Popping Sound When Braking at Low Speed?[Here’s What to Do]

Running a car with existing issues could be really problematic. Issues like popping sounds when breaking could be complicated things. You may end up with major problems in your car for this. And this issue mainly occurs due to common reasons.

So, why do I hear a popping sound when braking at low speed?

You may hear a popping sound when braking at low speed due to some common issues. The main and the first reason for this is a damaged car disk. However, there could other issues like suspension problems. And do not forget that an engine issue could also be responsible for this.

This is an overview of the concern you are looking for. Read along as we got here every detail and a few useful drills here.

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Why Do I Hear Popping Sound When Braking at a Low Speed?

You may hear noises in your car at times. But this is nothing common or normal for your car. Because this happens for a reason which may not be normal. 

Perhaps that is due to issues you are going through. So, why do I hear a popping sound when braking at a low speed?

Well, this has got a few reasons behind the issue. And the reasons are what we covered here today. 

Along with that, you can also have a look at the respective solutions. So, have a look at that.

Reason 1: A Damaged Disk

There are a few reasons which are very common for your car to make a popping noise. And your car’s damaged disk is one of them.

A damaged disk can let a popping noise when you are braking at a low speed. If it cracks somehow or gets scratched, it keeps on making noise.

Do not forget that there might be dust or debris in the car disk. Because it is common that dust may often get clogged around the car disks.

But do not forget that what is even more common is damage to it. Like, any kind of significant damage to the car disk would give out the noise. 

And this mainly happens as you fail to run the car properly.

To elaborate, a car disk gets damaged if you run your car very frequently. This can be like going for long drives back to back without breaks on roads.

You must consider at least a few breaks while you are on a long drive. Or else, your car disk would be in a very high danger to be affected negatively.

Within a few months or even days, your car disk would be damaged. As a result, you can not overlook the breaks for your car on drives!

However, there might be something internal that can affect the car disk. The rotor could be responsible due to car disk issues. 

Moreover, the backing plates might also be damaged. So, the car disk would make a popping sound when you brake at a low speed.

Remember that the disk of your car is kind of a compound thing. That means the car disk has a number of things in it.

So, it is not a definite thing. Like, a car disk issue might be due to the rotors, plates, or brake pads.


The first thing you can do now is clean the car disk. Get yourself a clean cloth to clean up all around. If you think you need a water splash, you may do it too.

Take a pipe and water the disk area at a medium pace. After that, you may wipe off the disk again. You may also use soapy water for it if dust is clogged. Then wash off again.

But you may still find that the disk makes noises when you are braking. In that case, you actually may not have much to do. Like you can not fix or assess it yourself.

Rather what you can do is take the help of an expert. But it might most likely be needed to have a replacement. 

Because it’s better to replace the car disks whenever you think it’s kind of necessary. You already are aware that this actually includes a few mechanisms in the disk. 

So, the problem might be anywhere in it. And that is why it could be tough to troubleshoot and fix it accordingly.

Now, if you have got any confusion about the disks, it’s okay. You may have a look at our choice. Here are the pickups that you may count on.

Hope this helps!

Reason 2: A Defective Suspension

You know no matter how fast or slow you go, the suspension is always on work. And whenever you step on the brake pad, it works more.

Because at times, the road is not uniform in a pattern which moves the car. And if you have got a defective suspension, you would hear noises.

Remember that a defective suspension is not necessarily permanently bad. It may have temporary issues going on.

For a reason like that, this requires assessing the issue as fast as you reckon it. Because being late with it may deteriorate the issue and make it permanent.


The first thing you can do is check the height of the car suspension. You may diagnose common suspension problems very easily.

And if you see your suspension is lowered, you can fix it. Or if you notice it the other way around, you may fix it too.

But if it still seems problematic, you may have to replace it. However, do not forget to take advice from an expert before that.

If the expert is able to get it done or fix that, they would do it. But if there is no way left then the car suspension would have to be replaced.

Reason 3: Engine Issues

Noise while braking at low speed is not always due to brake issues. Remember that there might also be issues with something that you aren’t even aware of.

And one of these could be the engine issues. The engine is big and one of the main parts of your car. There are various things in an engine.

So, an engine issue could arise due to many things. And these are basically considered internal or mechanical issues.

These issues can be actually identified mainly by experts. But if you want then you may assess a few things.

Like, you may have a look at the fuel tank of your car. You may also check the fuel filter and air coolant.

Because a clogged fuel filter or air coolant might also be responsible for this. And do not forget that a bad fuel filter or coolant may even leave more damage.


The first thing you can do for this is to clean up. Like, you need to clean up the fuel filter of your car. To do it, you first remove the fuel filter from the car.

Then you must disconnect the terminals from the car battery. Once you can disconnect the battery, you can use a spray.

But remember that you can not keep the battery terminals connected in any way. It can be very dangerous if you do it so. 

Thus, you must remember to disconnect the connections properly. So, once you are done then you get started.

Take a spray cleaner and spray your fuel filter. You may also wipe off the filter with a clean cloth. After that, let the fuel filter dry for a few minutes.

Once the fuel filter is dry, you may put it on again.

Remember that you may also need to clean the air coolant too. You may wish to clean it like that. In that case, just take it out. Then give water splashes along with a few rubs.

And then put it back on. This is how you can clean the air coolant of your car too. However, if you think these solutions do not work, you may go the other way.

That is, you may take help from an expert. Because any internal issues of your car engine would not be for you to look at.

So, these are the common reasons for popping noise when braking at a low speed. And here, you also have now all the solutions you could follow for the issues.


Can engine issues affect the gearbox negatively?

No, it is not an obvious thing that a defective engine can affect the gearbox. So, you do not have to be necessarily worried about it. However, if you are pressurizing your gear due to the engine, there might be issues. But that would be mainly for rough usage but not the engine.

Can braking issues put any impact on the suspension?

Yes, braking issues of your car may leave an impact on the suspension. You know that the braking system and suspension of your car are connected. Like, these do not have any direct connection. But their actions are interrelated to be precise. So, one having issues might affect the other one.

Does braking a car continuously affect the tire?

No, braking the car does not have any significant effect on the tire. But if you keep on doing it then there could be an issue. And that is, the tire might be worn-out after a time. Because each time you brake, the tire of your car gets friction and rubbing. 

The Final Words

Now you know about the popping sound when braking at low speed! You must not have any confusion regarding this now.

So, that brings us to the end. But before you sign off, here’s a tip. If you think you are hearing any weird noise, stop the car. Because you would need to troubleshoot the issue to avoid any damage.

All the best!

Rob Dahm

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