What can you do to solve the Mazda 5 brakes problems!

Mazda is a sensational vehicle. You are probably in love with your Mazda. Why shouldn’t you be?

However, if you face issues with brakes and such, things can get emotional. 

We understand your feelings and so we have come up with good solutions. We are here to solve Mazda 5 brakes problems.

Bad noises, shaky vibrations, fluid leaks, spongy brakes, and chemical odors are the five problems. We have highlighted these issues to keep you up to date on what causes these issues. Here, you are faced with two options – repair or replacement. See what suits you better. 

In this aspect, we ask you to pay full attention to the causes. By knowing the causes, you would be better aware.

Good awareness means you would invest in your car’s durability. 

Common Mazda 5 Brakes Problems

Mazda or not, the problems highlighted here are issues that all car owners face. As a Mazda owner, you are not away from these issues. 

Exploring Mazda cx 5 brake issues can give you some essential insights. The manuals would suggest many ways of improving your brakes. However, at any time, whatever the model is, brake fails can happen. 

It is a good practice to take your car to the garage more often. In this scenario, you will be aware of what can go wrong with the vehicle. 

Suppose the brake fails while driving, it is a dangerous situation. 

Let us consider the brake issues here. We have pointed out five problems that can appear with the brakes. 

Problem 1: Bad Noises

Driving a Mazda is a soothing experience. When a sudden noise appears out of nowhere, it can make you feel bad. 

There can be different types of noises. If the brake comes in contact with pebbles, a squeaking sound can happen. Probably there are objects entering inside your car that are hurting the rotor.

When the rotor is disrupted, the brakes can go crazy with noise. Grinding noises can come out of the brake pads at certain points. This can happen if you are not servicing the car more often. Accumulation of dirt is the major cause where you need to work with the discs. 

Driving a new car – a brand new model means problems should not surface. However, the problems with the Mazda cx-5 2021 can arrive out of nowhere. Maybe, there are manufacturing defaults. 

It is quite saddening if the latest Mazda models are showing bad brake problems. What if the emergency brake is not working? It is a whole different scenario then. 

Problem 2: Shakes and Vibrations

Shakes and vibrations are situations you want to avoid with the Mazda. But sadly it may just happen, especially with the old models. When the rotor is not working properly, the whole vehicle may shake when you brake.

A rotor may stop working efficiently after a few years of operation. If a new model of Mazda shows this issue, this is disheartening.

Again, as mentioned before, manufacturing default is the problem here. 

Remember, the work of the rotor is very important to the car. When you brake, the rotor works to slow the car down and eventually stop. If the car vibrates while braking, the rotor is not even with the brake anymore. 

Problem 3: Fluid Leakage

When you purchased a brand new Mazda, you should have known the Mazda cx-5 braking distance. This would have made you careful and attentive while driving the car. 

Braking insensibly while parking or before traffic can cause issues with the brakes. 

You must know that the brake uses fluid to create hydraulic pressure. The pressure is used against a brake caliper. Uneven distribution of fluid may result in brake failure.

As indicated previously, the rotor may stop working evenly. This is because the device is not finding a common ground on pressure releases. As a result, the fluids would leak from the master cylinder.

Your car won’t stop when this happens. The lack of fluid in the power steering would mess up the brakes. 

The master cylinder is responsible for creating force while braking. A leakage means there is no pressure and so brake failure is inevitable. 

Problem 4: Spongy Brakes

Spongy brakes mean there is air inside the system. When you feel soft with the pedal while braking, it is an issue you can’t ignore. 

This is why technicians call it spongy brakes, the feeling is very spongy. You won’t like it when it happens. This is because the brake pedal is losing connection with the parts. 

The Mazda cx-5 soft brakes mean the master cylinder is not working at all. Or perhaps the brake framework has lost control of the system. 

If there is air inside the system, it can be because of damaged brake lines. Corrosion is the most common cause of damaged brake lines.

Lack of proper maintenance is the real cause of corrosion. You probably have not paid a visit to the garage recently. 

You are perhaps not sincere about the interiors of your car. As a result, problems may surface from various angles.

Problem 5: Chemical Odor

Chemical odor is one of the common problems that shrouds car brakes. Here you will experience burning smells.

This means the brakes have been overheated. This usually happens while driving. If such is the case, stop your car somewhere near. 

You must allow some time for the brakes to cool. 

The Mazda 5 brakes problems can come about in many areas. If the brake is overheating, this is because the master cylinder not working properly. 

Lack of proper fluid distribution can also heat up the brakes. 

The burning smell from the brakes is creating chemical odors from all around the area. You may have faulty parts in the system that is not durable. They are unable to deal with the pressure created by the brake pedals. 

Solutions to the Problems

There are easy solutions to the problem and are cost-friendly as well. You might want to take some time to understand your car situation. 

This should be a big deal as your safety depends on this. 

Drive your car around a free area to see what is causing the brake problem. For example, if the burning smells are apparent, the overheating has not stopped. 

Other issues such as grinding noises or fluid leakages cannot be overlooked. In this scenario, you would want to either repair or replace the parts. 

Solution 1: Repair

Repairing the faulty parts of the system is a fast process. This shall save you some money but the durability situation can be questioned. 

It all depends on what you want to do. When you take your car to the garage, the technicians would advise you about the best option. 

The spongy brake situation can be fixed when the technicians meddle with the wiring. 

If the damage is not so deep, just repairing the part would do the job. For example, you can bring the parts out and keep them in a cool area.

After a certain time, you can fix the master cylinder when it has cooled down. You can also remove dirt and corrosion at the service center.

If the brakes start working fine, you are good to go. 

Solution 2: Replace

It is a good idea to focus on the long-term aspect of your car. Brake failures may not go away with simple repairs. In this aspect, it is a good idea to totally change and replace the parts. 

A Mazda 5 soft brake pedal means a lot of replacement is needed. A brand new master cylinder or a brake framework would work like magic. This would do wonders to your beloved Mazda. 

Normally the technicians advise you on new products. The cost issues come into play as well. Remember, as you have invested in the Mazda, invest enough for its durability.

It is suggested to get all the new parts. For example, a new master cylinder would accompany a new brake caliper and rotors. Fresh new parts will make the car function better. 

We have some product suggestions for you!


What happens when the caliper is not working?

When the caliper is not working, the connection between the brake pedal and rotor would detach. The pressure distribution would be uneven resulting in a brake failure. 

How often should I service my Mazda?

You should pay a visit to the service center within ten to twelve months. This means if you have driven around 10 to 15 thousand miles. The more regular you are, the better it is. 

Should I replace all four rotors of the car?

It is good to replace all four rotors of the car. This is because which specific rotor is malfunctioning is hard to detect. Since one supports the others, it is good to replace all. 


When the Mazda 5 brakes problems appear, a lot of attention is needed. The owner must focus on the necessary solutions.

Hope we helped you with the right information and ideas.

Best of luck and bye for now!

Rob Dahm

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