Mazda RX8 AC Problems (problem+Solution)

While going on a ride, worrying about your car’s AC is the last thing you’d want. We know how bothersome it can be. 

So you want to know about Mazda RX8 problems?

The most common problem could be a refrigerant leak in your system. Due to this, you might even get a faulty compressor. Needless to say, it further hampers your AC. Although you might face a faulty compressor for other reasons too. Lastly, a clogged expansion valve might be causing the problem.   

But knowing only this much isn’t enough. Don’t worry though, cause we’ve written a whole article about it. 

Mazda RX8 AC- Problems and Solution!

The Mazda RX8 is a reliable vehicle. However, you may face some issues regarding its AC. We’ve tried to point out the main problems you might face among all the possibilities. Also, we’ve tried to provide effective solutions for them. 

Problem 1: Refrigerant Leak

The most common reason why your AC isn’t working properly is a refrigerant leak. In this case, the AC blows warm air after some time or at higher speeds. So, why does refrigerant leak?

The most plausible reason would be age-related wear and tear of the air conditioner. In course of time, the connections and joints of your AC start to wear down. Not to mention the rubber seals which are around the access fittings and service valves. Over time they can also wear out, causing the refrigerant to leak.

The same goes for the Mazda RX8. Most complaints come from a car that is roughly seven to eight years used. 

The more complicated thing here is moisture. So, does moisture affect refrigerants? 

As mentioned above, if the seals aren’t fixed soon enough, moisture gets into the refrigerant. This causes acid to form which in turn may cause tiny pinhole leaks. This would require a much more costly repair.

Another reason why your refrigerant might be leaking is the road salt and brine. In cold countries, after snow, road salt and brine are used to melt snow. Afterward, when you take your car out, The NaCl mixed with water corrodes the metallic parts.

Solution 1: O Ring Replacement

To replace the O ring, first, you have to remove the bolt to the line. After removing it you’ll be able to pull the tube back. Inside the tube, you’ll find the O ring. While replacing it be careful of one thing. 

What O ring should I get for my AC? It is good to use HNBR O rings for your AC. These are light green colored O rings. They are specially built to handle abuse and don’t corrode easily. 

Since your car is a Mazda, you can also use Mazda OEM O rings. Although they won’t be as tough as the HNBR O rings. 

Solution 2: Hose, Seal Fix

As mentioned earlier, if moisture gets mixed with refrigerant, problems occur. This moisture mainly gets in through the faulty hose or seal. 

As their rubber breakdown, this problem occurs. The most appropriate solution would be to get it replaced by a mechanic. 

Solution 3: Car wash

After the winter snow, there’s no way to avoid the road salt and brines. After all, you have to take your car out, right? But the fun fact is the NaCL doesn’t immediately hamper your car.

So, after coming home, just be sure to properly wash your car. This will wash off all these harmful materials. And, you won’t have to be worried about your AC. 

Problem 2: Faulty Compressor

A faulty compressor is another reason why your AC isn’t giving a proper performance. So what are the signs of a faulty compressor? 

One of the main signs is loud noises. Whenever you turn on the air conditioner of your AC, it’ll make odd sounds. 

While some compressors are naturally noisier than others, loud knocking sounds are abnormal. 

So, what are the reasons for AC compressor failure?

The most known reason for compressor failure is lubrication loss. Whether it be a refrigerant leak or escaping oil, it causes the compressor to malfunction. Also, without the proper amount of refrigerant, overheating occurs in the compressor causing it to fail. Internal problems might also be the case.

For internal problems, you can assume worn piston rings and cylinders. Bad reed valves might also be the case. They all cause internal leaking. Thus the compressor is unable to generate the proper amount of pressure. 

Solution 1: Fix Refrigerant Leak

Aside from O ring pipe connections, there are other places a leak can occur. Like the flange gaskets, hoses, condenser, evaporator, and compressor shaft seal. 

You can find the leaks using a dye or leak detector. 

For all of them, you need the replace the parts that have been harmed. If you are not an expert, it’s recommended to consult a mechanic. 

Solution 2: Refrigerant Fill

Without the right amount of refrigerant filling, the Ac compressor might overheat. To avoid this, you should keep the refrigerant full. 

