Mazda 3 AC Compressor Noise (4 Reasons Behind It)

We don’t expect our Mazda to be calm and quiet always. But it really gets annoying when there is a constant squealing or buzzing sound. And it’s not possible to turn it off because of the summer heat. 

So that’s why we are looking for ways to fix, the Mazda 3 AC compressor noise.

The hissing, screeching, buzzing, rattling, and knocking sound is the most common. The dirty motor fan can give you an annoying sound. Electrical problems are indicated by a buzzing sound. Tighten the bolts to get rid of the rattling noise. Be aware of refrigerant leaks because it’s also noisy.

Don’t be scared just by seeing the preview. We have gathered all the information you need in detail. Just read along and fix it yourself!

Why does Mazda 3 AC Compressor Make Noises?

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Mazda 3 comes with a calm and quiet AC unit. But with time the compressor starts showing issues. 

You will not hear any overly loud noise from Mazda 3, that’s for sure. But the constant sound is more annoying. 

The most common sound you are going to hear is the hissing sound. Well, it is not a bad sign. 

The rattling sound of the Mazda 3 on the other hand might be different. Because it means your AC compressor is going bad.

Another common sound is the buzzing noise. It’s constant and annoying. 

To fight these noises, you need to go through these reasons!

Reason 1 of 5: Dirty Fan Motor

Mazda 3 creates a certain amount of noise when the ventilation area is not clear. The dirt and some grease might be stuck on the fan.  

When is the last time you washed and checked the AC unit? Its been long? The dirt inside is disturbing you with the sound. 

You will hear hissing sounds when your AC unit is not clean. It’s mostly covered with sand and dirt. 

So it’s better to clean the internal fan and ventilation system of your Mazda 3

Before cleaning it, inspect the whole area properly. Check where the sound is coming from. 

You should grease the area first. Make it wet enough to catch all the dirt. 

We recommend you use authentic cleaning products for this process!

We have suggested a few cleaning products for your Mazda 3!

Mazda 3 will give you trouble if the AC unit is dirty. So try to keep that area clean always.

However, this is the simplest issue. But there is more noise you need to know about!

Reason 2 of 5: Electrical Issues

Do you hear some kind of buzzing from your AC of Mazda 3? Well, it might be some electrical problem.

And let me tell you one fact, it’s really easy to understand this sound. The buzz comes from the electricity jumps between circuitry. 

First of all, your Mazda 3 might have several problematic AC components. You need to check the condenser fan motor. 

You should also keep the contractor relay switch, and the circuit breakers in mind. 

Another reason behind the buzzing sound is excess refrigerant. To remove the excess refrigerant. It’s better not to remove the whole compressor.

Do not hold back from fixing this for a long time. You might need an expensive mechanic later on. 

This buzzing noise is also a reason for your overcharged system. Make sure your compressor intake port is not vibrating. 

Try to fix this yourself but if you cannot we recommend you to go to a mechanic as soon as possible. 

Reason 3 of 5: Loose Components of the AC Unit

Mazda 3 AC unit will give you a constant knocking or clicking sound sometimes. This occurs when the internal system is loose. 

Firstly check the hood of your Mazda 3. Is it lost? If it is, fix it. 

The simplest fix for this noise is tightening the bolts. The noise is coming from the unit because the bolts or loosen parts are clinging to one another.  

So all you need to do is make sure all the parts are in the perfect place. If you can find a thread-locking compound, it’s better.

The clicking sound of your vehicle is kind of annoying. But it’s not that dangerous. However, you need to tighten the parts before it comes off. 

This will prevent future issues with this clicking noise. 

Reason 4 of 5: Compression Issues

Do you hear a rattling sound when you turn the AC on? Your Mazda 3 might have compression issues

This sound does not mean that your compression went bad fully. But it means that it is wearing out. 

The Rattling sound of your Mazda 3 is the beginning of the compression going bad. 

In some conditions, the compressor clutch might start to wear off. 

To fix this noise once and for all, you need to replace some parts. 

To determine which part needs fixing, you can use a professional inspection system. 

Reason 5 of 5: Serpentine Belt Issue

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If your Mazda 3 gives you a screeching noise, the serpentine belt is the issue. 

