Ford F-150 Vent Problems (Explained)

Going on a ride with your Ford F-150, you notice that the vents are problematic. We know how much of a bother it can be. 

So, you want to know about Ford F-150 vent problems?

There are mainly three vent-related problems you might face One is no air circulation through the vents. Then, it might also happen that air is coming out from the wrong vent. Lastly, the vents might be stuck on the panel. If that happens, you won’t be able to switch to the floor or defrost.

But knowing only this much won’t serve your cause. So we’ve written a whole article to explain it adequately. 

Ford F 150 Vent- Problems and Solution

While the Ford F-150 is a fantastic ride, it does have its own problems. Like the malfunctioning vents. From a broader list of problems, we’ve tried to pick the ones that might mostly be applicable to you.

To satisfy your curiosity, we have tried to elaborate on their reason. And, of course, we have tried to give proper solutions for them. So, be sure to read it till the end. 

No Air

Sometimes you might see that the air is not coming out of the vents. It might come out from the defroster but not the vents. So, why doesn’t air come out from the car vent?

The most probable reasons for no air through the vents are vacuum leaks and broken actuators. Though most often it’s a vacuum leak. Due to long time use, it might get damaged and cause a problem in the air conditioning. However, it’s important to check for the actuator as well. 

Now that we know what the reasons are, let’s dive into the solutions. 

Vacuum Leak Fix

Here is an easy guide on what to check for and how to fix the vacuum leak:

  • First, open the hood of your Ford F-1550. Behind the battery, start looking for the vacuum line. Keep following through its path to find any sort of casualties.
  • Most times you’ll find signs of deterioration. As time passes by, the rubber of the vacuum line starts to get damaged. When that happens, it’s unable to suck in the air and provide it through the vents. So, carefully inspect for similar symptoms. 
  • After locating the damaged part carefully cut the part out with a razor. Be sure not to cut anything else in the process. Now get a new vacuum hose for that part. Here we have some suggestions for you:
  • Now attach the new vacuum hose in place of the new one. With that, there should be no more problems in the vacuum line. Be sure that it doesn’t have any kinks. While doing this, be sure that your vehicle is turned off. 
  • With that, your EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) problem should be solved. Now it’s time to erase the codes. First, connect a tuner to your car to access the codes.
  • From the vehicle diagnosis option go to the “Prev” option. That is if you have worked on your vehicle before. Press enter and follow the instruction that is provided (Like turning your key for 10 seconds). 
  • By following the instructions, the tuner will try to detect the module airbag. After detecting, you’ll see a PO401 trouble code meaning your car has insufficient EGR flow. 
  • Now go to “Erase Codes” from “Diagnostic Codes”. Press “Yes” to erase the codes. 

With the codes erased, you’ll get airflow through the vents successfully. 

Actuator Fix

Under the driver’s side, you’ll find the actuator. So, how do fix actuator issues? Here’s how you fix its related issues:

  •  The actuator is connected to a metal lever with an arm. If this arm comes loose then the actuator can’t pull the metal rod. This will result in no air through the vents. So, you’ll have to tighten it. 
  • If that’s not the case then you have to check the red tube connecting to the actuator. If it’s damaged then the actuator won’t be able to suck in the air. In this case, you have to replace it. 

Following these steps, you should be able to get air running through your vents. 

Wrong Vent

In the Ford F-150, you have a lot of vents. and you can choose which vent to get airflow from. But sometimes, you might not get airflow from the desired vent. 

So, why does air flow from the wrong vent in the car AC?

If you are not getting airflow from a certain vent then it’s a faulty actuator. Its job is to supply air through a vent. With it, malfunctioning, selecting the option for airflow through a vent will get you nowhere. An easy fix for this is to replace the actuator. You can’t fix the broken one. 

Before we get into how to fix it, you should know one thing. The actuator you are aiming for is the one right up the gas paddle. It’s not the one behind the DVD. You have to replace that one if you are getting hot air instead of cold. 