So, how much refrigerant does my car AC need? Most cars need 28 to 32 ounces of refrigerant.

And for the Mazda RX8, there is also a suggestable unit that is 430. That is for the R134a Freon refrigerant. 

Solution 3: Replace Piston Rings and Reed Valves 

For bad piston rings and valves, you should simply replace them.

So, how to replace piston rings in AC?

First, remove the older piston ring. Hold it on one side and pull the other against that side of the piston. Now assemble the new piston by putting one side in first. Then pull the other side and bend it to go around the piston. Now simply, fit it in. 

And, how to replace reed valves in AC?

First, remove the Allen bolts and the nut to remove the upper part of the motor. You’ll immediately be able to see the reeds. If they are broken then just match the size of your reed to buy a new one. Place it where the previous one was and attach the upper part of the motor back. 

In different vehicles, the reed valve size varies. So be sure to find the right size for your Mazda RX8. 

Problem 3: Clogged Expansion Valve

Lastly, your expansion valve might be clogged, causing your AC to not work properly. 

Now, what are the symptoms of a clogged expansion valve? 

One of the biggest symptoms is warm air flow through the AC. Also, in this case, you’ll notice that the compressor is continuously running. You can also hear a chugging sound in the running blower motor tone. Lastly, you’ll see that the AC is performing below average. 

So, why does the expansion valve in the car AC clog?

The main reason for a clogged expansion valve is dirt. Throughout driving, a lot of foreign elements might get stuck in your expansion valve. Also, too much refrigerant flow through the valve might cause it to malfunction. Also, compressor failure might result in too less refrigerant flow. 

The expansion valve has a limited capacity. Thus when too much coolant flows through it, it overloads. This causes leaks from the expansion valve. 

Also, too less of flow causes pressure problems. When the compressor fails, it can’t send enough refrigerant to the expansion device. Thus it causes a valve leak. 

Another undervalued but significant reason might be the valve itself you are using. Sometimes, unknowingly people use a valve that’s not compatible with your vehicle. 

Thus it’s sure to fail at some point. 

Solution: Unclog Expansion Valve

There are two major ways to unclog an expansion valve. They are explained below:

Place in Hot Water:

The easiest way to unclog an expansion valve is by dipping it in hot water. This will open up the expansion valve allowing more refrigerant flow. This simple process allows the suction pressure to rise. Also, the superheat drops. 

This allows the expansion valve to work better. 

Apply Air Conditioning Oil

Here we have prepared an easy guide for you to follow:

  • Slide the evaporator out to access the expansion valve.
  • Use a 5-millimeter socket to unscrew the two expansion valve bolts.
  • Now you’ll notice the O rings inside the valve. Now, take a bottle cap or a small container to take some air conditioning oil.
  • Pour it into the O rings and gently rub it with your fingers to evenly apply it.
  • Now put the expansion valve back in place by attaching the previous bolts.

This is as simple as it is. Although we have some recommendations of air conditioning oils for you:

I hope you find these suggestions helpful.


How to diagnose AC failure?

There are a few2 things you need to check for. Firstly, check for a dirty filter as it will interrupt the airflow greatly. Secondly, check if the thermostat settings are okay. Also, be sure to check if the air vents are working properly. Lastly, always verify if the circuit breakers are functioning. 

Why is my car AC turning on and off?

You can expect this kind of problem when your vehicle needs a recharge. Without proper charge, it’s unable to operate. Also, if there’s a leak then your AC will malfunction. Another reason might be that you are low on the coolant level. The lack of freon will cause this problem.

How long does a car AC compressor last?

Generally, compressors are built to last for a long time. This could be rounded up to approximately 12 to 15+ years. The time greatly depends on the care you take of your vehicle. With regular checkups and proper maintenance, a compressor can be the least of your worries.

End Note!!

Now let’s hear your opinion. 

Were we able to answer all your queries related to Mazda RX8 AC problems?

Here’s some extra tip for you. Even if your car is in the garage, be sure to run the AC. That is for several minutes once a week.

If there is anything else on your mind, be sure to comment down below.

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