Ford Five Hundred Climate Control Problems (Explained)

Climate control should be the least of your problems while taking out your Ford Five Hundred. We know what a hassle it is. 

So you want to know about Ford Five Hundred climate control problems?

There might be mainly three problems in the Ford Five Hundred. Firstly, it may not function at all because of a blown fuse. Secondly, the air conditioning might not be working because of a bad compressor. Finally, you might face a faulty heater that isn’t heating the air in your car properly.

But this much information alone won’t help you. So we’ve written a whole article describing it in detail. 

Ford Five Hundred Climate Control- Problems and Solutions

While the Ford Five Hundred is an absolute win, it does have a few problems. These problems relate to climate control. Sometimes the cooling and heating system malfunctions due to internal and external factors. 

So, we have tried to discuss these problems and their reasons in detail. Also, we have tried to provide proper solutions for these problems. 

Climate Control Not Working

First, do you know why are fuses used in cars? 

Car fuses are parts made to safeguard the electrical wiring in cars and other vehicles. They provide protection from short-circuiting and overcurrent by cutting the circuit off. That is if they notice a potentially hazardous level of current. They are sometimes called automotive fuses too. 

As you have already understood, the fuse is essential in keeping a system running. When it short circuits, the whole system is shut down. For climate change too, there is a fuse. They are “TR”- type fuses. 

So, when there is an electrical problem in the HVAC, the TR fuse might blow out. Thus, it may disable the whole climate control.

Change Fuse

So, how to replace a fuse in a car? Here is a step-by-step guide provided just for you:

  • First, you have to locate the fuse box in your car. For the ford five hundred, it’s under the instrument panel. And the left bottom side of the steering wheel.
  • Now, start by taking off the fuse panels cover. Here there is a range of fuses for different purposes. They indicate different amperages. A diagram is provided on the back of the cover which shows what each fuse is for. 
  • From the diagram, take out the fuse which relates to your climate control system. Check if the metal filament in the fuse is broken. Put it in light and check if you can’t see it properly. 
  • While removing the fuse from the fuse box, be extra careful. If you accidentally break it, it will get a lot harder to remove. Gently pull it out using your fingertips. 
  • Now, insert a new fuse in its place. Be sure that you insert a fuse with the right amperage. Double check it with the manual provided in the car. Also, you can look for the fuse box chart online. That is of the Ford Five Hundred. 
  • Finally, start the ignition to check if your system is working properly. If your climate control wasn’t working because of a blown fuse, it should work now. Try turning it on and checking the results.
  • Another tip is to always keep some extra fuses in your car. So, while driving if it blows out, you can change it on the way. There are fuses that are essential for the car to run. You sure don’t want to get stuck on the way. 

Lastly, we’d say, if your fuse keeps getting blown out, most probably there is another problem. Which in turn is blowing the fuse. 

So, be sure to check for it.  

AC not Cooling

The climate control in ford five hundred mainly cools and heats the air in your car. So, the basic components needed here are the compressor and the heater. If they are faulty then the climate control won’t work properly. 

So, why does the compressor go bad?

The loss of lubrication is the most well-known cause of compressor failure. The compressor breaks down due to a refrigerant leak or oil that escapes. Also, if there aren’t ample amounts of refrigerant, it causes overheating. This in turn causes the compressor to fail. 

Also, there can be internal problems. The piston rings and cylinders can also be worn out. While the bad reed valves might also be the case. They all cause internal leakings in your system. 

This, in turn, renders the compressor unable to act properly. 

Refrigerant Leak Fix

The O ring pipe connections are the main places you have to look for here. There are other locations besides these where a leak can happen. Like the compressor shaft seal, hoses, condenser, and evaporator.

You must swap out the damaged pieces for each one of them. It is advised that you speak with a mechanic if you lack technical knowledge. 

Fill Refrigerant

Without correct amounts of refrigerant, overheating may occur in the car AC. You should keep the refrigerant level full to avoid this problem. 

So, how much refrigerant does Ford five hundred need? It uses R-134A Freon as a refrigerant. You’ll need about 29 ounces for this model. 

Piston Ring and Reed Valve Replace

If you have bad piston rings or reed valves, it’s better to just replace them. 

The piston rings in the Ford 500 are located inside the Duratec 30 V6 engine. So, how to replace piston rings?

