Mazda RX8 Won’t Start After Sitting (What to Do?)

Do you know what is most annoying and dangerous? When your automobile won’t start and you’re in a critical scenario. It mostly happens when you are driving a Mazda rx8. 

So what to do when your Mazda rx8 won’t start after sitting? 

It is called the flooding problem of a rotary engine. To fix it, first, charge up the battery and open up the rear seat and the cover. Then check the fuel pump and the jump lead settings. After that disconnect the fuel pump and crank the car. Keep cranking and connect the fuel again. Lastly, give a test run. 

Let’s go into the paper now and see how you can solve this issue.

Have Issues Started Your Mazda RX8? [Let’s Fix It]

At a fair price, the Mazda RX8 provides excellent performance. The RX8 features a rotary engine instead of a typical one. And as you may be aware, rotary engines are susceptible to flooding rather quickly. 

In the essay that follows, I’ll explain how to start a flooded Mazda RX8. Without having to pay a high repair price, I will do it.

If the automobile is turned off before the engine has warmed up that’s a legit problem. The rotary motor of a Mazda RX8 has a tendency to be easily saturated.

When too much fuel is delivered into the combustion chamber, the fuel/air ratio becomes unbalanced. It is the reason for flooding the cylinders. 

When this occurs, ignition is prevented, which prevents the engine from starting. Dealing with this specific situation in your Mazda RX8 could be uncomfortable. Also attempts to start a waterlogged car frequently make matters worse.

When your RX8 is submerged, starting it could seem difficult. Everything you need to know is on this page regarding the Mazda RX8 engine flood problem.

What you require:

  • A battery charger for cars
  • A portable jump pack or a set of premium jump leads
  • Another vehicle to exit
  • Phillips screwdriver only

Let me suggest some good-quality Phillips screwdrivers for your convenience.

These are one of the most popular screwdrivers you can get on the market. It will make your life easy. 

These are the only things you require to fix your Mazda rx8. Now let’s start the fixing process.

To get the automobile started, we need to first turn off the fuel pump’s power. And then turn the engine over to burn up part of the extra gasoline. 

After that, we’ll turn the fuel pump back on. 

This procedure might need to run for up to 15 cycles before it starts. It is therefore unlikely to work the first time unless you are really lucky.

Before starting the engine, wait around 30 seconds. To give the starting motor a chance to cool down, do this.

Step 1: Charge Up the Battery 

To guarantee the automobile has the most power to start the engine, charge it beforehand. Because the battery generally gets down from sitting for too long. Need to charge it up to put some power in the car.

You can use another car or an extra car battery to do that. When you get done charging up the battery then the main work starts. 

Step 2: Removing Rear Seat

Pulling up on the seat base will expose the fuel pump cover. The back passenger seat may be removed thanks to it.

Removing the back passenger seat is important because of flashing the fuel pump. 

Underneath the rear seat, there will be a cove that covers up the fuel tank. Which you need to remove next. 

Step 3: Removing Cover

Use a Phillips screwdriver to unscrew the four screws holding the lid on, then lift it off. It is so easy, right?  But try to lift it up with soft hands.

Because if you don’t unscrew the screws properly. And try to remove the cover then it can damage the cover. This can be a problem lately when you try to put the cover back.

Step 4: Checking The Fuel Pump

The fuel pump and the connection we will be detaching are both visible here. Check to see if there are any discrepancies. Because of the mismatch or lack of connection then it can occur problems.

So before fixing the jump lead setting check the fuel pump connection properly. 

Step 5: Jump Lead Setting

Set up the automobile for a jump start. In order to jump-start the car, I utilized heavy-duty jump leads. 

Make sure the second car is running when you jump-start the other one, use a strong automobile. And be prepared to continuously crank the engine for around 15 minutes.

If you don’t have a backup vehicle, you might be able to get by with a portable power bank. I’ve succeeded in doing this a few times.

Step 6: Disconnect and Crank

Sit back in the driver’s seat and make sure the car is in neutral. The gasoline pump connector should then be disconnected.

After being removed, turn the ignition on and push the clutch for 30 seconds. It helps to let the surplus gasoline out of the engine.

Step 7: Continue Cranking and Attach the Fuel Pump

Apply 1/3 throttle while the engine is still being cranked. Reconnect the gasoline pump after which you must hold the clutch in for 30 seconds. Up until the automobile starts to fire up, repeat steps 6 and 7. 

Hold onto the key when the automobile starts to catch until you are certain that it will continue to run. 

To start it, you may need to make many attempts. For a visual representation of the procedure, view the video below.

Step 8: Give a Test Drive

Once the engine is up and going, drive the vehicle for a solid 20 minutes. It makes sure all the gasoline is fully burnt off. Fixed.

You will find many other ways in indifferent sites. But it’s been proven that this approach works the best for mending Mazda RX8s.

Then again if you are confused about the whole process. Take your vehicle to a reputable repair facility or a Mazda dealership.

An Efficient Tip

While out and about, I noticed something important. I was becoming a bit worried that I could stall the RX-8. The automobile couldn’t be started again without a jump car. 

I was able to restart the automobile, though, thanks to a portable jump pack. These packs allow you to start the automobile about 20 to 30 times. Which is a big aid even if it might not always work.

And don’t forget to maintain your car properly


What causes hard starting when the engine is hot?

An old fuel injector or FPR may first give way to pressure in the fuel line before stopping to leak. The fuel will have space to evaporate inside the line if the fuel lines are heated. Which will make it difficult to start the engine in hot weather and with a hot engine.

How do I reset my ECU rx8?

There are two quick solutions. 1: Unplug the battery and keep it that way for at least 10 minutes, ideally longer. 2: Holding down the brake pedal while disconnecting the battery will cause the KA power to drain more quickly. All codes will be able to clear as well as KAM.

What does it mean when the DSC light comes on?

When the ignition switch is turned ON, this indicator light illuminates briefly. The indicator light flashes in the event that the TCS or DSC is in use. If the indicator continues to be illuminated, there may be a problem with the TCS, or DSC. Or a braking assist system, which affects the system.

How do I reset my electronic throttle control manually?

Manually resetting your electronic throttle control might be challenging. Make sure the accelerator pedal is fully depressed before continuing. Then, after waiting ten seconds, switch the ignition on and off. Make sure that the throttle valve is operating for these 10 seconds by listening to sound operation.


So I hope you have got why your Mazda rx8 won’t start after sitting. Don’t forget to follow the steps properly. Otherwise, there can be mismanagement in fixing the issue. 

If you have any more queries drop them in the comment section. I will try to resolve all those issues like this.

Till then happy driving.

Rob Dahm

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