Mazda CX-5 Traction Control and Tire Pressure Lights On (What to Do?)

Tire pressure issues are a common problem that many vehicles possess. With Mazda, it can be uncommon, but not impossible. 

You may be saddened by what is unfolding out of your beloved car. As there are easy solutions, you have nothing to be worried about. 

So, Mazda cx 5 traction control and tire pressure lights issue will be solved here.

There are three main reasons behind the Mazda’s working up. They are – speed sensors not working, faulty steering rack, and problems with wheel structure. With that, we have three solutions to look at. These are either repairing or replacing the speed sensors, steering rack, and wheels. 

We are keeping the best problem-solving factors in the scenario. With this, you shall be able to do the right thing for your car. 

Reasons Behind Traction Control and Tire Pressure Lights On

Mazda is a vehicle that usually doesn’t show problems for many years. Understandably, you have spent a high amount on this beautiful car. When you are facing issues, you should be heartbroken. 

However, we have some good news for you. We have identified three main reasons for the highlighted issues. You should be able to solve Mazda cx-5 traction control problems with the solutions provided. 

Bare in mind, that we live in a world where life can’t go on without problems. As there are problems, there are remedies as well. So, sit tight and worry less as we go forward with some valuable insights. 

Reason 1: Speed Sensors Not Working

Speed sensors are essential to your car’s performance. You may see that the Mazda cx-5 traction control button is not working. 

As a cause of that, the tire pressure light is on. Due to speed sensors not being able to transfer data, the tire pressure is becoming low. 

The wireless sensors are usually connected to the traction control system. This links with other parts of the car. The link is mainly connected with the engines and the wheels. 

At a certain point, it can be seen that the connections are not working. This means the sensors are not working well. You will find the wheel speed is not detected by the sensors.

If it happens while running the vehicle, this can be dangerous. You might want to be careful with your focus while driving. If the Mazda cx-5 traction control is off, you need to park the car.

The loss of connections can create confusion in the wheels and suspensions. You may experience certain grinding noises while taking turns while driving. 

This is not a good sign. This is because you have to look into the interior of the vehicle. 

Reason 2: Faulty Steering Rack

The tire pressure light can start blinking for many reasons. Maybe you have driven at a high speed on rough roads. Changing weather conditions can cause issues with the interior of the vehicle as well.

If you are driving in cold weather, the vehicle interior may react. This is because heavy snow can cover the car with ice. The car heat will turn the ice into water.

This is bad because water will infiltrate into the internal system. 

One of the common issues to appear is a faulty steering rack. The Mazda 5 traction control light will let you know about the problem. 

The steering rack is attached to the steering wheel. It is an important part of the vehicle system. Your smooth control of the vehicle in terms of taking turns depends on this. 

When the car turns cold, power steering noises are common. 

However, the other scenario is, that you may be driving in a hot and humid area. Faulty racks can appear for other reasons. For example, you may accelerate higher than usual.

Either way, it is uncommon for Mazda to deliver faulty parts. 

There should be some external scenarios that make the parts faulty. Explore it with a technician or something. Service centers should work in your favor. 

Reason 3: Problems With Wheel Structure

Problems with the wheel structure can cause damage to the wheels and tires. As a high-end vehicle, bad roads make the Mazda react. 

You should be more careful as a driver of a Mazda car. You would easily receive Mazda cx-5 traction control off when driving on bad roads. 

Problems such as bent wheels may appear out of nowhere. This is when you are careless while parking on concretes. Or you have not allowed yourself to treat your vehicle well. 

Usually, Mazda cars deliver high-end tires with more rubbers in it. Bending problems happen with bad rubbers. As suggested before, a visit to the service center will help you recognize the problem. 

Solutions to The Problems

We have mentioned before how solutions are always there to any problems. This is the construct of life and its ever presence. 

Keeping the reasons in mind, we have articulated some good solutions. The good news is that there are many Mazda cx-5 hidden features.

As you can see, we have concentrated on the CX-5 model of the vehicle. This is because there have been reports on some common issues. 

However, the solutions are brought forward for all the Mazda models. 

With the Mazda cx 5 traction control and tire pressure light the problem will be fixed.

Solution 1: Fixing The Speed Sensor

Fixing the speed sensor of the Mazda can come about in many ways. You may want to repair or perhaps replace it. It all depends on how much you are willing to spend.

It also depends on how much effort you are putting into understanding the fixes.

You can bring out the speed sensor and test it. By removing the connector, you can use a multimeter to test its function. You should check the readings provided by the multimeter.

If you see that there is no reading, the speed sensor is dead. It is a good option to buy a new one. 

It is suggested not to try to fix the speed sensor. It will remain faulty. Taking professional assistance is a good idea. 

After the replacement, you must check for updates. This means if the Mazda cx-5 traction control light is on. If the light is still on, turn to other solutions. 

Solution 2: Replacing The Steering Rack

Fixing the steering rack means a visit to the service center. For a replacement, you may or may not have to pay a visit there.

There should be manuals available for you that highlight core inner issues. The manual indicates diagrams on how to replace it. 

The manuals would outline detailed issues. For example, how you can use wrenches and pliers to remove and screw nuts and bolts. Before anything, check the Mazda cx-5 traction control button on how it is functioning. 

You must do two things. Follow the instructions carefully and use a helping hand. You must be able to open all the parts including the wheels. Check how they are functioning. 

Based on the replace the steering rack if you can. Otherwise, professional help is necessary.

Solution 3: Repairing The Damaged Wheel

Repairing a damaged wheel depends on whether the wheel is curbed or bent. We have concentrated more on the bent wheel situation. 

A curbed wheel means you can use some products to easily repair it. If the wheel is bent, the shape of the wheel is gone. The good news is that there are easy fixes to it. 

The Mazda cx-9 traction control issues would disappear with proper fixes. The same goes for other models such as CX-5 and so. All you need is a professional grading tool. 

Repairing the rim is a more cost-friendly option other than replacing it. However, you may want to replace the tires. Fresh tires are good for vehicle health. Realize if the damage to your wheel is extensive, and follow expert advice. If replacement is necessary, do it. 

You must focus on the long-term issues. With expert advice, you must be able to determine what you need to do. This is to ensure your vehicle’s performance in terms of durability. 


What to do when warning lights are on while driving?

If the warning lights are on during driving, stop right away. Get out of the car and see where the problem is. After that, you can drive carefully to take your car for professional assistance if possible. 

Is repairing a damaged wheel by myself a cost-friendly option?

Repairing a damaged wheel is definitely a cost-friendly option. It all depends on how much effort you want to put on. If it works for you, do it or take professional help. 

How do I use a professional grading tool?

A professional grading tool can be used successfully with the help of user manuals. You should be buying a good toolset that provides all the instructions. Your life will be easy with that. 

Wrapping Things Up

We have highlighted some points to Mazda cx 5 traction control and tire pressure lights on. These points would let you stay aware of several factors.


Hope you are able to find easy fixes to the troubles you face.


Bye for now!

Rob Dahm

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