Why is My Mazda CX-5 Beeping When I Lock it? (Solved)

You have bought a new Mazda CX5. The car looks amazing and drives butter smooth.

However, you are confused and annoyed when you hear loud beeping noise when locking the car. 

You will be thinking why is my Mazda cx 5 beeping when I lock it?

Your Mazda CX5 might make beeping sounds for several reasons. You might have left your key fob inside the car. Or, the car may have a bad door sensor. Even, your car may beep if you keep any latch or door open. Keeping your engine on will also cause this. Even a rapid exit will cause the same. 

That’s just a quick preview of the issues. We have made a quick-read troubleshooting guide just for you.

Let’s jump right in.

6 Reasons Your Mazda CX5 is Beeping When You Lock it

The loud beeping sound of a Mazda CX5 can be pretty annoying. Troubleshooting the sound can be another hectic task.

The constant beeping could go on your nerves. Even that could cause noise pollution in your area. As you might imagine, this can cause a great deal of shame.

The possible causes of the issue are plenty. And, you may not be able to identify the root cause.

Worry not, We have jotted down 6 major reasons for this annoying beep and their solution. Here we have discussed them elaborately.

Reason 1: You Have Left The Key in the Vehicle 

This is one of the obvious reasons for the long beeping sound after exiting the car. Your  Mazda CX-5  has two key FOBs. One is main and another one is spare. 

If you leave any of your keys in the car, you will hear long beeps. You can hear the beep sounds for around 10 seconds. This notifies you that you have left the key inside the car.


Make sure you always take your Mazda CX5 key FOB with you while leaving the car. If you have any spare keys, do not store them in the car. 

Store it somewhere safe and away from the car. This will prevent the loud beep noises if you leave keys behind.

Reason 2: Bad Door Latch Sensor 

Another common reason behind the loud beeps is the door latch sensor. Sometimes your door latch sensor can malfunction. This sends the wrong signal to the car system when a door is locked. 

The car will think the door is not locked and will beep. Hence, your Mazda CX-5 won’t lock. This can be quite annoying and confusing to the users. 


When you get out, try locking the driver’s door using the lock button. Similar behavior to that of the key fob suggests a faulty sensor. 

If this happens, take the car to the authorized service center. If your car has a warranty left, you should claim it. 

Reason 3: Headlights, Parking Lights, Trunk Door Left Open

This is another reason for beeping sounds after exiting. This happens when you leave your headlights or parking lights on and exit the vehicle. 

Leaving your lights on will give you a warning through loud beeps. 

The loud beeps also happen when you leave your car drunk door open. This notifies you the trunk lid is open to avoid any further issues.


Make sure you switch off the lights upon exit. If you have set your lights to automatic, check if they are turned off upon exiting. 

Always close the trunk doors before leaving the car. If you have any doors or lights on, there will be a light on the dashboard for indication. 

Do keep an eye on that before locking the vehicle. 

Reason 4: Engine On After Locking the Car

This is another known issue for the car. Perhaps, this is the most dangerous one as this can cause collisions of the wrong hands. 

You might be in a hurry or just want to go out for a little while. But you have kept the motor running. 

Your Mazda CX-5 will think this is unsafe for the car. Hence, it will make loud beeps to warn you. You can find these warnings on the Mazda CX-5 beep code manual. 


The solution is straightforward and easy. When leaving the vehicle for a short time, make you have turned off the engine.

Otherwise, the vehicle will think it’s not good and will keep beeping until you turn it off. Always check if the ignition/ACC is turned off before exiting the vehicle.

Reason 5: Car not set on Parking Gear/ Emergency Brakes While Locking  

This reason is the result of not being careful after parking the car. You have parked your car but forgot to set the parking gear or e-brakes. 

Your car will think it is not parked yet and will send you warning beeps. This can happen very often if you forget to pull the handbrakes.


When parking the vehicle, make sure you have set your car to parking gear. After putting the vehicle on parking gear, make sure you have pulled the emergency brake. 

After parking and setting the brakes, exit and lock the vehicle properly.

Reason 6: Rapid Exit from the Vehicle 

This happens when you exit the car rapidly. If you exit the car hastily and rush after closing the door, there will be beeps. 

The car will not recognize that you have the key FOB. It will think that the key is left inside the car. Thus, the Mazda walk-away-lock mode will not be recognized. 

Hence, the car will make beeping sounds.


The solution is simple, you should not rush out of the vehicle. This might temporarily malfunction the walk-away-lock mode.

Rather, exit your vehicle calmly, and make sure everything is turned off and e-brakes engaged. Make sure your car is locked properly after exiting. 

Hopefully, you won’t hear any more loud annoying beeps.

Tips and Tricks on the Mazda CX-5

Fun to drive is an understatement when talking about the Mazda CX-5. Using the features is also simple. Here are some suggestions for improving the experience on a regular basis.

  • If you own the touring package, you can edit the door lock options. You can either open all doors or just the driver’s door using the small lock/unlock button.
  • You can manually set the rear hatch height. To set the hatch height, hold the button on the hatch until it beeps. To reset the height to factory defaults, hold the button until multiple beeps.
  • If you want to move fast from a red light, use sport mode and auto hold. You need not switch from brakes to accelerators. Your vehicle will rev high and go fast.
  • You can turn the trip set stick clockwise or counterclockwise to adjust the odometer brightness.
  • There is a small hook on the liftgate for hanging clothes and light stuff, you can use it while touring or camping. 

However, if your specific model is lacking this feature, here are some recommended products for you;

Hopefully, these will help you use the unique perks and features of your car.


What Does a Single Beep Mean After Locking My Mazda CX-5? 

A single beep after locking means your car is successfully locked. You might also hear a horn sound when you lock your car. This is just a confirmation of locking. However, this can be annoying at times. Some people even dislike this feature.

Why Does My Mazda CX-5 Beep Three Times When Dimming?

It beeps three times to warn you that the dimmer has been set to the highest brightness. This also happens if you set the dimmer to too low a level. To rectify this, adjust the light’s setting so that it is not at its lowest possible setting. Avoid using very high or very low dimming levels.

What Do 4 Beeps Mean in My Mazda CX-5?

4 Beeps mean something is still open in the car. This could be the door, the trunk, or the hood. This is to warn you that something is open. Do make sure all the doors, lids, and trunks are closed before locking the car. The alarm should go off once everything is closed.


That’s all regarding why is my Mazda CX-5 beeping when I lock it. If you follow the steps in this guide, the annoying beeping should stop.

Do make sure you have closed all the doors and lids and parked the car properly.

Have a great day.

Rob Dahm

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