Mazda CX 5 Windshield Crack (This Is What You Should Do)

Car windshield cracks would be really disturbing if you noticed them. You go through a number of issues with a windshield crack of Mazda cx 5. So, you must be getting it fixed in no time. But fixing it might not be everyone’s cup of tea!

So, how to fix the Mazda cx 5 windshield crack issues?

Resolving the Mazda cx 5 windshield crack issues is not that hard actually. To get begun with, you are to clean the windshield first. Then you put the resin into the cracked one. Following that, you then get to dry off the resin with time. Then you put in the pit filler. And finally, you take off the excess resin.

This is just a brief of the concern that you are looking forward to. But we got here each and every detail that you need.

So, get started now!

How Do I Resolve The Windshield Cracks of My Mazda CX 5?

Resolving the windshield cracks does not look easy at all. And in fact, it is not that easy either. You must have an idea of how you do it. 

And you also have to maintain your patience while fixing this bearing all the costs of it. So, this is basically not everyone’s cup of tea. And a lot of people just hire an expert mechanic to fix this.

However, this can increase the budget of the fixation up to 2 or 3 times. In fact, it is not that easy to get an expert or highly experienced for this.

So, it becomes a challenge too. Rather what you can do is try to fix the windshield crack yourself. So, here you go on how to fix the windshield crack of the Mazda CX 5.

We have got the process in a few simple steps for you. Have a look at that.

Step 1: Clean The Windshield

First, you need to clean the windshield. For this, you need a window or car glass cleaner that works for your windshield.

In case you do not have one, you can buy one of these very easily. For any confusion about it, you may have a look at our pickups. Here you go. Hope this helps!

Once you get the cleaner, you get started cleaning it. But do not spray the cleaner directly on your cracked windshield. 

Because this can deteriorate the condition and crack the windshield even more.

So, take a clean cloth and spray on it. Then rub the windshield thoroughly with no pressure. Make sure you rub the cracked part very smoothly.

Step 2: Put in The Resin

Now, use a poker or something pointy to pick up if something is stuck in the crack. Glass fragments can be further dispersed by a spray of pressurized gas. 

In certain circumstances, using a Dremel tool is advised. You might also reach the air bubble by using a tiny drill bit. However, it’s not always required to do this. 

Do not dig into the vinyl layer if you want to move on following the step. Considering that it is a part of the windshield.

This time you need to prepare the bridge, stickers, suction cups, and all. After that, see if the air is stuck inside the crack. So, try to take out any stuck air inside the crack.

Take your time to do it if needed. But ensure that no air gets or stays inside it. After that, you get ready with resin. 

Yes, you need resin to inject it inside the cracked windshield. Then inject the resin into the cracked windshield. 

Step 3: Dry off The Resin

Now, keep the car out for a few hours. Like, you need sunlight to cure the resin that you just injected a while ago. Because the wet resin would just come out after a while.

Like, you can not drive or even move your car a bit with this being wet. You would just deteriorate the crack and even the entire windshield of your car.

So, you dry it off first. Now, if you want then you may also put it inside and cure it using big fans. However, it would take really long to do that. 

And that may not be even ideal like doing it outside in the sun. So, you better do it outdoor. And it should not take so long to do it outdoors in the sun.

Step 4: Put in Pit Filler

After you put in the resin and dry it off, you may notice a divot. There may be a blank area existing actually. 

In that case, you can use pit filler to fix the place. After that, take some time for it to settle.

Once this settles down, you must ensure you got zero air particles inside it. About it, what to do is use a small plastic wrap. Put it on the top of the place for the time being.

So that no air particles come and stick to it. After that, you can take off the plastic wrap again. But pull it slowly so that the resin does not come out.

Step 5: Take off The Excess Resin

While taking off the plastic layer, you may notice some excess resin. You need to take that off. So, to do that you can use a razor blade.

You may wonder why a razor blade takes off resin from the windshield. Well, it is because the resin would be hard by that time. 

It would be really inconvenient to take off the resin with something soft. That is why you would need a razor blade to take off the excess resin. 

But be very careful when you are scraping off the resin. Finally, you may use a bit of pit polish to end the process. 

Using a bit of pit polish would help it get a better look. The windshield would definitely look better with the fixation then.

So, this is how you can fix your cracked windshield of the Mazda cx 5. Remember that this would be very easy for you to repair the cracked windshield yourself.

Thus, you must not stay back going for this if you need to do so. Good luck!

What Can Mainly Crack The Windshield of My Car?

Well, you now know about the solutions to follow for your cracked windshield. But one thing you do not know is the reasons behind it.

So, you may be wondering, what actually cracks the Windshield of a Mazda cx 5? Well, there are not many reasons for it actually.

Rather, there are only a few specific reasons behind it. So, the first reason for windshield crack is the accident. 

Yes, if you meet an accident, the car windshield would be cracked. And if the accident is deadly enough, your car windshield, unfortunately, may be broken too.

So, the main and the most common reason behind a cracked windshield is an accident. However, this is not the only reason.

Your car may have a cracked windshield due to extreme weather. In case you think the weather does not matter to it at all, you are wrong.

So, make sure you try not to drive your car in any extreme situations. Do it especially, when the place is kind of unstable or going through any storms.

These are the 2 main reasons that can get your car windshield cracked. However, there could a few other reasons that are almost negligible you can say.

Like, insects, dirt, debris, stones, pebbles, and substances like that could be responsible too.


Do I need to replace my car’s windshield if it is cracked?

No, you do not necessarily have to replace your car’s windshield if it is cracked. Because you can get it fixed. But an expert or very experienced mechanic can go for that fixation. And it is supposed to be more costly than you think. However, your car windshield may have to be replaced at times too.

Does Mazda have any major issues that we can face?

No, Mazda cars do not have any major issues actually. But there might be a few existing issues at times. One common issue of these is rusting issues. However, it happens due to the user’s fault. Another common problem is clutch issues. But you can resolve it too.

Can I rely on the insurance company for any type of car damage?

No, you may not want to rely on insurance for any kind of car damage. Because they simply do not go for all the types of damage your car may have. In case, you want to have details about it, you can check it with them. However, damages like a cracked windshield would be covered by them.

The Final Words

Now you know how to resolve the Mazda cx 5 windshield crack! So, we believe you further would have no more problems at all.

If you ever see significantly heavy rainfall or storms, do not run your car. Because this may be problematic for the glass surface of your car and break it any time. It can be quite risky although it does not seem like it!

So, be careful about it.

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