The serpentine belt is what keeps the refrigerant in lines. There is a pulley in the AC compressor, it protects the refrigerant. 

The serpentine belt is the one that turns the pulley at the AC compressor. That’s why it can keep your Mazda 3 cooler.

When your serpentine belt starts going wrong, you will hear the squealing noise. 

The first thing you should do when you hear these sounds is to check the belt properly. 

Check for any tears or missing ribs. If your belt is too damaged you should replace it with a new one. 

To eliminate this screeching noise properly, fully diagnose the car.

But you should know a thing or two about diagnosing your Mazda 3!

How to Diagnose Mazda 3 With Noisy AC Unit

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One of the most annoying problems with Mazda 3 is the leaky refrigerant. This excess refrigerant will cause too much noise. 

Well, the easiest solution for this issue is replacing the damaged parts. 

Keep in mind that you should check for all the leakage of your compression unit. We recommend you hire a mechanic to do this. 

If you want to fix it yourself, check for all the leakage in the cooling system. Sometimes your cooling system needs a freon refill.

After you detect the leak now it’s time to fix it. For this fix, you need a Freon repair kit to fix.  

Just detect and fix the leakage yourself!

If the problem is in your bolts, open your hood. Now look for any part that’s moving around or just shaking. 

Just tighten the mounting bolts to fix this problem.

However, the rattling sound of your AC is an indication of the compression going bad. 

That’s when you need a mechanic to look at it. But sometimes using a good quality oil injector and refrigerant oil can solve this problem. 

Clean and check your Mazda 3 air filter once in a while. Don’t let any dirt sit in the cooling system. 

If you cannot fix the noise yourself get a mechanic as soon as possible. The issue with bearings failing in the compression pulley is not easy to fix.

Fixing the compression pulley will stop all the grinding, and roaring noise from your AC unit.

Your Mazda 3 will be good as new if you can follow the procedures properly.

That’s all we had for you to offer today.


Can low refrigerant levels cause noise in the AC compressor?

Yes, low refrigerant levels can cause the AC compressor to make noise. When refrigerant levels are insufficient, the compressor has to work harder, leading to increased friction and potential noise. It’s essential to have the refrigerant levels checked and refilled if necessary.

Is the AC compressor of my Mazda 3 dying?

If your AC compressor is rattling constantly, it’s dying. The rattling means your compressor is failing. The sound is actually coming from the motor rumbling inside. So, you need to go to a mechanic as soon as you can. Because it’s time to replace the compressor of your Mazda 3.

How do I know if my AC clutch is going bad?

If your Mazda 3 is providing a higher cabin temperature, it’s going bad. Usually, it happens during a hot day. The most common symptom is it will give you an unexpected temperature. 

Can I drive my Mazda 3 with a bad AC unit?

Yes, you can. Your vehicle will operate properly even though the AC unit has failed. However, there are certain things you need to keep in mind before you do that. If the AC unit is bad, you won’t have the perfect temperature to drive. And the noise will be your constant partner. So it’s better to fix it before a drive. 

How often should I have my Mazda 3’s AC system inspected to prevent compressor noise?

Annual AC system inspections, preferably before the onset of hot weather, are advisable. However, if you notice any unusual noises or changes in AC performance, have the system inspected immediately to prevent further damage.

Final Words

In conclusion, understanding the reasons behind an AC compressor noise in your Mazda 3 is vital for timely diagnosis and resolution. The noise could be indicative of various issues, including a failing compressor clutch, worn-out bearings, or refrigerant leaks. Thorough inspection and diagnosis by a qualified technician can pinpoint the exact cause.

Regular maintenance, such as checking refrigerant levels and ensuring proper lubrication, can prevent compressor-related problems. By addressing these issues promptly and comprehensively, Mazda 3 owners can enjoy a quiet and efficient air conditioning system, ensuring a comfortable driving experience, especially during hot weather.

Now you know the reasons behind Mazda 3 AC Compressor Noise. All you need to do now is to fix it following the procedure. 

One last tip! We recommend you go to a mechanic as soon as you can. It might save you a few bucks. 

Let us know if you have any comments!

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