How to Wire a Truck Cap Dome Light (3 Easy Steps)

Dome light is really handy and increases the beauty of the interior of trucks. Most often, you may have seen these nice setups in many trucks. 

Have you been wanting to install one for yourself but don’t know how? That’s alright, we’ve come to your rescue.

So, how to wire a truck cap dome light?

To wire your truck cap dome light, you have to disconnect the vehicle’s battery first. Then you have to remove and replace the dome lights in a certain manner. Amidst this, you have to change the connections and put up new connections for the lights. The wiring is complete.

However, you may face difficulties while doing these. But don’t worry, our compilation will bring you all the details you need to know.

So, don’t wait anymore. Continue reading to make your car interior more attractive.

Wiring a Truck Cap Dome Light in 3 Easy Steps

Many of these caps come with built-in lights.  However, some don’t come with any at all. Despite the fact that it may appear complex, the work is easy enough to be completed by everyone.

We’ve put together a step-by-step tutorial for you to follow.

Step 1: Set Up a Connection for the Light

Disconnect your vehicle’s battery to prevent injury in the event of a short.

Remove the dome light from the truck’s ceiling. Pull back a little portion of both of its cables. Push the wire quickly to connect ends through the headliner panel’s edge. Assemble your truck’s dome light wires by soldering them into place.

For this, you’ll need wire strippers. Here are some of our recommended ones-

Step 2: Attach the Dome Lights

In the headliner, replace the dome light. Using the strong duty mounting glue provided in the kit, attach the dome lights. Attach them to the appropriate spots. That is, within the vehicle cap while connecting the wires as you go.

Step 3: Wire the Lights

Feed the wires via the provided wire cover tube in the kit. Then gently cut the tube down with the heavy-duty snips. Do it slowly. Be aware not to cut the wires.

You will find strong duty glue already provided in the kit. Attach the truck cap to the wire cover tube.

If you find difficulties you can use some of your recommendations of good quality adhesives-

Cut and strip a tiny portion of each wire before inserting it into the quick connect. It usually comes with the kit. Secure each of them with one drop of solder.

The truck cap’s pass through glass is opened by opening the small panes in the truck’s rear window. Connect the joiner cable from the kit to the truck cap’s fast connect.

Your dome light is ready to use. Check by clicking on switches to learn if it works properly. Without any odds, it will lighten the interior of your truck.

Why Is Dome Light Necessary?

The dome light bulb is installed on the roof of the vehicle’s interior. It’s normally near the rearview mirror, in the center of the vehicle.

Its sole purpose is to offer light to passengers in low-light circumstances. For instance, when traveling at night or in parking garages.

The dome light bulb also serves as the courtesy lighting bulb in some vehicles. Because it turns on automatically when the doors are opened.

The illumination produced by the dome light is not critical to the vehicle’s performance or safety. 

But it is a convenient feature that makes the passengers’ driving experience more pleasant. This feature will be disabled if the dome light bulb fails. Resulting in leaving the vehicle’s passengers in the dark. 

A damaged or failing dome light bulb usually causes a few indications. To notify the driver of a potential problem that requires attention.

Dome Light Doesn’t Work After Wiring- Here’s What’s Wrong

Sometimes, the dome light won’t operate after it’s been wired. There can be several causes of dome light not working.  We’ve mentioned the 2 most prominent ones-

Burnt Fuse

Most often the issue is a burned fuse. A fuse is used to maintain the proper flow of electricity. If extra electricity tries to circulate through the assortments, the fuse burns. Creating a hindrance for passing electricity any further.

However, due to wiring testing, you may have your fuse burnt. In that case, the dome lights won’t work. 

To solve this issue, pull out every fuse to identify the burnt one. The fuse box is located in the passenger compartment.

Once you find the problematic fuse, remove it. Replace it with a new one.  

Here are some top quality fuses for your dome light in case you need one-

Wires Not Grounded

Another reason behind the light not working is that the wires are not grounded properly. The wires are grounded to circulate the extra electricity to the ground. It also creates a full electricity cycle.

Which ensures perfect health of electrical assortments.

If they are not grounded, it can create problems like dome light not working. So make sure to make the wire grounded while making the final connection.

We hope we could clear all your queries about wiring dome light. Apply them and make your truck interior more attractive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What LED strips Should I use?

Answer: Any good quality strips should do. But make sure of the measurement. It shouldn’t be hanging from the adaptor.

Question: Is there any alternative to soldering?

Answer: No. Soldering is the best option for you to perfectly and securely place the wires.

Question: Is there a limit to how many pigtails can be linked together?

Answer: Pigtails are the only way to properly wire three-way outlets in a box with three cables. Six wires are the maximum number that can be pigtailed together.

Bottom Line

Finally, we have reached the end of the discussion. We hope you now know how to wire a truck cap dome light. Following our guidelines should clear all your problems regarding the issue. 

Please let us know whether you were able to get your dome lights installed.

Wish you a nice driving experience. Good luck.

Rob Dahm

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