How to Turn off Advancetrac (All About It)

While driving on a muddy road, a stuck wheel can be a common scenario. It is very annoying. You may want to gear up the speed but advancetrac system won’t allow you to.

Then you must be wanting to know how to turn off advancetrac?

It’s actually quite simple.  In order to turn off the traction control system, you’ll have to press the stability control off switch. The switch can be found right beside the start or engine on/off switch. Press the switch again or shut off and restart the engine. Then the AdvanceTrac system’s full functionality can be restored.

However, the advanced systems may vary from different brands of cars. Again, learning many branches of the main features may help you in future situations.

That’s exactly what we are offering you. Continue reading to explore the full mechanism of Turning off advancetrac system

Why Should You Turn off Traction Control?

Low power may cause the vehicle to become stuck when traveling in deep snow or mud. In these instances, lowering the speed or applying brakes to a spinning wheel(s) is paradoxical.

However, you can customize your brakes through our following recommendations:

Back to the topic, These scenarios may require additional momentum. At that moment, lowering the power is not a wise idea. This will cause the smart traction system to make things difficult for you.

Because it will reduce the speed. But as the tire is stuck low speed won’t help you in this scenario.

If you have good quality tires for these bumpy roads then it’s not a problem of course. But if you don’t, the only option you are left with is to somehow turn off the system.

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How to Turn off Traction Control for Different Vehicles?

Your vehicle’s manufacturer may have different rules. There should be a switch/button that displays a picture of an automobile with wavy lines 

To switch off traction control, press this button.

On the dash, there should now be a steady yellow light. The TC has been switched off, as indicated by this.

However, you can always customize the indicator light of your vehicle. Here are some we suggest that may suit you-

For better understanding, we will discuss the system in two parts. Also for different brands as well. 

1. How to Turn off Advancetrac Temporarily?

Advancetrac can be turned off temporarily for some brands. Read this section to know how to do so if you have one of these brands’ cars.


You may either push and hold the traction control button, depending on the year and model of your vehicle. The steering wheel controls on the instrument cluster may also be used to traverse the menu.

To access to the settings,’ you must first complete the following steps. Back up by pressing the back arrow on the left side of the steering wheel (facing left).

Then continue scrolling down (using the down arrow). Select ‘ok,’ then ‘Driver Assist,’ pressing ‘ok’ once again.’ When ‘Traction Control’ appears, select ‘OK’ on the steering wheel once more.


Set the vehicle to auxiliary mode (ignition on but not engine).  Then to turn on the hazard warning lights, you will have to hit the triangle button.

You’ll immediately have to press the gas pedal five times. TC will automatically come back on after the vehicle has moved 5 feet. It’s possible that this isn’t achievable on all VWs.

Other safety measures may be deactivated as a result of this (if equipped). For instance, the trailer sways control. The traction control/stability control may be partially disabled as a result of this. 

The traction control becomes partially disabled when the button is pushed. However, the stability control remains active, which can also restrict power and apply to brakes.

Other active safety systems may be linked to the traction control system. ESC (Electronic Stability Control), for example, is dependent on the brand and model of your vehicle. 

Depending on the manufacturer, different names are given to different variations of these systems. Some of these are – VSC (Vehicle Stability Control), ASC (Active Stability Control), DSC (Dynamic Stability Control), and ESP (Electronic Stability Program).

2. How to Turn off Advancetrac Permanently?

The ESC “Full Off” setting is only for use off-highway or off-road. When major safety systems are turned off, they are unavailable. If you fail to maintain control of the vehicle, it could result in death or serious injury.

When a specific speed is reached, some systems may automatically come back on. This depends on the car’s year and model. 

Fiat, Chrysler, Dodge Jeep, and RAM

The automobile is stopped with the engine running. To do so, press and hold the ESC button for 5 seconds, or until a chime sounds. On the instrument cluster, “ESC OFF” will be shown.


TRAC and VSC are switched off by pressing and holding the VSC button for three seconds. The indicators for TRAC OFF and VSC OFF will show.


Press and hold the button with wiggly lines at the center stack. Until the Traction Control and TC lights in the instrument cluster glow.

And the appropriate DIC message appears, instructing you to disable both TCS and StabiliTrak.

According to the owner’s manual for the 2018 GMC Sierra. If the car reaches 56 km/h,  StabiliTrak/ ESC will automatically engage (35 mph). Only then the traction control system will be turned off.

That’s everything about turning off advancetrac. Following them should solve all your queries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How can I uninstall the AdvanceTrac service?

Answer: You’ll need to start the engine before turning on the ignition. Then, for at least five minutes, disconnect your batteries while keeping the ignition switched on. After that, reconnect the battery and start the vehicle.

Question: What does it mean to work as a service technician at AdvanceTrac?

Answer: When your Ford car detects a fault that could result in a loss of control, it may swerve or skid. The vehicle could also lose traction. 

Question: Is it safe to drive a car if the traction control indicator is glowing?

Answer: Only drive with the TCS light on if you’re losing traction; this signals that the system is active. It’s risky to drive with your TCS light on.

Bottom Line

We hope we could clear all your confusion on how to turn off advancetrac. Use these functions wisely to have a safe journey. 

And make sure to follow our instructions accordingly.

Let us know how it went. Best wishes from us.


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