Mazda 3 Won’t Turn Off: Why? (Reasons+Solutions)

Suppose you are in a shopping mall’s parking lot. You are just about to park your Mazda 3 and suddenly notice that it’s not turning off. That will be a real matter of concern right?   

So what to do when your Mazda 3 won’t turn off?

It may be an ignition issue when pressing the START/STOP button. Maybe the parking sensor got damaged. To fix that first remove the front console box. Then detach the 4 hooks on that. Remove the set plate assembly and the shift lock. Finally, remove the switch unit. Because you need to change it. 

Now let’s get into the article to see if you are going to do it. 

Why You Can’t Turn Off Your Mazda 3!

During our discussion of why your Mazda 3. Which is not turning off which can indicate a few more things. 

Pushing the start/stop button could not turn off the ignition. Which is in some vehicles with gate-type automatic gearboxes. It is the same reason if your Mazda 6 won’t turn off. 

The normal operation calls for the engine to shut down when the shift lever is in the “p” position.  But the ignition may still be on (in accessory mode). This concern might be caused by a worn-out switch unit. 

In order to assuage this concern, the material of the switch unit has been upgraded. The upgrade should boost wear resistance. There are new repair components available for the modified switch units.

So, when we mean the Mazda 3 is not turning off that indicates the ignition doesn’t turn off. It basically happens when you try to turn your Mazda off by pressing the START/STOP button.

There you will see some different kinds of issues while trying to turn off your Mazda 3. For example:

    • Engine shutoff occurs.
    • I’m supposed to put the gearshift in the park mood, it says.
    • On the dashboard, the car is shown to be in the park mood.
    • The car won’t lock 
    • Mazda 3 radio won’t turn off and the display stays on
    • Mazda 3 lights won’t turn off

Basically, these happen when the park position on the shifter can’t recognize its dark mood. So. the car stays on when the car is shut off however the electronics stay on. 

So, there’s a plastic nib sorry there’s a rubber nip on it that over time deteriorates. It’s a widespread issue with the Mazda 3.

It’s on the cx- as well the repair procedure is pretty much the same. Except for the center console removal. It is a little different so this is for the Mazda 3.

Easiest Solution to Fix Mazda 3 Turning Off Problem

Some cars with gate-type AT shifters may not switch off the ignition. When you press the START/STOP button, it occurs.

Even when the shift lever is in the “P” position, the ignition may still be on. And the engine ordinarily turns off (in accessory mode).

An outdated switch unit might be the source of this issue.

The switch unit material has been modified to increase wear resistance in order to allay this worry. Switch unit modifications have been recognized as new service components.

So you need to fix it step by step. Let’s check how can you do it in the fastest way possible.

Step 1: Removing Front Console Box

In order to get started, we’re gonna have to remove the console box. We’re gonna have to remove the console portion on both sides. You simply do that by prying that up using a flathead screwdriver.

With tape on it, you pry on the corners of the console. That pops the other corners the front corner. Then in the center, you put a screwdriver in here. There’s a flap in here that you push this way and then you end up pulling the unit up.

Let me recommend some high-quality screwdrivers to you so you can do your task quickly.

These are one of the most popular screwdrivers you can get on the market. It will simplify your life.

Step 2: Detach 4 hooks

Once you’re done removing the console box you want to remove the knob. While removing that portion again it’s got tabs here in the front corners that comes off. 

Then you must take the entire console apart, which is what you must do (the front console). And for that, there are two bolts under there. One bolt is in the back, and there are one or two more in the front.

And then this whole unit will be lifted out. This is also a good time if your shifter bumps have turned off have gone out. This is a good time to go ahead and replace the bulb in here as well.

Step 3: Remove Set Plate Assembly

So when you do pull this unit out you are going to have to remove the connector behind this Center knob. So in order to get started, you pull this up as I said. And then you work with a screwdriver and remove the tab in there. 

It’ll be straight to you what they look like. Here, you can see the central console from the top. That you must take it out when removing the tab. This is how you will get done with removing the set plate assembly. 

Step 4: Removing Shift Lock

Then you can see the tab that you’re gonna stick the screwdriver in from the side to remove. As you can see it’s off-center slightly off-center so it’s slightly towards the right side of the knob. So once that comes off then that will pull upwards.

As well the hardest one was this one right on the side. And that is the one that goes into this hole. You should also be able to see some marring that has sort of ended up on the side.

In any case, you need to insert a screwdriver into a space. That helps to disconnect the other thing.  Then disconnect the wire from the housing.

The next thing is to remove these pins right on the side. Then you need to pull out the center once with the screwdriver. One is on the other side, followed by another one on the right.

Once that’s done the next thing is to remove these two Phillips. You can hoist this console up with that assistance. It will show you the switch unit. 

Step 5: Removing Switch Unit

After removing the shift lock unit there will be the switch right there. Basically, there’s a tab in here that is what you need to remove.  

There you will see two screws you need to pull out those two screws. The tab will now spring out from between the two pins on the side of these components. It will make pop out of the hole there.

So once you’ve got this you need to pull it off. Then pull the whole unit from this side with one hand and do the other hand down underneath.  Or you can grab it from inside with the two opposite hands.

Then you pull it towards you disengaging it from the body. There is the same thing on another side it pulls out all the way once.

Okay, so this is how you are done with all the excess parts there. Then you need to disconnect all the excess waring there that is connected to the radio. As well as the cigarette lighter. 

Be careful when you do that because pulling up hard can harm those warnings. Then pull out the sensor switch unit gently.

This is how you will get done to remove the switch unit easily.

Step 6: Installing New Switch

As the sensor is damaged you need to put a new switch there. In the market, switch units are widely available. It is better to get one from your trustworthy shops as it is a sensitive thing.

Then install the switch unit in the reverse way that you pulled it off. Don’t forget to connect the wirings perfectly otherwise it can create a different kind of issues for you. 

Step 7: Re-Install Other Parts

After you get done installing the switch unit you get to install the other parts as well. It is the simplest step in the procedure.

You just need to put back all the parts as you have removed all those. When reassembling the pieces, don’t forget to tighten up all the screws and nuts.

So this is how you will get done with the problem of your Mazda 3. Which is Mazda 3 ignition switch problem. And don’t forget to maintain your car properly


How Do You Turn Off a Mazda 3?

Turning off your Mazda 3 is an easy task to do. Put the car to a complete stop. Set the parking brake and shift into neutral. Set the parking brake after moving the selector lever to the P position. To stop the engine, hit the start button. Then you will see your car will turn off easily.

How Do You Force Start a Mazda 3?

Press the push button to start without depressing the pedal to change the ignition position. When using a manual transaxle, the clutch pedal or brake pedal must be pressed simultaneously. With the push button starter to start the engine. When the engine is not operating, do not leave the ignition on.

How Does Mazda Start/Stop Works? 

Mazda’s i-stop restarts the engine through combustion. Rather than the traditional idle stop systems’ reliance on a starting motor. Gasoline is directly injected into a cylinder while the engine is stopped. And ignited to provide downward piston force.


Hope you have got the full process of fixing your car when your Mazda 3 won’t turn off. Don’t forget to follow the steps accordingly. Otherwise, it can be a mess. 

If you have any more queries then drop them in the comment section. I will try to give the easiest solution possible.

Till then happy driving.

Rob Dahm

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