Mazda CX 5 Driver Seat Problems (problems+solution)

Coming across an issue with the driver’s seat while driving is not something praising. Mazda cx 5 is certainly a good car today. 

But you must know about the possible problems this may have. And that is how you could resolve the issues too.

So, what are the Mazda cx 5 driver seat problems?

The Mazda cx 5 may have a few similar driver seat problems. So, the first one that you may face is the seat getting hot. Secondly, you may also experience that the seat moves back when you brake suddenly. Sometimes, the driver’s seat may also start shaking. Lastly, you may see that the seat angle changes.

You have come up with an overview of the main part already. Continue reading to get to the detailed part of the concern that we got.

So, get started now!

What Are The Mazda CX 5 Driver Seat Problems?

There are a few problems with the Mazda cx 5 that you may not expect. And the problems may not seem serious but can turn into them at any time.

However, not all the issues are serious. Because some of them are common and can be resolved very easily.

So, today we are here with the common Mazda cx 5 driver seat problems. And along with that, you get here how to resolve the Mazda cx 5 driver seat problems! Here you go.

Problem 1: The Seat Getting Too Hot

A common problem you may experience with the Mazda cx 5 is the seat getting hot. As you keep on driving along, your driver’s seat may start becoming hot.

After a certain time, you start feeling the heat which increases with time. And after a while, the heat increases up to an extent that you feel like burning.

If you think the temperature would be decreased on its own, you are wrong. Because it may increase up to a point where the seat might start wearing out.

However, there would be no fire lit though. But you still have to be careful about it.


You know this is a common and ordinary issue that you may come across. So, you do not have to do anything complex to resolve this.

What you do is stop your car and let it rest for a while. Make sure the time is at least 25 or 30 minutes. And try to keep the car under a shelter if you can.

So that the car cools down when the temperature decreases. In the meantime, you can check out the seat and other things around. 

See, if you find any holes or damage that may occur due to the heat. If you find something wrong then fix it. 

But if the seat is damaged and needs a replacement, you can do it too. However, if the leather is fixable, try to repair the seat leather first

And then go for replacement if needed. But if you can just fix the seat yourself, it would be significantly cost-saving. 

Remember that you can prevent your car driver seat from getting hot. Cooling mats for your driver’s seat would be great in this case.

Now, if you think you may buy one of these, here you go. We have got our pickups here.

Hope this helps!

Problem 2: The Seat Getting Pushed at The Back

We tend to brake suddenly at times due to an emergency. Although it is not a usual thing it still happens. And most importantly, we do not know when you get to do this.

But when you brake suddenly, the Mazda driver seat suddenly goes back. The way it is pushed back due to the force feels like a collision.

And what more happens is it gets stuck at the back when pushed backward. So, it is kind of risky if someone is behind the driver’s seat. 

As it is stuck, it’s even hard to get it pulled forward in this case. So, it can be an accident if not fatal when you brake the car suddenly.


First, you need to locate the seat position switch. You can find this on the side of your seat cushion. Now, tap the front option to move it forward.

If you think the seat resists moving initially, give a bit of pressure. Give the seat pressure to move forward while tapping the forward button.

If you want to set the angle, you can do it too. There is another switch around the position switch that enables you to set the angle.

You probably need to set the angle too as it gets stuck. The seat might be at about 90 degrees, so you better set it accordingly.

Remember that you may also need to fix the lumbar height. In that case, you would find the lumbar switch too. You need to rotate it accordingly to fix the lumbar height.

So, that is how you fix the stuck Mazda cx 5 driver seat.

Problem 3: The Driver Seat Tends to Shake

At times, you may experience that the Mazda cx 5 driver seat keeps on shaking. And that would make you feel uncomfortable after a while. 

You may also feel like the driver’s seat keeps on moving forward and backward. As a result, you would have disruptions with the positions while driving the car.

So, why does that happen? Well, this happens due to the setup of the driver’s seat. The driver seat may keep on moving because it is wobbly at the base.

And this would not just put discomfort in you. In addition, it may also injure the passenger sitting behind the driver’s seat as it’s loose.


To resolve this issue, you need to tighten the base of the driver’s seat. To tighten this, you make sure there is no more than a 1-inch gap. 

There is less than a 1-inch gap from side to side and front to back. So, to start, place your knee on the end of the car seat base. Then put your hand on the top of the seat.

Now, keep pushing the seat and make sure the hand is not on the strap. Then pull the strap in the same direction. By doing this, you would find it easier to fix the seat.

And the pressure needed will also be comparatively less. So, once you are done doing this, see if it moves. Remember that the seat must not move more than 1 inch.

Push the seat gently in all directions to see if it moves. And if it doesn’t move then you are done fixing the position of the seat.

Remember that this problem is not the same as the third problem given above. Because this may happen anytime. 

However, the third problem may arise when you suddenly go for braking the car. So, the two problems are not the same although they may sound similar.

Problem 4: The Seat Angle Changing

Sometimes you would see that your view while driving changes. And you may think it is just your mental assumption. However, it is actually changing at times. 

Because this happens due to the driver seat changing angles. Yes, you read that right. The driver seat of Mazda cx 5 changes the seat angle at times.

And this may seem funny or horrifying too. However, it is nothing but the issue of the mechanism of your driver’s seat.


To fix this, you have to get to the seat angle. You know you can get this switch on the side of the seat. 

However, you may still see that the angle keeps on changing. In that case, you may need to look at it again. Perhaps, you would have to talk to an expert. 

Because this may be something internal or mechanical that you can not fix. Thus, an expert can look at it and fix it.

So, these are the Mazda cx 5 driver seat problems. And the solutions to the problems are covered here too. 

Thus, you would not be facing any problems now to resolve the issues. And remember that you can always talk to an expert for any kind of help.

So, if you are ever confused about anything, do it without any hesitation!


Can I fix the stuck seat of my car myself?

Yes, you can fix the stuck seat of your car yourself. You need to start shaking your car seat that is stuck. Or, you may begin by exerting force on it to move. A stuck seat is basically due to a disruption in the mechanism of the seat. And moving it or exerting force would help it to set free.

Is fixing the electrical seats of a car the same as the general ones?

No, fixing the electrical seats of cars is not the same as the general ones. The first thing that is different is the expense of it. On average, a mechanic would charge up to $300 for this. Other things are these are more technical to work with. So, an ordinary person might not look at it.

Is it a good idea to replace the driver’s seat?

Well, it actually depends on the factors to consider replacement of the driver seat. If you find any issues then try to resolve them first. You may come up with an expert. However, if the issue is not fixable, you may think of something else. But remember that replacing a seat is costly.

The Final Words

Now you know about the possible Mazda cx 5 driver seat problems! And you do not have to worry as you have got here the solutions too.

But do not forget one thing. That is, some drivers tend to assess or troubleshoot something mechanical which is quite subtle. 

However, it is better not to look at the mechanical stuff without proper knowledge.

So, be careful about these things!

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