is connected to the car’s fuel tank. This helps to transfer the fuel to the engine chamber. 

You know as time goes by, the fuel injector gradually gets clogged. This gets clogged with the fuel flowing through it. And this happens mainly due to dirty fuel flowing through it

The dirt particles from the fuel stop by the fuel injector. And with time, the fuel injector of your car gets clogged with dirt.

For this reason, the fuel fails to pass consistently through it. And this is when there is a lack of fuel in the engine chamber. As a result, the car starts to sputter when you start it.


The first thing to do with this is clean it off. First, you need to take off the fuel injector. Make sure your car has been turned off for at least an hour. 

Now, take it off and let some air pass on it. After that, you would need a cleaner for your fuel injector. These are available online or anywhere in automobile accessories stores.

Once you get one of them, you can clean the clogged fuel injector of your car. So, after cleaning it off, you may keep it idle to dry off.

After that, you may get the fuel injector on again in your car. And that is how you can clean your clogged or dirty fuel injector.

Another thing you must remember is the quality of the fuel you use. Because dirty fuel can deteriorate the condition of the fuel injector. 

And more importantly, the bad fuel can disrupt the operation of your engine too. So, it is something very crucial to look at.

Now, if you are about to look for fuel injector cleaners, here you go. You get here the ones that we count on. So, you may count on these too!

Hope this helps!

Reason 3: A Bad Fuel Filter

Just like the fuel injector, a fuel filter might have issues too. A fuel filter is something that filters the fuel when fuel passes through it. So, the fuel is fresh to be used by the car engine.

As a result, the fuel filter naturally gets clogged by dirt with time. Like, this is something very common for the fuel filters to get dirty.

And due to this, the filters may fail to complete the task properly at times. So, this is when you may come up with sputtering noises when starting your car.


For a dirty fuel filter, you may consider cleaning it. You can clean this just like you did the fuel injector. 

There are available cleaners for a car fuel filter in any automobile shop around you. You can get one from there and clean the fuel filter.

However, many users consider replacing the fuel filter. Because as time passes by, they prefer getting a fresh and new fuel filter. And this may be more feasible for car efficiency.

So, if you have a budget for that then you may consider it too. In fact, it would be a good idea to get a new one actually.

Reason 4: A Defective Cylinder

A faulty cylinder could be in your car and you might not even know about it. And the risk of driving with a faulty cylinder is enormous.

If you hear a sputtering noise in Acura Integra 1996, this might be a faulty cylinder. Remember that a cylinder may not be completely damaged at first.

Rather, it may have issues and deteriorating conditions. So, that is when you need to reckon the symptoms. Or else, you would be at a big risk of damaging your car engine.


For a defective cylinder, you may not be able to troubleshoot it. And it is actually better not to go for that. An expert can handle it and locate the problem.

And if it is fixable then they would do it. Or else, your car cylinder may be needed to be replaced. Unfortunately, that might be a significant budget for you to consider.

But you should no way overlook this and drive with a faulty cylinder.

Reason 5: Leakage in the Exhaust

The exhaust is an important mechanism in your car. And this can be one of the reasons for your car sputtering when starting. So, how does an exhaust lead to sputtering noises?

Well, car exhausts may be leaked at times. For this, the toxic or harmful gases may flow back into the car. As a result, the gas gets into the engine chambers gradually.

And that is when the car starts to sputter when you turn it on. Thus, a car exhaust with leakages could be responsible for this.


For this issue, you need to get the exhaust replaced. But if you are lucky enough, you may get the existing exhaust of your car fixed.

In that case, there have to be fewer leakages. And this can be done only by the experts. However, if you want then you may just look for the leakages to make sure.

In that case, wear hand gloves and you better cover your face too.

So, these are the issues for your Acura Integra 1996 sputtering. And if you can follow the solutions properly, you would get it solved!


How do I know if the neutral switch is faulty?

There is a certain way to identify a faulty neutral safety switch. And that is to check if your car stalls by keeping the clutch neutral. So, if you identify that there is a problem with that, you can replace it. For this, get to an expert. They can get it fixed or replaced.

Why does the engine stop when shifting the clutch at times?

Well, this mainly happens when you release the clutch too fast and suddenly. As a result, the RPM of your car falls significantly. And that is why your engine might start stalling right away. So, make sure you do not drop the clutch too fast or quickly.

Can the sputtering issue affect the other mechanism of my car?

Yes, it may affect the other mechanism of your car. And that could be in fact a negative effect. So, a common thing that might be affected by this is your car AC. And you would understand it when your AC takes so long to balance the temperature. There could be other issues too.

The Final Words

Now you can fix it when acura integra 1996 sputters when starting then runs fine! We believe your problem would not arise anymore in the future.

However, count on this tip before the conclusion. That is, when you have been using fuel for a long time, drain it off completely. Like, let some air pass over the fuel tank. This would give a fresh aura to it.

All the best!

Rob Dahm

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