Remove the old piston ring first. Hold it against the piston on one side while pulling on the opposite side. Now put the new piston together by first inserting one side. The other side is then pulled and bent to fit around the piston. Simply fit it in now.

Here, we have suggested some piston rings compatible with your Ford Five Hundred:

In the Ford 500, the reed valves are located in the intake ports of the engine. With these steps, your compressor problems should be resolved. 

Faulty Heater

Now, what are the reasons for the car heater not working?

The main reason a car heater isn’t working properly is a blower heater motor that’s broken. Also, if a thermostat is malfunctioning, it will hamper heater performance. Even, a bad heater motor resistor could be causing the car heater to fail. Or, it can be all three combined. 

Aside from all these, it could also be a faulty blower fan. Maybe everything is working fine but the fan isn’t able to deliver the heat. 

So, what causes blower motor failure? For the blower motor, inadequate air supply in the system causes malfunction. This lack occurs due to dust and dirt buildup. It may also fail because of excessive heat and voltage supply. 

Then, what causes the thermostat to fail? Thermostats fail mainly because over time they become weak. Also, if it’s stuck open, too much coolant flows through it. This renders the engine unable to reach the needed temperature. 

And, what causes heater motor resistor failure? Mainly, because of corrosion or overheating. The added resistance of the motor rotation sometimes creates excessive current. This in turn overheats the resistor and causes it to fail.

Blower Motor Fix and Replace

Here is an easy guide on how to fix and replace your blower motor:

  • In the Ford 500, the blower motor is located on the passenger side of the car. That is located on the bottom side of the glove box. Unscrew the panel covering it using a screwdriver. 
  • Now unscrew the screws of the glove box to loosen it. Also, remove the pillar trim. This will give you much more space and access to the blower motor. Finally, remove the duct to start working on the motor. 
  • For the blower motor, first you need to unplug it. Now, pull the tab down on the side. If there is a screw there, you have to remove that as well. Now just twist the motor clockwise to loosen it. Then you can simply pull it out. 
  • Now it’s time for the real part. Check if there is something stuck in the blower motor. Many times, there is, and that causes the main issue. Just remove it. If the motor looks dirty, clean it and give it a go.
  • This is all the fixing you can do. And, sometimes this is all you’ll need too. But if the motor still isn’t working, then replace it with a new one. 
  • To install a new motor, go through the whole process in reverse. Be sure that you use a compatible blower motor for the Ford Five Hundred. 

Replace Blower Motor Resistor

Now, how to replace the blower motor resistor in a car? Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  • First, remove the negative connection of the battery and ensure it doesn’t touch metal. This ensures that electricity doesn’t run through your vehicle. 
  • Remove the screws of the glove box of your car. This should allow you to remove the glove box and give space to access the resistor. 
  • Sometimes, the resistor is mounted to the car body with screws. If that’s the case then you have to remove the screws and get the resistor out. 
  • After that, disconnect the wire harness locking pad. Also, disconnect the wire harness from the resistor. Now, take your new resistor and attach it to the wire harness.
  • Then simply follow the process backward to attach the new resistor in pace. 

Following these steps, you should be able to solve your blower heater problem


Why is the Ford Five Hundred called by its name?

The Five Hundred was the larger of two model lines intended to replace the Ford Taurus. It took its name from the “500” suffix used by Ford on the Fairlane 500, Custom 500, and Galaxie 500. These models range from the 1950s to the 1970s. Here, the Ford Fusion is a smaller vehicle.

What transmission does the 2005 Ford Five Hundred have?

The V6 engine in the Five Hundred has enough power for the majority of buyers. The engine provides good performance and fuel economy. That is with the help of the standard six-speed automatic transmission. Models with all-wheel drive have a continuously variable transmission that does the same task.

Which cable goes first while jumping a car?

First, connect the red jumper cables. One red cable should be clamped to the battery’s positive side which won’t start to begin with. Then, secure the leftover red clamp to the working battery’s positive side. Next, secure a single black cable to the functional battery’s negative terminal.

End Note!

Now let’s hear your opinion.

Were we able to solve all your queries related to Ford Five Hundred climate control problems?

Here’s a tip for you. While replacing a blower motor resistor, always be sure to clean the blower motor fan. Also, replace the air cabin filter.

If there’s anything else on your mind, be sure to comment down below.

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