Actuator Replace

What are the tools needed to replace the actuator? You’ll need 13 mm and 8mm sockets and a ratchet with extension. With that, you can get started. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to replace the above-mentioned actuator:

  • First, get under the spot of the paddles. The actuator is located right above the gas paddle and you can’t access it directly. Due to limited space of course. So, you have to remove the gas paddle to get more space. 
  • The gas paddle is connected to the truck body with three bolts. All of them are size 13mm bolts. To remove these bolts you’ll need 13 mm sockets and a rachet.
  • After removing the bolts, you’ll see that the paddle is connected to a cable. You can unplug it to get some more space. Just press the button of the connector to unplug it. Then move the paddle to the left side. 
  • Now that you have enough space to access the actuator, pull down the clip from it. Then you can press the button where the clip was to safely unplug the actuator from the wires. 
  • You’ll see that the actuator is connected with the body by two 8mm size bolts. The tools you’ll need here are 8 mm sockets and a ratchet to unscrew them. After unscrewing, you can just pull it gently and it will come out. 
  • Now take the new actuator and push it in. It goes in only one way. So, don’t worry about getting it wrong. That being said you have to purchase the exact actuator for your Ford F-150. 
  • Now just put the 8mm bolts back on to attach the actuator. Plug in the wires and fix them with the clip you removed previously. 
  • Now, reattach the gas paddle. Connect the grey cable first. Then screw in the 13 mm bolts to attach it to the body.
  • Finally, startup your truck and check to see if you get airflow from the right vent.

With this, we are confident that your issue will be solved. 

Stuck Vents

Another problem with the vents is they get stuck on panels sometimes. You can’t switch to defrost or floor. So, why do car vents get stuck?

There are mainly two reasons behind it. The most common one is that foam falls from the vent causing it to get stuck. The other problem is that you have a faulty motor. It can be either or just one. You can check to see if the motor works properly. If it does then you have a foam problem. 

Now that we know what the reasons are, let’s get into the solutions.

Replace Motor or Cam

Here’s a guide on how to replace your motor or cam:

  • You can find the motor from underneath the driver’s seat. It is attached with four bolts that you have to unscrew to remove the motor. You’ll see that the motor is connected to a cam. This is what you have to check. 
  • Remove the cam from the motor and from the HVAC system, and rotate the vents. You’ll see if the motor is spinning. If it’s not then remove the wiring from the motor and replace the motor with a new one. 
  • If it does move then attach the cam and again inspect if it moves. If it doesn’t, it means the place where the cam and the motor attaches is faulty. So replace the cam with a new one and it should start working. 

If your vent is still stuck then it’s a foam problem. 

Removing Foam 

So, how to repair stuck foam in car HVAC? To remove the foam, follow this easy guide:

  • Remove the trim around the radio by detaching the six clips and the indicator. 
  • Next, remove the radio by unscrewing the four 7mm screws. Then pull it out gently. 
  • Now, in different models of the Ford F-150, the duct might or mightn’t have screws. If it does, unscrew them to remove the duct. If it has clips, just removing them is enough. 
  • After this, you can access the flower and panel selector door. If you try to move them then you’ll see that it’s stuck. Because it’s catching on some foam. Get a needle nose or pick to get rid of the extra foam. Then put everything back in.

Now, if you check, you’ll see that the vents are working perfectly. 


How to reset the blend door actuator on Ford F-150?

To reset the blend door actuator, remove the BCM fuse. Keep it removed for about 1 minute. Here, when the ignition switch is turned on, The HVAC will initialize and try to calibrate the actuators. This will take about 30 seconds. Now, just reinstall the BCM fuse 46 and verify the actuator operation. 

Why is the car blowing hot air from one vent and cold air from another?

One side of the air conditioner might blow hot or cold air but not the other. If that’s the case, you’ll hear a clicking or ticking sound coming from the dashboard. This indicated that the temperature blend door actuator likely has broken gear. Rather than getting it fixed, you have to replace it. 

What are the symptoms of a dirty coil?

The evaporator coil on your air conditioner may become so filthy that it entirely malfunctions. This occurs when, while the AC is running, condensation gathers on the dirt and freezes. The frost buildup prevents heat from being transferred. This prevents the AC from cooling the air totally.

Bottom Line!!

Now let’s hear from you.

Were we able to solve all your queries related to Ford F-150 vent problems?

Here’s some extra tip for you. Although most people suggest disconnecting electrical before working on HVAC, it’s not necessary.

If there’s anything else on your mind, be sure to comment down below.

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