Rx8 Clutch Problems (4 Problems+Solutions)

If you are driving Rx8, you may be quite happy with its performance. But one thing that you may come up with is its clutch problems. And remember that clutch problems are not something to overlook. It can get very serious over time actually.

So, what are the Rx8 clutch problems?

The first problem that you may face is the clutch pedal not responding. And the second problem could be the clutch assembly snapping off. There could be more issues like the clutch pedal becoming hard. Lastly, you may see the clutch pedal gets rotated a bit. And resolving these issues is easy!

This is just an overview of what you are looking forward to. Read along to get all the details about this covered here.

So, get started now!

What Are The Rx8 Clutch Problems?

There could be a few problems with your Rx8 clutch. Some of the issues may be similar or the same as the other car clutch problems.

However, there are a few that arise only in the Rx8. So, today we would have a look at the probable clutch problems of Rx8

Along with those, we would come across solutions too. So that we can resolve the rx8 clutch issues whenever we face anything. Here you go.

Problem 1: Clutch Pedal Does Not Respond

A very common clutch issue you may come across is the clutch pedal being unresponsive. This is a problem that you may face the most among the other ones.

So, how would you understand if the clutch stops responding? Well, there are mainly 2 ways through which you can understand this.

The first thing you may see is that your car has issues with the gear. Moreover, your car may suddenly start stalling for this issue. 

You may see that the transmission and the torque can not work properly as well. So, these are the symptoms that are indirect.

However, there is one way that can directly indicate the clutch response issues. That is, the clutch pedal may not come back when you push it. 

It would just stop there and get stuck the way it is pushed. So, that is when the clutch fails to respond.


The first thing you can do is check how old is the clutch. To check it, see the mileage you covered with your existing clutch.

This is important because a clutch has to be replaced after a certain period. Because after a period of time, the clutch may become defective at any time.

Another thing you can do is check the clutch pedal of your car. See if the clutch pedal is clogged with dirt or something. 

If you find anything around the clutch pedal, clean it. Just take a clean cloth to clean the clutch pedals. If you want, you may clean the rest pedals too.

Remember it is a good thing to lubricate the car pedals at times. So, you can consider lubricating your clutch pedals too. 

So, you may now think of what lubricate to use for this? Well, this can be problematic actually if you do not get the right one. 

You have to make sure it is compatible with your clutch pedal. So, here you go to look at our pickups for this.

Hope this helps!

However, if you still see that the clutch is unresponsive, you may need professional help. You may consider diagnosing your unresponsive clutch with an expert.

And that is how you can resolve the unresponsive clutch of your car.

Problem 2: Clutch Pedal Assemble Snaps off

When you drive your Rx8, you may suddenly notice that your clutch pedal assembly snaps. 

This would be indubitably an inconvenient experience for you in the middle of your driving.

Today, a lot of users of rx8 have come up with this issue. And many of them are facing this issue very often. This happens due to the low strength of the welds of rx8.

In addition, the metal of the clutch pedal is really thin. So, the weak welds of the clutch and the metal strength mainly lead to this issue.

Remember that you may experience this problem anytime when your clutch gets old. Your clutch starts getting old when it crosses a mileage of around 70,000 miles.

However, your car clutch may still get issues earlier than that. And that would definitely come up with clutch issue symptoms.


If your clutch pedal assemblies actually snap, you are kind of unfortunate. Because you can not fix it yourself. In fact, an expert may not also be fix it.

But you do not have to be worried. Because this can be replaced with a new one. In that case, you have to come up with a budget. 

To fix this by getting a new one, you may need to spend around $500. However, it can also be more dependent on the mechanic and a few other things.

Problem 3: Clutch Pedal Gets Hard

When you are pressing on the clutch pedal, it seems normal in general. But Rx8 has this problem at times that you may face.

That is, the clutch pedal of Rx8 becomes hard at times. Like, it can become so hard that you fail to push it down. It would feel like hard rock or something.

So, if you face any kind of problem on the roads, it could be risky. Because the car may have issues with the gear and transmission. 

As a result, it may have disruptions running properly. Thus, it is something that can be deadly or accidental anytime.


Well, your Rx clutch pedal may get hard for a number of reasons. However, you can not troubleshoot all the reasons for this. 

Rather you can just look at the obvious ones. But to look at the internal or mechanical issues, you need an expert. 

So, to look at the issues primarily, you can check the area around the pedal. See, if there is any dirt clogged or something stuck. 

There might be something small and hard that is stuck and making the pedal hard. So, look around it very carefully. 

If you have lubricated then you may consider lubricating one time. Because this tends to work most of the time. Just lubricate the pedal and wait for about 30 minutes.

It may work if you are lucky enough. But if it still does not work, the problem has to be internal. The clutch might be faulty or something happened internally.

In that case, you better not do anything about it. Because an expert is better to troubleshoot this and work accordingly.

Problem 4: Clutch Pedal Slightly Rotates

This is a problem that is not very common actually. However, you may still face this issue.

So, what you may notice is that the clutch pedal may seem bent. Like, the pedal might be a bit rotated or bent horizontally.

And this would cause you inconvenience to push the clutch pedal. Because you would not be able to place your foot on it properly.


This problem is not very common as you already know. But if you still come across this, remember that the solution is very simple.

All you have to do is just rotate it back to the normal angle. Like, you may use a plier and pull the pedal gently. 

As a result, the clutch pedal would get back to its normal position. But you must not get rough or aggressive while trying to rotate it back.

Because you would not want to damage the texture of your pedals. And that is how you can fix the clutch pedal placement issue.

So, these are the clutch problems of Rx8 that you may face.


Can the clutch of my car suddenly fail?

Well, the clutch of your car may get faulty in two ways mainly. The first one is the sudden issues with your car clutch. Most of the time, the clutch tends to fail all of a sudden. However, sometimes the clutch of your car may also be affected over time.

Can I replace the clutch of my car?

Yes, you can replace the clutch of your car if you want. But remember that is not a cheap thing to do. In fact, replacing the clutch of the car is something with a big budget. If you want a clutch replacement, you need to set a budget of around $1000. And it can go even more.

Do I need to change the clutch of my car after a time?

Yes, you may consider changing the clutch of your car after a certain time. This is because your car clutch may start getting defective with time. It is something common to happen. So, you better go for a change after about 60,000 miles of travel. You may also go for a change earlier.

The Final Words

Now you know about the rx8 clutch problems! We believe you would not have any issues resolving this now. Because you got the solutions too!

But here goes the last tip for you. If you think you get any stalling symptoms, stop the car. Check out any possible issues with this. Because running your car with stalling issues would be problematic for your car.

All the best!

Rob Dahm

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